Kartra Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Which Kartra plan do I need? If you are wondering which pricing tier is most appropriate for your business, you have reached the right place.

We have done all of the research, so you don’t have to. We have broken down the costs and benefits of each Kartra package in the following article.

Kartra Pricing

Katra Pricing Overview

Kartra offers five package options, tailored to your business’s email, bandwidth, and hosting needs.

  • The Kartra Starter plan is $99 (USD) per month.
  • The Kartra Silver plan is $199 (USD) per month.
  • The Kartra Gold plan is $299 (USD) per month.
  • The Kartra Platinum plan is $499 (USD) per month.
  • The Kartra Enterprise plan is a unique solution created just for your business. Contact the sales department for a custom quote.
$79 Monthly If Paid Annually
$ 99 Monthly
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 2 500 Leads
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Limited admins, pages, emails, products
  • Unlimited Features (No Agency Access)
$149 Monthly If Paid Annually
$ 199 Monthly
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • 12 500 Leads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ∞ admins, pages, emails, products
  • Unlimited Features (+ Agency Access)
$229 Monthly If Paid Annually
$ 299 Monthly
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • 25 000 Leads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ∞ admins, pages, emails, products
  • Unlimited Features (+ Agency Access)
$379 Monthly If Paid Annually
$ 499 Monthly
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 50 000 Leads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • ∞ admins, pages, emails, products
  • Unlimited Features (+ Agency Access)

Kartra Annual Pricing

Kartra offers annual billing cycles with special pricing. This option is ideal for the business owner who is ready to commit to Kartra’s platform on a longer-term basis, and the savings can be significant.

The introduction plan, the Kartra Starter plan, is $79 per month (versus $99 per month) when purchased on an annual billing cycle. That means you save $240 annually by opting for the yearly plan. That’s a 20% discount.

The other three pre-priced standard plans have even greater discounts.

The Kartra Silver plan is $149 per month when purchased on an annual billing cycle. By opting for the annual plan, you save $600 each year. That’s a 25% discount.

The Kartra Gold plan is $229 per month (versus $299 on the monthly plan) when purchased on an annual billing cycle. That means you save $840 each year by opting for the annual plan. That’s a 25% discount.

The Kartra Platinum plan is $379 per month when purchased on an annual billing cycle. By opting for the annual plan, you save $1440 in a year. That’s a 25% discount.

Kartra’s annual pricing is a no-brainer if you know the platform is right for you.

Get Kartra for FREE

While you can’t get Kartra without handing over a little bit of money, you can get it almost free for a limited time. Kartra offers a $1 trial of its services on its website, which you can access by clicking on the latest offer. The easiest way to find this deal, which includes 14 days of free Kartra, is by searching for a Kartra free trial online and following the link in the post. Once you are on the page, if you hover your arrow over the browser’s back button, a pop-up will come up that allows you to extend the trial to a full 30 days. That’s 30 days of Kartra for only $1! 

Kartra also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Another way to try Kartra for free would be to sign up for any plan and then, after 30 days, ask for your money back.

Try Out Kartra Now!

Gain Access to all Kartras features for 30-days just for $1!

Kartra Plans

Kartra’s plans start from a basic, pared-down starter plan and build in additional features and expanded bandwidth to fit growing businesses. Read on to find the features and capabilities of each plan. With Kartra, if your business outgrows its current plan, it’s easy to upgrade—the solution grows with you.

Starter Plan

The Kartra Starter Plan is the basic-level plan in the Kartra pricing tiers. It is perfect for businesses that are just getting off the ground, as well as for established businesses that are just now establishing an online presence. With the Kartra Starter Plan, you will find the basics your business needs to start building a marketing library of contacts and content.

The Starter Plan includes up to 2,500 leads and a total of 15,000 emails per month. A single custom domain that can include 100 pages, 50 videos, and 50 GB of bandwidth is also included in the package. With the Kartra Starter Plan, you are limited to selling 20 products. If your team includes others, you’ll be glad to know that the Starter Plan allows one more team member to have access. It also includes a connected helpdesk.

