Blogging in Kartra: Definitive Guide

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Kartra provides an all-in-one solution to business automation but is not a dedicated blog platform.

Still, for those subscribers who are on a budget and need modest blog capabilities, Kartra delivers. 

To this end, Kartra features eleven blog homepages and fifteen templates to customize static pages (including blog posts).

Although pages have no dynamic logic, users can create content with plugins and creative editing. This article will guide you on accessing and managing the blog.

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Kartra Blog

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Does Kartra Have a Blog?

Kartra offers accessible blogging benefits to users. However, these are not as advanced as WordPress or similar blogging software. 

Creating personalized Kartra-hosted blogs require that you design a new page every time you wish to add content. However, this is a viable option for bloggers to establish credibility or prove service value, particularly if blogging is not the core of your business. 

However, if creating online content is your bread and butter, Kartra’s blogging possibilities may not be sufficient.

Also, consider the number of pages you can make per your subscription terms and limitations. For example, the Kartra Starter Plan allows for creating 100 pages. 

How to Create a Blog on Kartra?

There are a few ways to use Kartra to create a personal blog.

Use the Internal Blog Pages

Kartra’s inbuilt blog templates are user-friendly and fully customizable. However, the tutorial is a must for first-timers to get accustomed to features and creative possibilities. 

To start, select a template to edit and make your own. Then, find the blog page selection on the ‘My Pages’ menu.

To optimize your chances of being found in browser pages, tweak Search Engine Optimization settings and headings on several levels.  

Fine-tune the style you wish to exhibit, add component links, pop-up windows, and images to create brand awareness and promote online visibility. 

You should also protect your configuration by saving your changes at regular intervals. 

Kartra Blog Post Template Dissident Sensory Range Rover Team Chrome
Kartra Blog Post Template

Integrate with WordPress

If you produce a vast amount of blogging content and need SEO, opting for a WordPress plugin makes good business sense.

KCSG Kartra Pages function as an alternative to blank slate plugins and sidesteps potential integration glitches.

So, select the ‘KCSG Kartra Page’ template from the options available to take the first step toward better web performance. Then, be sure to save and update the page. 

The utilization of this template promises to provide SEO and OpenGraph support to enhance social media exposure.

WordPress integration includes easy downloading and storing of Kartra pages utilizing WP databases. Added benefits include split-testing and conditional-redirection links and tracking directly from your WordPress domain.  

Once the integration setup is complete, the WP visitor browser loads Kartra embed code and page loader script with additional references before enabling Kartra Live Mode and ultimate blog success. 

kartra blog wp
KCSG Plugin Dashboard

Use a Third-Party Blogging Solution

If you are not satisfied with blog features on Kartra or are unwilling to integrate with WordPress, do not despair. 

You can always select a third-party blogging solution such as DropInBlog to realize your dream without damaging your SEO. 

Here’s how:

  1. Create and name a new page on Kartra.
  2. Next, access the ‘Your Code’ panel on your Kartra dashboard.
  3. Drag and drop the DropInBlog HTML code as instructed.
  4. Sign in for a free trial on the site – then find the ‘Code & Layout’ page.
  5. Follow further instructions to collect the script code and apply it to the Kartra code.

You can implement DropInBlog integration at no cost as a 14-day trial. Additional paid plans are available from $19 to $39 monthly with an option to subscribe annually.

radical summits blog kartra scaled
Radical Summits Blog Post

The Radical Summits Blog is an example of the possibilities when using a Kartra-DropInBlog combination.

Bottom Line

Kartra is jam-packed with tools to aid general business automation. Blog creation is one of the benefits.

Kartra customers can thus create pages as required by utilizing internal blog templates and drag-and-drop functionality. 

Alternatively, opt for more advanced creative features by integrating with WordPress. The KCSG Kartra Pages are particularly useful in this instance.

Selecting a third-party blogging solution to limit expenses while gaining access to blog integration tools makes sense. DropInBlog may just fulfill your needs in this regard. 

However, no matter how you decide to do it, partnering your solution with Kartra will likely deliver positive outcomes.      


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