Kartra Funnels Explained: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Funnel

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Kartra has a funnel-building feature on its platform that allows you to create funnels for any purpose. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create unlimited funnels regardless of your plan
  • Find free and paid pre-built funnels in the Kartra marketplace
  • Visualize and create funnel sequences using the platform’s funnel mapping feature

What Is the Kartra Funnels Feature?

Kartra contains everything you need to create different types of funnels. These features include:

  • Funnel mapping (creating a funnel workflow)
  • Web page creator for landing pages and more
  • Checkout pages
  • Form creator for opt-ins
  • Live video integration
  • Email campaign builder
  • Automation 
  • Lead tagging
  • Pre-built funnels

We will say at this point that the Kartra funnel feature is not easy to use. You have to construct all the different elements of your funnel separately in different areas of the Kartra platform and then connect them all together.

The funnel mapping screen does take some getting used to as it’s not particularly intuitive. You tend to find yourself skipping from one area of the platform to another to create what you need.

Therefore, we don’t recommend Kartra as a suitable platform for those who are new to creating funnels. It’s much better suited to advanced users.

What Can You Use Kartra Funnels for?

What Can You Use Kartra Funnels for?

Kartra funnels can be created for pretty much any type of campaign you can think of. It’s a versatile tool that you can use to build funnels for:

  • Sales
  • Lead magnets
  • Upsells
  • Webinars
  • Free trials
  • Free giveaways
  • Appointment bookings
  • Abandoned carts
  • And more

Kartra Funnel Templates

Kartra Funnel Templates

Kartra doesn’t have funnel templates. Instead, it has pre-built funnels available inside its marketplace. You can find the marketplace by logging into your account and selecting “Campaigns” from the left-hand menu.

You will now see a page of available pre-built campaigns that you can upload to your Kartra account. There are over 200 available; some are free and many are paid.


To browse suitable funnel types, use the filter options to the left of where the campaigns are listed. If you want to view the free options, click “Price Low” found just underneath the search bar.

Not all the campaigns are funnels. Many of them are landing pages or web pages.

When you select to use one of the campaigns, you will receive instructions via email on how to import it into Kartra.

Free Pre-Built Kartra Funnels

Free Pre-Built Kartra Funnels

Over 40 of the pre-built campaigns are free to use. They range in function from free webinars, listing building, and lead magnets, to surveys, abandoned carts, and freebies.

pre-built campaigns

The style of the free funnels varies in quality, and you will notice that the same design has been rehashed several times to create different funnel types. Unfortunately, this reduces the amount of choice in design.

Although there is a lack of creativity here, these free funnel designs still serve as a good starting base. All free funnel templates are fully customizable, so you can adapt them for your own use and style them with your own branding.

free funnels varies in quality

When you click this, you can see what the funnel looks like on the workflow screen and the number of steps it contains.

particular pre-built funnel

Paid Pre-Built Kartra Funnels

Paid Pre-Built Kartra Funnels

The paid pre-built Kartra funnels range from $7 – $497, and like the free options, cover a wide range of use cases.

pre-built Kartra funnels

To understand more about the funnel type, you need to click on the “View Details” button found on each listing.

The issue we found here is that the information provided is inconsistent. Some creators provide video explanations, examples, and samples of their funnel, which is great. Others give little more than a couple of sentences.

Our view is that anyone looking to drop money on a pre-built template should be able to fully understand what it is before they purchase it.

information provided is inconsistent

To add to the inconsistency, beginner users are going to struggle with using these templates because their design and functionality vary greatly.

Overall, we feel that the paid options are good for someone who is well-versed in using funnels, but new users will be better off starting with the free options.

Kartra Funnel Page Templates

Kartra Funnel Page Templates

While Kartra does not have its own full-funnel templates, it does have a decent range of individual page templates. 

You can find these by clicking “Pages” from the left-hand menu and then selecting “+ Page” found on the right-hand side.

full-funnel templates

There are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you can filter the selection by page type or by color scheme.