Silver Plan

The Kartra Silver Plan is the next step up from the Starter Plan. This package is ideal for businesses that have outgrown the Starter plan and need more access and more features. The Silver Plan is also the most popular of all Kartra’s Plans, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great value, as many of the limited features will become unlimited when you switch from the Starter Plan to Silver.

On the Kartra Silver Plan, you have unlimited access and use of emails, bandwidth, number of pages, number of videos, products, membership sites, team members who can have access and helpdesks. With the Silver option, the only limits are on your leads (12,500), and your number of custom domains (3).

The Kartra Silver plan also includes Kartra Agency, which allows you to run and service other business’s Kartra accounts from a single dashboard. You can also use Kartra agency to work as a contractor, managing accounts in Kartra that you referred your clients to open.

Gold Plan

The Kartra Gold Plan is a bit beefier than the plan one tier down. With this option, users get more pages and more leads, so it’s ideal for medium-sized businesses. In the Gold Plan, you get 25,000 leads per month. You get five custom domains with this plan, versus just three on the Silver Plan.

The Kartra Gold Plan also offers the flexibility of unlimited bandwidth, videos, emails, pages, products, membership sites, and team members that can have access. It also has unlimited helpdesks and, like the Silver plan, allows you to use Kartra Agency.

If you’ve got a pretty big list and you need to get going right away, without restrictions, the Kartra Gold Plan is a good bet for you.

Platinum Plan

The Kartra Platinum Plan is the highest tier of the Kartra premade plans. If you have a big business and get loads of leads per month, but you don’t feel the need to get a customized quote, the Platinum Plan is for you.  With this option, you get up to 50,000 leads per month and ten custom domains, a substantial increase from the Gold Plan.

At the same time, you get the unlimited bandwidth, videos, emails, pages, products, membership sites, helpdesks, and team access that the other premium Kartra plans are known for. This plan also puts Kartra Agency at your disposition.

The Platinum Plan is the ultimate in Kartra’s fixed-price, out of the box plans. 

Enterprise Plan

If none of the above Kartra options have enough for your business, or if you run a large-scale business that needs virtually unlimited everything along with special attention from customer service, the Kartra Enterprise Plan is tailor-made for you.

This tier is not available by default; you must contact customer service directly to contract an Enterprise plan. The Kartra team will speak to you, analyze your business’s needs, and pull together a quote that fits you and your budget.

The Enterprise Plan is a good option if you feel that none of the Kartra tiers offer you enough leads, or if your marketing team is so productive that the leads won’t stop pouring in!

The Components of Kartra 

Kartra is popular because it replaces many different single-faceted solutions with a single platform that does a whole lot.  Here are the different components you get when you purchase a Kartra plan:

