A Detailed Overview of the Best Kartra Templates

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Kartra is well-known for its masterful, pre-designed templates.

More than 500 page and section examples meet the needs of designers creating pages for memberships, blogs, and product launches.

So whether you need blank pages to unleash your creative spirit, squeeze pages for lead generation, or custom upsell or checkout pages, Kartra consistently delivers an ideal template for your project.

Kartra Templates

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Kartra Templates: Categories 

Kartra templates span a comprehensive list of 19 different categories.

These are fully customizable through an excellent page builder and drag-and-drop editor. 

No matter the content or product you wish to promote, a Kartra idea is available to get you going in the right direction.

Simply select your favorite and let your imagination run wild.    

  • Blank page
  • Squeeze pages
  • Video sales pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Long sales pages
  • Coming soon
  • Product launch
  • Product review
  • Webinar registration
  • Checkout pages
  • 404 pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Membership login
  • Live events
  • Affiliate pages
  • Legal pages
  • Blog posts
  • Blog home pages
  • Personal branding
Kartra Templates

How Do Templates in Kartra Work?

Kartra templates are easy to use and personalize to reflect your particular brand. Users select a category and style preference and populate fields with information about their business venture

Use the accessible editor to customize copy layout, select colors or fonts, and incorporate logos and images. 

Web designers get free access to tutorials once they start creating their first page with Kartra page builder. 

Best Kartra Templates in Each Category

To give insight into the quality of Kartra templates, we researched the variety of samples available in each of the categories listed above. 

We analyzed landing and exit page elements, scrutinized headlines and paragraphs, and scanned images and backgrounds to select our favorites. Then we considered navigation menus and social media share buttons together with icons and playlists to determine the efficacy of each. 

Kartra Squeeze Page Template – How To Fix A Terrible Credit Score In 30 Days.

A squeeze page elicits e-mail addresses from browsers by creating attractive lead magnets with free products or services.

Other successful lead generation practices include using benefit visualization or targeted content to activate the squeeze. 

We love the interactive squeeze page on ‘How to fix a terrible credit score in 30 days’. The approach used on the page coaxes readers to submit details in exchange for insights. 

Kartra Video Sales Page Template – Kartra: Double Your Traffic in 30 Days

Video sales page templates are the perfect way to increase sales conversion rates.

To utilize, users add product descriptions and visual representation to attract customer interest.

We particularly enjoy the video template that promises Kartra users double site traffic in 30 days.

Including a countdown with subscription costs and a link to checkout pages make this template a winner. Adding testimonials and badges seal the deal.

double your traffic

Kartra Thank You Page Template – Thank You!

Recognizing customer interest in what you have to offer and conveying gratitude is a good tool to reach customers personally.

In addition, you can use the thank-you template to extend interaction with browsers.  

We appreciate the friendly simplicity of the ‘Thank You!’ template.

There is no fuss and a clear invitation to collect what the user initially visited the site for. In addition, the inclusion of social network logins extends functionality.

Kartra Thank You Page Template - Thank You!

Kartra Long Sales Page Template – Integer Risque Port Turpis Accumsan

Long sales templates are useful to impart relevant information to site visitors. Use this template cautiously without overwhelming the reader.

Low-cost and low-risk products and services perform well when promoted on a long sales page. 

Our favorite, in this instance, delivers a lot of information without clutter.

The use of images, icons, and segmented sections is striking without inundating the reader with too much data. 

Kartra Long Sales Page Template Integer Risque Port Turpis Accumsan scaled

Kartra Coming Soon Template – We’re Coming Soon… It’s Worth The Wait!

‘Coming Soon’ pages create interest in a product that will become available in the future. Incorporating a countdown to launch day is particularly successful. 

We were delighted with the template we chose.

We love the images, soothing colors (which you can personalize), and the inclusion of a countdown mechanism.

Harvesting names and e-mail addresses simultaneously is a stroke of genius. 

Kartra Coming Soon Template - We’re Coming Soon… It’s Worth The Wait!

Kartra Product Launch Template – Video One: Suspendisse Magna At Platea Omnibus

Creating appropriate hype before launching a product is achievable using a product launch template. You may adapt the campaign to deliver a sequence of teasers over a while.

Simplicity is key. Our choice delivers video content at the top of the page with the option to share and watch upcoming installments. As an added incentive, there is a special offer with the option to commit. 

Kartra Product Launch Template Video One Suspendisse Magna At Platea Omnibus

Kartra Product Review Template – John’s Photo Course Review

Reviews can make or break a product. Kartra product review templates allow for product comparisons and feedback from consumers.

The template used to design John’s Photo Course Review is basic, with relevant review elements laid out.

We appreciate the addition of the ‘Product In A Nutshell’ feature and the breakdown of product pros and cons. The inclusion of cost and a link to the website are additional benefits. 

Kartra Product Review Template - John’s Photo Course Review

Kartra Webinar Registration Template – Experts Round Table!

To give product promotion a boost, incorporating webinars can be beneficial.

The Kartra webinar registration templates allow the promotion of upcoming events aided by clear registration prompts.  

The ‘Experts Round Table!’ template displays a clean, uncluttered platform to deliver details on the event.

