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For those looking to create membership sites that can deliver content and create a passive income, Kartra is a powerful tool to have on your side.

Kartra’s platform has all the features you need to “set it and forget it,” which allows you to concentrate on content creation and receive passive income as your membership grows. Kartra allows you to create a drip-content model, keeping users engaged and coming back to your site.

The powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is drag-and-drop, so you don’t need any coding expertise to create your Kartra membership site. We have found it to be an intuitive platform for creating professional membership sites.

Kartra Membership Site Examples

5 Best Kartra Membership Website Examples

We’ve spent hours combing through the web to find some of the best Kartra membership sites. These sites are slick, polished, and designed to convert.

Their features, from login pages to pop-ups, are all built-in to the Kartra membership site experience. So many people turn to Kartra thanks to its ease of use and how all-inclusive it is.

Kartra offers email marketing, list building, web hosting, shopping cart system – all connected in a single account that’s easy to manage.

Read on to see examples of membership sites that maximize Kartra’s powerful tools, such as its marketing funnels and sophisticated email marketing capabilities.

Brain Speak

1. Brainspeak

Brainspeak is a company whose proprietary technology uses sound, subliminal messaging, and other neurological tools to boost and aid personal development. Brainspeak sells an extensive library of well-informed ebooks on various topics, from auditing self talk to secrets to a sharper mind, all under the common umbrella of self-improvement via brain optimization.

Brainspeak sells its ebooks and audio courses using multiple blogs, pages, and domains, as well as videos, to hook leads and convert them. Kartra is invaluable for a company like Brainspeak, which can take advantage of many of its features.

Member management for Brainspeak is key, as it allows them to automate funnels and cross-selling. Many of Brainspeak’s books and courses appeal to the same audience, and being able to control each user’s path through their extensive content portal is essential.

With Kartra, they can also trigger automations when people finish a course or ebook, helping upsell and guide the user through their offering.

Nathan Nguyen

2. Nathan Nguyen

Nathan Nguyen is an entrepreneur and financial advisor who made his first $4 million before he was out of college. His website transmits lessons on how to make and manage money.

Products range from simulation board games to ebooks to one-on-one counseling. Nathan has a traditional shopfront featuring loads of testimonials and sales info.

Some of his products are one-time purchases, like books, and others are membership-centered drip content, like his masterclasses. To accomplish this mixed offering, Nathan uses Kartra and its easy-to-program recurring payment features.

With just a single click of the button, he set recurring monthly fees and access levels that allow him to upsell and downsell between multiple tiers of content.


3. Kelly Canull

Kelly Canull is a life coach that specializes in spirituality and energy work. Her website teaches people to live their best lives, via one-on-one counseling sessions, group video calls, and books. 

She sells empowerment and the idea that with a bit of professional help, anyone can live their best life. Kelly sells both physical and digital properties, via the different pages on her web.

Kartra is the perfect platform for Kelly, as it gives her business a powerful, essential tool: email. With a business whose nature is personal, intimate conversation, an email marketing platform combined with CRM is essential.

Kelly uses Kartra’s lead funneling to give away a five-day email course to anyone who signs up for her newsletter. Kartra’s deliverability rate is stellar, which means more people see the email and her great content.

Bay Area CBT Center

4. The Bay Area Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center

The Bay Area Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center is a bricks-and-mortar clinic in San Francisco, California. They offer a wide variety of programs, coaching, quizzes, and content on their web platform.

Kartra’s page builder and domain offering make it the perfect platform for the Bay Area CBT Center. They have quite a large variety of products and pages, some of which reside on separate domains for strategic and licensing reasons.

Kartra’s page building function and multiple domain integration make all of this a possibility. Kartra is perfect for their purposes because it integrates tracking of clients and purchases across all these domains using one simple management portal.

10 Million Dollar Franchise

5. 10 Million Dollar Franchise

The 10 Million Dollar Franchise helps current and would-be franchise owners crunch numbers to determine what steps to take to reach the $10 million mark. They use email and video to sell the product on their Kartra platform.

Kartra’s hosting is perfect for a business like The 10 Million Dollar Franchise. It allows them to host not only videos explaining their product but also hosts their products and downloadables.

This means Kartra hosts all monetized content without the need to integrate any third-party hosting sites. Kartra allows embedding videos and tracking subscribers in their journey through the downloadable content.

Kartra also issues gentle reminders to keep users engaged when hosted content goes un-downloaded.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Kartra offers all the essential tools needed to create a membership site, as well as many useful extras. Many of these are set-and-forget, making it a hassle-free option to create a user-friendly content library that generates passive income.

The earning power of a  Kartra membership site is easy to harness and easily justifies its monthly fee. Using these powerful tools is intuitive and easy. This is why we recommend Kartra and why so many people use it to build their membership site.

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