All Kartra Integrations: The Fool-Proof Guide

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Kartra offers 20 official integrations in advertising, analytics, payments, e-mail service providers, SMS, and other categories. In addition, users can connect many more through Zapier

Kartra Integrations

Payment Integrations

Kartra customers must have at least one account with a supported payment gateway.

To this end, integrating several gateways is ideal, as site visitors appreciate a selection of payment options.   

The Kartra platform offers, PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe integration capabilities.

This payment gateway requires users to register for Customer Information Manager services before integration. 

This integration empowers small businesses and merchants to accept credit card payments or electronic check remittances.

Trade happens via websites, mobile devices, virtual terminals, or monthly premiums. 

Costs of Integration integration comes without a setup fee. 

Costs are as follows:

  • Monthly gateway fee: $25
  • Per transaction fee: 2.9%+ $0.30 


Braintree, now a subsidiary of PayPal, specializes in providing full-stack payment solutions to transact on a global platform.

Merchants benefit from mobile and e-commerce trading access. They can also utilize developer tools to customize cart checkout procedures.   

Braintree integration needs a merchant ID with enabled Public, Private, and Tokenization Keys. 

Costs of Integration 

  • Standard charge: 2.9% + $0.30 (cards and digital wallets) 
  • An extra 1% applicable to US trade
  • Transaction fees for using PayPal on Braintree – predetermined by Paypal


PayPal is an internationally accepted online payment and money transfer system.

Users can activate touch-free payments, send money, and use cryptocurrency to trade at selected stores. It is accessible by downloading the PayPal app on mobile devices. 

Kartra users should have a Business or Premier PayPal account before integration.

Costs Of Integration 

PayPal rates are variable according to region. 

  • Domestic Rates (summary)
    • Invoicing: 3.49% + fixed fee
    • Checkout: 3.49% + fixed fee
    • Amex Checkout: 3.50%
    • Standard credit and debit card payments: 2.99% + fixed fee
  • International Rates = domestic rates + additional percentage for international trade.
    • Commercial transactions (Amex excluded): 1.50%
    • Amex commercial: No fee


Stripe is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business offering payment processing tools and API for online websites and mobile apps.

Business owners utilize Stripe technology to accept and process debit and credit card payments in different currencies. 

Integration with Kartra requires an active Stripe account.

Costs of Integration 

Stripe integration is charged at 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction.

There are no additional monthly fees, and setup is free. 

Membership Integrations

These membership integrations create membership site portals, deliver content and improve website monetization. 

Kartra features an integrated membership portal. However, if you need integration with additional third-party, you can do this without problems.

Kartra membership integration possibilities include aMember, Digital Access Pass, Kajabi, OptimizePress, S2Member, and Wishlist. 

kartra membership


aMember is essentially a membership management tool used when selling digital products and downloads.

Utilization of aMember features is flexible, allowing for subscription supervision, delivery of digital content, CMS utilization, and blog integration. 

To integrate aMember with Kartra, users download a plugin from the site. 

Costs of Integration 

aMember Pro retails at $149.36 for a lifetime license, six months of ticket support, and developmental upgrades. Installation, web-based administration, and technical support are standard inclusions.

Digital Access Pass

DAP is a comprehensive WordPress membership administrator and Learning Management System plugin.

DAP features allow building and gamifying courses, adding WordPress content, generating quizzes, and generally managing student activities and progress.  

As with aMember, DAP integration requires a plugin downloaded from Kartra.

Costs of Integration 

DAP features three different pricing plans: 

  • Basic: $14.99 / month
  • Platinum: $29.99 / month 
  • Elite: $49.99 / month

Users save the value of 2-3 months’ subscription when paying annually.


Kajabi is a comprehensive platform for selling knowledge. Users create and design content membership sites and coaching programs without plugins.

Integration with Kajabi activates a product and website builder, payment gateways, and sales funnels.

Kartra integration with New Kajabi (not Classic version) requires an API Key, Secret Key, and Kajabi Offer ID.

Costs of Integration 

Kajabi pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $149 / month
  • Growth: $199 / month
  • Pro: $399 / month

Annual billing delivers 20% savings.


OptimizePress is a set of WordPress programs with data sharing characteristics.

This tool helps create online sales funnels and pages to promote and sell services and products.

Kartra users can integrate with OptimizePress 2.0 via URL to WordPress installation. An API Key and Membership ID are requirements. 