The use of bullet points looks professional, while ‘Grab Your Spot!’ injects a familiarity and urgency readers can respond to. 

Kartra Webinar Registration Template Experts Round Table

Kartra Checkout Page Template – Your Product Name

Functional checkout pages have a massive impact on conversion rates and cart abandonment.

The Kartra template simplifies checkout procedures and allows for different payment options to be integrated.

The template we selected reminds shoppers of what they intend to buy and their benefits from acquiring it. In addition, checkout basket fields are customizable. 

Customers are reassured by positive testimonials, order encryption, and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Kartra Checkout Page Template - Your Product Name

Kartra 404 Page Template – Oops! Something Went Wrong

A 404 page alerts browsers to pages not found or an invalid search path. Kartra examples are fun and helpful to steer shoppers back to the product home page.

To our minds, the animated 404 templates work best. They add an element of satire and apology to an otherwise annoying glitch that could scare shoppers away before committing to making a purchase.

Kartra 404 Page Template - Oops! Something Went Wrong

Kartra Upsell Page Template – Check This One-Time Offer! Get Instant Access Now!

Shoppers love a one-time offer or opt-in to upsell.

The upsell page templates on Kartra are customizable and guaranteed to increase sales.

We applaud how this template leaves the decision to upsell with the customer.

It reminds them of the functionality of a product they already possess and the benefits of an upsell in comparison.

In addition, the acceptance button is displayed prominently, with the decline option accessible if preferred.

Kartra Upsell Page Template - Check This One-Time Offer! Get Instant Access Now!

Kartra Membership Template – Join Our Exclusive Private Group!

Membership pages should be aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate.

Thus, Kartra templates offer a variety of examples to improve subscriber interaction and entice new users to commit to products or services.

The template we choose in this category hints at exclusivity and privilege. And, what’s more, the simple image and inclusive video content are bound to be hugely successful with welcoming existing members onto your site or campaigning for new members.

Kartra Membership Template - Join Our Exclusive Private Group!

Kartra Live Event Template – Annual Developer Conference 2022

Kartra live event templates allow for creativity without wasting time. Users follow guidelines and customizable form fields to inform the public on event context and content.   

The template we’d use to promote an event is structured and informative.

Therefore, we concur with including the ‘Learn More’ click option and details on the schedule and featured speakers.

The prompt to register catches the reader’s attention at first glance.

Kartra Live Event Template - Annual Developer Conference 2022 Kartra Live Event Template - Annual Developer Conference 2022

Kartra Affiliate Page Template – Kartra: Join Our Affiliate Program

Site affiliation boosts sales and promotes business brands.

The Kartra affiliate page templates impress with editable colors, fonts, and clickable icons to extend monetization opportunities.

The Kartra call for affiliates is to the point. After a short introduction, readers receive an invitation to collect affiliate links and get details on potential earnings.

Then users scroll down to read about benefits, customer support, and Ts and Cs. 

Kartra Affiliate Page Template - Kartra- Join Our Affiliate Program

Kartra Legal Page Template – Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions pages don’t need to be dull. On the contrary, Kartra legal page templates employ careful design to make an impact and ensure that shoppers take note of legalities. 

The legal page template we selected stands apart. We approve of the bold headings with details added in fine print, just in case customers want to read it.

Additional notable features are ample space for adding images and trademarks.

Kartra Legal Page Template - Privacy Policy

Kartra Blog Post Template – Dissident Sensory Range Rover Team Chrome

Including a blog on your site shows continued commitment and interest in your product and your customers.

The blog post templates available from Kartra make blogging interesting and fully customizable. 

The Range Rover Chrome template appeals to our creative spirit. We like how it includes recent posts under specific categories and highlights selected excerpts.

The addition of a comments section and comprehensive menu below makes good sense.  

Kartra Blog Post Template Dissident Sensory Range Rover Team Chrome

Kartra Blog Home Template – Louis Stephens Creative Writer

A blog home page is a portal to content your followers want to see.

Using one of the Kartra blog home templates encourages fans to return to connect with you and your brand.  

Louis Stephens’s creative writing blog home template meets our team’s blog requirements.

The layout includes a short bio on the author and categories. In addition, blurbs from featured articles invite browsers to read more.  

Kartra Blog Home Template Louis Stephens Creative Writer

Kartra Personal Branding Template – Thomas Mounty: Freelance Developer

E-commerce is a quagmire of sites and products. Kartra personal branding templates are customizable to fit the brand’s image and stand out from the crowd. 

The Thomas Mounty template caught our eye. We approve the clean lines with a thumbnail biography pic and space for other images. 

Including statistics icons is particularly effective, and the grid outlay is perfect. 

Kartra Personal Branding Template - Thomas Mounty- Freelance Developer

Bottom Line

It is now common knowledge that Kartra templates are excellent for creating high-converting pages. Categorized template examples are some of the best available for building and promoting your business. 

Our team opted for simplicity and concise, clean page elements in selecting our personal favorites. Our preferences included templates that guide page customization.

Other considerations included functionality and putting our customers at ease.

If your marketing team opts for more aggressive campaigning material or prefers a more black-and-white approach, Kartra has the templates to make it happen.  


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