Kartra Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

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Kartra Mail is a phenomenal email builder that offers stunning email templates.

It has built-in behavior-based automations and personalization features that let you target your leads with relevant messages, which boost your open and click-through rates.

With Kartra Mail, each targeted message will reach the right person at the right time. Kartra Mail follows up with your customers based on their behavior.

It’s a great email marketing tool that can completely automate your marketing campaign for you.

Kartra Email Marketing

Kartra Mail Key Features and Advantages

Kartra has many outstanding features, including its email marketing with behavior-based automations, to automate your whole email marketing campaign. Below is a list of the main Kartra’s email marketing features.

  • Behavior-Based Automations
  • Intelligent Split Testing
  • An assortment of Email Templates
  • Email Personalization
  • Advanced Automations
  • Lead Tagging
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Deliverability

With Kartra email automations, you do the work once, and Kartra takes care of the rest. You set the conditional rules, and the system will execute them automatically when the condition arises.

You can set “If this, then that” rules and Kartra will automatically track the “this’’ and then execute the “that’’. For instance, you might set a rule as follows: If a customer reads this email, send this offer.

Kartra allows you to build automated marketing campaigns to do the work, from sending emails and follow-ups to opt-ins, post-sales messages, subscriptions, and tagging.

Kartra tracks everything for you, including every email sent, opened, or clicked. The system shows you clearly what is working for you and what isn’t.

The platform helps you be effective and efficient by sending emails that are not a waste of time.

Kartra Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Behavior-Based Automations

Kartra offers automations you can use based on your visitors’ behaviors.

Kartra will automatically follow up with your customers based on the automations you have chosen.

For example, a customer opens an email, clicks on a link, acquires a certain tag, or purchases a certain product.

For every eventuality, you can choose an action Kartra will take. If the visitor didn’t open a previous email, Kartra could send a follow-up message.

If they click a link, they could immediately receive a particular tag.

On the other hand, if a customer hasn’t opened emails in the last 30 days, Kartra could apply a tag or automatically unsubscribe them.

Kartra Mail Broadcasts

Intelligent Split Testing

Your email marketing strategy should generate leads and sales for your business to succeed.

If it doesn’t do that, it’s a waste of time.

Email split testing is a tool that helps you to see which of your messages bring in results and which don’t. 

Kartra has an intelligent split testing feature that you can use to test email subject lines against each other.

The system then chooses the best performing one automatically.

This intelligence ensures that you send emails relevant to your customers and don’t waste their (and your) time. 

An assortment of Email Templates

Sending emails is an integral part of starting a marketing campaign.

You can create an email using the basic system, or you can use the advanced tab to gain access to Kartra’s stunning pre-built templates. 

There are loads of professionally designed email templates from which to choose.

The pre-designed Kartra templates include components like hero sections, content blocks, countdown timers, testimonials, video thumbnails, and more.

Simply drag, drop, copy, paste, and type any element to customize your emails.

There is also the option to create and save your templates.

Email Personalization

Kartra allows you to personalize your emails for everyone that receives an email from you.

You can target every lead and customer personally by leveraging the data and information that Kartra has about them.

This information can include details like first name, gender, region, 

actions they took, such as the last purchase and what it was, how often they visit your website, or any number of other data points.

Kartra makes personalization possible through dynamic variables.

You simply paste the dynamic variable code in, and Kartra will customize it for your leads.

Kartra Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Advanced Automations

Kartra is fundamentally about automation – its advanced automation tools are the factor that should convince you to try the platform. 

Automations are rules that automatically apply when a user does a particular action. It works like this. You create a trigger and a consequence for the trigger.

For example, if a customer bought a product, Kartra can tag them as having purchased a product.

Kartra also allows you to set more than one trigger or consequence.

Automation can personalize your user’s entire email journey with your business without you continually having to add personal or behavioral details.

Lead Tagging

When do you tag a lead? You can tag a lead whenever they act.

For instance, you can tag leads when they buy a product or look at a product but don’t buy.

You can tag them when they have downloaded your whitepaper or read some of it online, or completely ignored it.

With Kartra, you can categorize your tags depending on your business. For instance, you can have a category for webinars, courses, or virtual events. 

Tagging is an essential tool that helps you to understand your users’ interaction with your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Kartra integrates the data from all its tools and creates comprehensive marketing analytics that is useful and essential for your business.

Kartra analytics tells you all kinds of information.

This data includes: how your emails perform, how well your marketing pages convert, whether your automations and sequences drive sales, and how well your split-tested emails and pages compare.

If you want to know which of your target segment lists are your best customers or if your helpdesk is performing optimally, Kartra will tell you that as well.

Kartra’s analytics give you a complete picture of your entire business.


The primary indicator of an email marketing tool’s success is the deliverability rate.

Simply put, this is “how often your emails land in the client’s inbox.” 

You can measure deliverability in many different ways, with the most popular being the Google email reputation tool.

This tool uses a score of green/yellow/amber/red for high/medium/low/bad in this area.

Practically – the higher you score on this index, the more consistently your emails land in the client’s “Primary” inbox with the Gmail or Google Suite email system, rather than “Promotions” or the dreaded “Spam” folder.

Kartra consistently ranks higher than its competition for deliverability.

How To Get Started With Kartra Email Marketing

If you want to get familiar with Karta Email Marketing, why not try Kartra’s trial offering?

Kartra has a 14-day trial on offer for only $1 regardless of the plan you choose. In reality, the trial period can extend to 30 days because as soon as you select a plan, an option to double your trial period pops up.

Follow these steps to get an opportunity to try out Kartra Email Marketing for 30 days.

  1. Visit this page
  2. Choose the plan.
  3. A pop-up offering a lengthened trial will appear. Click on “YES, Double My Trial.”
  4. Fill in your personal and billing details.
  5. Now you are ready to test drive all of Kartra’s features for 30 days!

Kartra Email Marketing: Available Integrations

Kartra can integrate with four email gateways to deliver mass mailing campaigns. The platform can integrate with SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Mail, and Postmark, and every Kartra account comes with Kartra’s SMTP gateway. 

kartra email integrations

Bottom Line

Kartra Mail is a next-generation email platform that offers a host of remarkable features.

In the first place, you have access to beautiful expertly-designed email templates that will have you create emails that you are proud to send.

But that’s just the basics. Kartra Mail can automate your entire marketing campaign.

Kartra lets you create a host of automations based on your leads’ behaviors.

Through intelligent split testing, the system helps you to choose the most effective emails to send out.

Most importantly, Kartra analytics becomes an essential partner by always keeping you abreast of what’s happening with your business.

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