Costs of Integration 

Essential subscription to OptimizePress costs $99 per year. Membership applies to a single personal site and gives access to OptimizeBuilder with an interesting selection of features and benefits.


S2Member supplies free and paid versions of a membership plugin for WordPress. In addition, Kartra users can set custom welcome pages, membership options, and registration fields upon integration. 

This platform needs an API Key and membership ID. It integrates via the URL to the WordPress installation.

Costs of Integration 

The S2Member WordPress plugin is free of charge but limited in benefits, particularly concerning payment gateway integration and checkout membership levels. 

  • S2Member ProPro: $89 (single-site license) 
  • $189 (unlimited-site pro license) 

Pro subscriptions give lifetime access to new versions.

WishList Member

WishList is a membership plugin for WordPress site creation. Users can create online courses, sell digital products or launch monthly memberships. 

Integration with Kartra’s existing CRM software and payment gateways make this a valuable addition to existing business platforms. 

You can integrate WishList with Kartra through a URL and API Key.

Costs of Integration 

Pricing/billing is annual, calculated according to the number of user sites.

  • 1 Site: $149
  • 5 Sites: $299
  • 20 Sites: $399

E-mail Integrations

Automation of e-mail broadcasts and drip content delivery can make fantastic business sense. 

Although Kartra already has e-mail capabilities, volume and cost restrictions necessitate integration with additional SMTP providers in some instances.  

When integrating an e-mail gateway with Kartra, users can test the setup to determine a good match.

Kartra integrates with ElasticMail, MailGun, PostMark and SendGrid.  

kartra email integrations

Kartra E-mail

Kartra e-mail sports a modern, fully functional e-mail builder that can compete with the best. 

The ‘IF and Then’ automation system allows for automation based on visitors’ habits and behaviors.

Furthermore, you can personalize e-mail templates for specific recipients and split-test to track conversion and response rates.    

Costs of Integration 

Kartra e-mail access is available in subscription plans that have monthly e-mail automation.

  • Starter: $99 / month (15,000 e-mails / month) 
  • Silver: $199 / month (unlimited)
  • Gold: $299 / month (unlimited)
  • Platinum: $499 / month (unlimited)

Elastic E-mail

Elastic e-mail supplies a multi-product platform for affordable, trustworthy e-mail marketing automation. 

The use of this platform activates lead generation and the population of e-mail lists. Its customized e-mail creation also promises better customer relations and relevant conversion analytics.

Integration with Kartra needs an API Key from your Elastic mail account.

Costs of Integration

  • E-mail Marketing Pricing 
    • Unlimited: $15/month (<5,000 contacts)
    • Unlimited Pro: $50/month (<10,000 contacts)
  • E-mail API Pricing
    • API: $0.10 / 1,000 e-mails + $0.50 / day
    • API Pro: $0.15 / 1,000 e-mails + $1.00 / day


MailGun is a leading global e-mail delivery service designed to build and deliver e-mails in bulk. 

E-mail API ensures deliverability with e-mail verification a standard feature. In addition, Mailjet’s marketing strategies complete the package.

Costs of Integration 

  • Foundation: From $35 / month (50,000 e-mails)
  • Growth: From $80 / month (100,000 e-mails)
  • Scale: From $90 / month (100,000 e-mails)
  • Flex Pay-As-You-Go free trial (3 months/5,000 e-mails)

Larger enterprises negotiate for e-mail delivery automation at scale.


PostMark excels at delivering e-mail on time. 

The product features an e-mail API, e-mail templates, and analytics. Integration with other services is particularly robust with SMTP services and transactional e-mail delivery available as standard.  

PostMark delivers an API Key for integration with Kartra. 

Costs of Integration 

PostMark charges users for the volume of e-mail integration required. 

For example: 

  • 10,000 e-mails: $10 / month
  • 50,000 e-mails: $50 / month.
  • 5,000,000 e-mails: $1,200 / month

Higher-volume rates are available on request.


SendGrid is a customer communication service provider for transactional and marketing e-mail automation.

The SendGrid API integrates easily, enabling successful e-mail marketing campaigns in large volumes. It also offers signup forms, e-mail testing, analytics, and e-mail validation. 

You need a SendGrid API Key for seamless integration.

Costs of Integration 

  • Essentials 40k: $14.95 / month (<40,000 e-mails)  
  • Essentials 100k: $29.95 / month (<100,000 e-mails)

Larger volumes attract custom pricing.