  • Kartra Checkouts– This is possibly the most powerful tool that comes in the Kartra bundle. Checkouts will enable you to sell anything, whether products or services, online and comes with everything you need to get customers to convert. The Checkouts feature is Kartra’s strong point. The snag-free checkout system ensures your online store’s success by allowing you to choose how your customers can pay. It lets you decide what their checkout forms look like, manage their accounts in a sophisticated CRM, and incorporate upsells and cross-sells to your store.
  • Kartra Pages – Kartra can turn anyone into a web designer, thanks to an easy interface that allows users to choose from hundreds of professional templates. To personalize them, it’s as easy as drag-and-drop. Customize colors and fonts, or add pop-up windows, linking pages wherever you want to other Kartra domains and membership sites easily and seamlessly. Kartra also has powerful behavioral marketing tools at your disposal. And you never need to worry about optimizing for mobile—that’s a given.
  • Kartra Leads – This is another one of Kartra’s best tools. Kartra Leads is a powerful CRM that lets you see your client’s profiles and interaction history with your site. You can follow their journey, know what they have clicked, what they’ve bought, and what they have looked at. Knowledge is power, and Kartra Leads not only gives you that knowledge, but it also gives you the tools to organize and act on it.
  • Kartra Forms – Lead capture forms are a modern-day online store’s bread and butter. Looks do matter when it comes to lead forms, and Kartra offers complete customization with beautiful templates and design details. You choose custom fields as well as placement, and you can rest easy knowing that these forms have lead conversion as their main function. They are optimized for mobile and always compliant with the latest GDPR and information protection laws.
  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns – Effective sales processes are entirely integrated with Kartra’s Funnels & Campaigns features. Use videos and content to draw in leads, and let Kartra do the rest. The multi-page funnel flow will help convert leads into customers by sending automatic emails and tagging new users according to their actions, running on autopilot for utmost efficacy. You can mark triggers to create different behaviors according to your marketing goals.
  • Kartra Mail – Creating email campaigns is easy and effective thanks to Kartra’s powerful mail tool. Users choose from thousands of templates that allow them to drag and drop all types of content, from photo to video. Incorporate custom tags, too. Kartra Mail works with both email and SMS marketing campaigns, making it an extremely effective way to engage your users.
  • Kartra Memberships – Kartra Memberships is perfect for this service-based, content-driven economy. If your business involves teaching, you can count on Memberships to deliver content, courses, and training materials easily and with maximum automation. Set and forget any drip content you want, while still maintaining control over individual users’ memberships. Memberships will work with any type of content, from audio to video and everything in between. Your users will love the step-by-step feel Kartra can give your content library.
  • Kartra Affiliate Management – Influencer marketing is extremely popular nowadays, and Kartra offers a powerful Affiliate Management tool. You can offer those affiliated with your brand custom landing pages, which will increase conversion; multiple commission tiers, making sure that you can reward your best affiliates; and keep them on a special mailing list just for them. The software allows you to set payment milestones and track all data in an organized fashion, which will help your affiliate program be a total success.
  • Kartra Marketplace – Kartra Marketplace is where expert Kartra users share their findings and discoveries with everyone. You can learn from your fellow Kartra users who sell their marketing funnels or expert advice on the Marketplace. If you are an experienced Kartra user, you can also monetize your knowledge and creations on the Marketplace. If you’d rather, you can garner leads via Kartra Marketplace instead of dollar amounts, too.
  • Kartra Videos –  Nowadays, video is the fastest way to a client’s heart. Kartra Videos makes embedding and customizing video content easy. Put a watermark on your videos. Embed them directly on a page. Autoplay your videos. All these controls are built-in and available with Kartra Videos. The feature also allows you to put your videos to work according to your users’ behavior. Didn’t watch the whole video through? Give them another chance when they navigate to a different page. Have they watched most of a video? Spring an offer on them before they lose interest with a mid-video pop-up.
  • Kartra Helpdesks – Kartra Helpdesks are a great way to provide customer service that leaves your users feeling seen and taken care of. Whether you use support ticketing, live chat, or both, Helpdesks keeps customer service issues organized for you, funneling them to where they need to be. It’s easily integrable with your email provider.  The Helpdesks feature is integrated with Checkouts, too, which means it can help with billing issues, as well.
  • Kartra Calendars – Kartra Calendars is a real-time booking tool that allows service- and registration-based businesses to function without any expensive, custom-built software. Anything from doctor appointments to yoga classes is perfect for Kartra Calendars, allowing your business to interact with customers and schedule them on an integrated dashboard. Kartra Calendars also allows you to see your client’s booking history at any moment.
  • Kartra Agency – Kartra Agency, available with tiers from Silver and above, allows contractors and Kartra users with multiple clients to manage them from one place. An easy-to-use centralized master console is a more secure way to work and offers many shortcuts to make your life easier. You can emit automated reports straight to your clients, do quick and accurate analytics, and stop worrying about remembering a million passwords with our secure log-in.