If you’re feeling creative, you can forego the templates and start with a blank page.

filter the selection by page

Editing your chosen template is easy. Click each page element to customize it on the screen. From the left-hand menu, you can change the global styling options, drag and drop new elements onto the page, and add things like custom code and pop-ups.

chosen template is easy

Don’t forget to save and publish your pages when they are complete. This ensures you can successfully use them in your funnels.

How to Create a Funnel in Kartra (Step by Step)

How to Create a Funnel in Kartra (Step by Step)

Step 1: Log into your Kartra account and click “Funnels,” located in the left-hand menu. Then find and click on the “+ Funnel” button on the right-hand side of the screen.


Step 2: A pop-up will appear. Give your funnel a name and a short description. This information will only be viewable inside your Kartra account or if you share the funnel link with anyone. When ready, click “Create.”

funnel a name and a short description

Step 3: You will now be presented with a blank editing screen. To start building your funnel, click on “Assets” found on the left-hand side.

This brings up a menu of page options. Select the type of page you need for your funnel and drag it onto the screen.

presented with a blank editing screen

Step 4: A pop-up will appear – here you can select to use an existing Kartra page, use an external web page, or add a placeholder.

The placeholder allows you to build your funnel and then add a page at a later stage.

Existing Kartra Page

Step 5: If you select to use an existing Kartra page, all your published pages will appear on the next screen. Select the relevant one and hit “Save” for each of your funnel steps.

When you are done adding pages to the screen, arrange them into the desired sequential order.

desired sequential order

Step 6: Now, click “Actions” from the left-hand options. These represent user decisions – in other words, what happens after the user has visited your funnel page.

Add the desired actions onto the screen, and arrange them so that they follow on from the relevant funnel page.

For example, you might want to add “Purchased” and “Not Purchased” actions following a checkout page.

left-hand options

Step 7: Finally, click “Traffic” from the left-hand menu and drag and drop your traffic sources onto the page. These are the external platforms or apps that will bring people to your content such as Instagram ads, Facebook, email, and more.

Doing this is going to allow Kartra to tell you which sources are driving the most amount of traffic to your funnel.

drop your traffic sources

Step 8: Once you have each element arranged into the correct order, it’s time to connect them up. Click an element and some options will appear:

  • First, you can edit the element by changing its name and description. Note that this does not allow you to edit the page itself – to do this, you must go to the page editor.
  • You can also delete and remove the element from the screen.
  • Triggers can be assigned to all elements except traffic elements.
  • The arrows that appear on each side of the element are what allow you to connect them all.
Triggers can be assigned

Step 9: Drag and drop the arrows from one element to another so that the entire funnel is connected from start to finish. 

You can have more than one arrow leading to or from the same spot. For example, we have connected all traffic elements to the sales page element and the checkout page splits into “Purchased” and “Not Purchased.”

Not Purchased

Step 10: Click an element and select “trigger.” A pop-up will appear which will give you a selection of triggers you can add. These triggers add automation to a workflow.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Assign tag
  • Remove tag
  • Subscribe list
  • Unsubscribe list
  • Subscribe sequence
  • Unsubscribe sequence

For example, you might want to add the “Subscribe Sequence” trigger for an opt-in form or choose to assign a tag when someone makes a purchase.

Unsubscribe sequence

Step 11: When you are done, click “Actions” in the top-right corner to save your work. 

Your funnel is complete!

top-right corner

For example, in the page-building tool, your pages will have “Unpublished” displayed on them if you have not yet published them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra has a funnel-building feature. You can either create a funnel from scratch or you can import pre-built funnels into the editor and customize them to suit your needs.

The Kartra funnel-building feature is not very easy to use. It doesn’t follow an intuitive process and is complex for beginner users to grasp. The tool is much better suited to advanced users.

Kartra does not provide full funnel templates, but it does provide templates for individual funnel pages. However, you can access free and paid full funnel templates from the Kartra marketplace.

Kartra lets you create an unlimited number of funnels regardless of your chosen plan.

Yes! Kartra has a funnel mapping (workflow) tool that allows you to build automation into your funnel design.


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