SendGrid delivers a free option of 100 e-mails/day forever.

SMS Integrations

Integrating SMS automation into your marketing strategy opens up a new line of communication with potential clients. 

Kartra users can send broadcasts via SMS to follow up on leads. Recipients are thus reachable via phone numbers instead of e-mail.

On that point, the SMS builder allows for messages of 130 characters that you can send via Kartra Sequences

Kartra can integrate with SMS gateways Nexmo, Plivo, and Twilio. 

kartra sms

Vonage Developer (formerly Nexmo)

The Vonage Developer SMS API on Nexmo allows for fast, accurate delivery of text messages worldwide.

Integration of the software with Kartra activates webhooks to send messages to E.164 formatted telephone numbers. 

Notable features include sender identification, delivery receipts, and Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) access. 

You can enable the Nexmo-Kartra connection by entering an API and Secret Key from your Nexmo account. 

Costs of Integration 

Nexmo’s pay-as-you-use approach reduces your costs on messaging services. 

  • API verification: €0.0500 / successful verification
  • Messages API: €0.0050+ / message
  • In-app messages: €0.0007+ / message
  • SMS API €0.0062+ / message


Plivo serves users in over 190 countries, enabling better customer communications with Two-factor Authentication (2FA) and One-Time Passwords (OTP) for security.

Additional features include text marketing, notifications, and access to the CONTACTO contact center for customer service.

A Plivo-Kartra integration requires an account authorization token and ID.  

Costs of Integration 

Plivo API platform outbound text messaging cost:

  • Long code/toll-free numbers: $0.0050 / SMS
  • Shortcode messages: $0.0045 / SMS

Inbound messaging: $0.0055 and $0.0045 / toll-free and shortcode message. 


Twilio software activates reliable SMS delivery via Message API or Conversation API.

Twilio subscriptions include the Twilio Studio (visual workflow builder), sender selection, and message content.

Twilio integration with Kartra requires a Twilio account SID and authorization token.

Costs of Integration 

Twilio pricing structure is flexible on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

  • Programmable messaging: From $0.0075 / message sent or received

Hub Integrations

Hub integrations consolidate systems and databases into low-latency, shared data storage.

Users simultaneously benefit from cloud-based and on-premises integration and synchronized app data sharing across different frequencies and systems.

Zapier is a hub integration platform that enables workflow automation on Kartra in this regard.

kartra hub integrations


Zapier is a third-party platform that assists in integrating other platforms by automatically navigating and linking web apps. In addition, the Zapier editor allows for DIY automation. 

Integrate with Kartra using a Kartra Zap. 

Alternatively, visit My Integrations on Zapier. 

Costs of Integration

Zapier automation is free for up to 100 tasks/month.

Paying plans comprise:

  • Starter: $19.99 / month (billed annually)
  • Professional: $49 / month (billed annually)
  • Team: $299 / month (billed annually)
  • Company: $599 / month (billed annually)

Calendar Integrations

Calendar integration is useful for booking appointments, simplifying agendas, and automatically updating schedules from a central command center.

Real-time booking management helps develop your brand on mobile devices in various time zones. 

Google Calendar integrates well with Kartra for instant access to client history and session recurrence reminders.

kartra calendar integtations

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is popular with consultants, gyms, educators, and event organizers to simplify scheduling.

Users can custom-adapt templates to send and receive instant updates and notifications in real-time. Additional benefits include unlimited hosts and coaches, setting session duration, or blocking unavailable dates. Cancellations and rescheduling management are core features. 

Costs of Integration

Google Calendar offers a free version with your Google account and a paid version for business scheduling. 

Business Starter for Google Workspace costs $6 / user / month.

Bottom Line

Kartra integrations markedly simplify the automation of your business workflow. Combining services with Kartra requires modest effort and minimal technical skills. 

Before starting, consider whether you need multiple applications integrated. For example, incorporating several patent gateways can drastically improve customer satisfaction and decrease cart abandonment. 

You can automate e-mail broadcasts and campaigns with Kartra e-mail gateways. You should also enjoy increased membership and improved sales with integrated membership portals. Finally, you can manage your schedule and customer interaction with a Kartra communications hub and calendar.

No matter how intricate your business processes may be, a Kartra integration is likely available to help you streamline, automate, and extend your reach. 


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