Kartra Add-Ons

You can tweak any Kartra plan to fit by purchasing extra add-ons. The following are available through Kartra to add to your account, a la carte:

  • Additional domains – Are the number of domains in your Kartra pricing tier not quite enough for you? That’s not a problem. Kartra allows users to purchase as many additional domains as they wish. The sky is the limit when it comes to domains, meaning you can stay in your pricing tier and still have the domain names you need to run your accounts.

  • Emails & bandwidth – Imagine you are still in the last week of a busy month for your business, and you want to send one more email.  With other software solutions, you might be asked to upgrade before being allowed to continue using the system. Kartra, however, understands the ups and downs of business and marketing, allowing you to add on more emails and bandwidth without upgrading your account with a pay per email or pay per GB program. That means there is no limit on the uploading, downloading, hosting, and streaming of images, files, and video assets.

  • Integrations & API – For business owners and users that know their way around coding enough to create custom add-ons, Kartra’s generous integrations are good news. The comprehensive API allows users to program their own add-ons, making Kartra virtually 100% customizable for those who know coding inside and out. This integration makes Kartra unique and is an important piece of the puzzle for business owners looking for a customized solution.
Kartra Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Kartra Pricing FAQs

Is Katra free?

  • No, Kartra is not free. However, the first month of Kartra can be free. If you double your 14-day trial by using the latest offer, you get a 30-day trial for just $1. If you find you are dissatisfied with Kartra and cancel within the first month, that month is free, thanks to a money-back guarantee. Kartra has five different monthly pricing tiers. 

Does Kartra charge transaction fees? 

  • No, Kartra does not charge transaction fees. The only fees that Kartra charges are overage fees when you choose to exceed the amounts included within your chosen plan. For every 1 thousand emails you send over your limit, there is a charge of $0.99. For every gigabyte of hosting and bandwidth you exceed, you will be charged $0.19. And for every additional hostname you use, the charge is $10.

Does Kartra offer a free trial?

  • Kartra offers a virtually free trial. The trial of Kartra costs $1, which you have to pay before beginning the 14-day trial. To sign up for the free trial, just use the latest offer for and then click on Start Free Trial. Then, you can start the trial of whichever plan is right for your business.

Do I need a credit card to start a free trial?  

  • Yes, you need a credit card to start a free trial on Kartra. Your billing information, including credit card number, name, and billing address, must be on file before beginning your trial. Once you have chosen the plan that you would like to trial, click on Start Trial. Enter your company and billing information in the window that pops up, followed by your credit card info.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

  • Kartra does offer a money-back guarantee. Kartra guarantees 100% satisfaction with its money-back guarantee, which lasts for the first 30 days after purchase. Clients can, for any reason at all, request their full refund within this 30-day period. To take advantage of the money-back guarantee and request a full refund, send a message to support@kartra.com or use the website’s help desk.  

Will I be able to cancel or change plans?

  • Yes, you can cancel or change your Kartra plan, although some restrictions apply. If you decide to upgrade your plan, the higher cost will be pro-rated and charged to your account for the rest of the current billing cycle. If you decide to downgrade, it will go into effect at the next billing cycle, and you must speak with a representative to adjust your assets accordingly. To cancel an account, you must initiate an application to cancel at least ten days before the next invoice date to avoid being charged another cycle.

What does Kartra replace?

  • One of the reasons Kartra is so popular is that it can do the work of several different digital marketing programs, all in a single platform and interface. If you use any of the following software to run your online business, you can combine it all in one place using Kartra: Mailchimp, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Samcart, Drip, Typeform, Kajabi, Active Campaign, ScheduleOnce, Convertri, Canvas, Marketo, Ontraport, Convertkit, InfusionSoft, and more.

Bottom Line

Kartra is an all-in-one collection of all the tools you need to run an online business today. Kartra works from the bottom up: it has list building and email marketing capacities as well as business management and CRM. Couple with a powerful web hosting platform with a distinct marketing edge and Kartra stands out in a crowd of platforms and interfaces.  It can perform all the functions of the sector’s most popular software, and it links them all in a single account, which is invaluable for busy marketers and business owners.

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