Kartra Pricing Review: Is It Worth It?

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Kartra has three pricing plans available on its website, and an additional plan is available once you have signed up for the platform.

Each price plan is designed to suit where you are in your business journey, from beginner to established expert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kartra starts at $99/mo
  • If you exceed your plan limits, Kartra will automatically upgrade you

Kartra Pricing Summary

Kartra has three plans available on its website. However, once you have signed up, a fourth Enterprise plan with varying options is also available from within the platform.

Kartra standard three plans:

PlanMonthly PriceMonthly Price Paid AnnuallyTotal Annual PriceDiscount for Paying Annually

Kartra Enterprise plan options:

Enterprise tier 1From $749.92/month
Enterprise tier 2From $1,249.17/month
Enterprise tier 3From $1,665.83/month
Kartra Enterprise plan

Is Kartra Worth It?

Is Kartra Worth It?

Considering the contact limits placed on each plan, Kartra can quickly get very expensive.

Similarly priced plans offer much higher limits, while Kartra forces you to upgrade and pay more.

Kartra is worth it if you like the way the platform functions and the features it offers. 

Despite the cost drawbacks, Kartra is a high-quality, user-friendly platform that performs very well.

However, the Kartra Professional and Enterprise plans are extremely pricey, and you may be tempted to jump ship to a competing platform that offers better value. 

For example, GoHighLevel offers very similar features which are mostly unlimited, and it will only cost you $97/month.

Kartra Pricing Plans: What’s Included?

Kartra Starter Plan

Kartra Starter Plan
  • Monthly Price: $119 
  • Monthly Price Paid Annually: $99
  • Total Annual Price: $1,188
  • Discount for Paying Annually: 17%

The Kartra Starter plan is the cheapest but most basic plan. One of its highlights, however, is the ability to create and sell unlimited products and create unlimited websites.

Here’s a quick overview of what it includes:

  • Maximum of 2,500 contacts and five team members
  • One domain and one language
  • Create unlimited websites, pages, videos, and products
  • Create courses, membership sites, and forms
  • Create funnels and campaigns
  • Send unlimited emails and SMS
  • Lead capture and management tools
  • Sales management tools
  • Calendars
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automation and funnel mapping

Kartra Growth Plan

Kartra Growth Plan
  • Monthly Price: $229
  • Monthly Price Paid Annually: $189
  • Total Annual Price: $2,268
  • Discount for Paying Annually: 17%

The Growth plan is a level higher than the Starter plan and gives you higher plan limits and slightly more features.

It includes everything in the Starter plan, plus:

  • Maximum 12,500 contacts and ten team members
  • Up to three domains
  • Unlimited languages
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Webinar tools
  • Up to 300 webinar attendees and six presenters
  • Funnel simulation
  • Affiliate management tools
  • Helpdesk support
  • Advanced tools (API access, custom code, advanced automation, and multiple client management)

Kartra Professional Plan

Kartra Professional Plan
  • Monthly Price: $549
  • Monthly Price Paid Annually: $429
  • Total Annual Price: $5,148
  • Discount for Paying Annually: 22%

As you’ve probably guessed, the Professional plan gives you the highest limits of all. 

It includes everything outlined in the Growth plan, plus:

  • Maximum 25,000 contacts and up to 20 team members
  • Up to five domains
  • Up to 1,000 webinar attendees 
  • Real-time funnel analytics
  • Helpdesk live chat (for your clients)

Kartra Enterprise Plan

Kartra Enterprise Plan
  • Enterprise Tier 1: From $749.92/month
  • Enterprise Tier 2: From $1,249.17/month
  • Enterprise Tier 3: From $1,665.83/month

It is unclear how much the Enterprise plans cost annually since this information is not available.

The three Enterprise plan pricing tiers don’t change in regards to the number of features offered. 

You get access to all features but the plan limits increase significantly when compared with the Professional plan.

However, the only real difference between the three Enterprise plans is the number of contacts you can have. 

PlanContactsDomainsTeam MembersWebinar Attendees
Enterprise 1250,00050505,000
Enterprise 2500,00050505,000
Enterprise 31 million50505,000

Kartra Pricing Plans: Side by Side Feature Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of the features that change according to your chosen plan.

Contacts2,50012,50025,000250,000 +
Team Members5102050
Surveys and Quizzes
Webinars300 attendees1,000 attendees5,000 attendees
Webinar Presenters666
Funnel Simulation
Real-Time Funnel Analytics
Affiliate Management
Helpdesk Support
Helpdesk Live Chat
Advanced Features

Which Kartra Pricing Plan Should You Choose?

Which Kartra Pricing Plan Should You Choose?

The Kartra pricing plan you choose depends on where you are in your business journey:

  • Starter: Pick this if you are yet to launch your business or are in the beginning stages of creating digital products.
  • Growth: Choose this if you’ve launched and need full Kartra functionality to help you grow. Additionally, this is the plan to go for if you want to start running webinars.
  • Professional: Select this if you are an established business and need higher plan limits to scale.
  • Enterprise: Only choose these plans if you have exhausted the limits of the Professional plan.

Kartra Sales and Transaction Fees

Kartra Sales and Transaction Fees

The great news is that regardless of your chosen pricing plan, Kartra does not impose any transaction fees, nor does it take a cut of your revenue.

Kartra does not have a native payment processor; therefore, it is necessary to use a third-party app like Stripe or PayPal. 

While Kartra won’t charge you for this, each payment processor has its own set of transaction fees that will be applied to every sale.

How Does Kartra Pricing Compare with Similar Platforms?

How Does Kartra Pricing Compare with Similar Platforms?
PlatformCheapest Plan (per month)Most Expensive Plan (per month)Discount for Paying AnnuallyFree Plan?
Kartra$119$54917% – 22%No
ClickFunnels 2.0$147$29713.6% – 30%No

Kartra Pricing: Final Thoughts

Kartra Pricing: Final Thoughts

Although Kartra is not the cheapest option, it’s a great performing platform that gives you a lot of functionality. However, the plan limits for adding contacts is a sticking point.

The Professional plan is the most expensive option on our comparison list and it still limits the number of contacts you can add – most competitor top-tier plans allow 100,000+ or unlimited contacts – whereas Kartra limits you to 25,000.

Of course, you can upgrade to the Enterprise plan, but the cost starts to become astronomical.

Ultimately, it’s likely that once you start scaling your business, you will start to resent paying so much for a limited service. In our opinion, the Growth plan provides the best value. 

Therefore, we recommend it for businesses that have no plans to scale too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra costs from $119/month for the Starter plan, from $229/month for the Growth plan, and from $549/month for the Professional plan. Additionally, three Enterprise-level pricing tiers exist costing from $749.92/month upwards.

You can use Kartra for free by signing up for a 30-day free trial for a plan of your choosing. After the trial ends, you will be charged the subscription fee unless you opt to cancel.

Kartra has a 30-day money-back guarantee in place for all of its pricing plans.

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you like. However, if you exceed your plan limits for adding contacts, Kartra will automatically upgrade you to the next pricing tier.

Kartra does not currently have any additional or add-on fees for platform features, tools, or services. However, there is a Kartra marketplace where you can purchase templates, prebuilt campaigns, expertise, etc. from third-party sellers.

Kartra charges its pricing plans in US dollars only. When paying for a Kartra subscription in a different currency, conversion fees may apply.


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