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Kartra is a marketing automation platform that takes care of website hosting, page building, and sales funnels for online businesses. 

Kartra stands out from other platforms because it provides a complete package.

Kartra handles landing and sales pages, email systems, payments, online courses, and membership sites.

This vast suite of tools saves you loads of other software fees for managing these functions.

What Is Kartra

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is a platform that comprehensively supports online businesses. The platform automates all functions to run a business online. Kartra’s key features are:

  • A powerful webpage builder for making stylish and high-converting marketing pages and landing pages
  • Powerful email automation
  • An effective sales funnel builder
  • Complete affiliate management
  • Opt-in and checkout forms builder
  • A help desk with live chat
  • Rich membership sites with multiple pricing tiers
  • Video hosting with pre-and-post-CTAs
  • A lead system with automated lead scoring and tracking
  • A scheduling tool that automates all bookings, meetings, and appointments with clients or prospects

Kartra is more than a sales funnel builder – it’s a platform to run your entire business. It differs from competing products in that it provides a complete business solution.

It saves business owners spending money on outside software by integrating the functions of numerous platforms.

Advantages of Kartra

  • An all-in-one business tool
  • Simple to use
  • Top-rated funnel-builder

Kartra is an all-in-one platform to do everything you need to run an online business. From building your webpage, sales funnels, and automated email marketing to in-depth reports and analytics. All individual sections ‘’talk’’ to each other; you don’t have to integrate anything new to get started.

Starting with and using Kartra is very simple. It has a simple drag-and-drop feature for building pages, which saves you time.

Kartra is arguably the best funnel builder currently available.

It’s easy to use and lets you build your sales funnel step by step, earning revenue for your business.

Disadvantages of Kartra

  • Kartra’s blogs are less SEO-friendly than Content Management Systems like WordPress.
  • The page builder is slightly less flexible than some competitors.

While your search ranking is not automatically guaranteed to be lower with Kartra, some competitors may offer superior SEO friendliness right out of the gate.

The page builder is drag-and-drop, but you cannot arbitrarily tweak the placement of individual blocks.

This limitation is a minor issue for most users because Kartra has already optimized the block placement.

What Should You Do If You’re Considering Kartra?

If you are eager to try Karta, but you don’t know which plan would suit you, you are in luck. Kartra offers a 14-day trial for only $1 regardless of the plan. In reality, the trial period can extend to 30 days because there’s an option to double your trial period.

To get your free trial, follow these steps.

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Choose your plan.
  3. Choose to do the trial.
  4. Fill in all your details – name, email, company name, billing address.
  5. A pop-up offering an extended trial will appear.
  6. Click on ‘’Yes, Double My Trial”
  7. Continue with entering your info and billing details.
  8. Now you can try all of Kartra’s features for 30 days!

Try Out Kartra Now!

Gain Access to all Kartra features just for $1!

What Can You Do With Kartra?

Funnel Building

You can build a wide range of funnels in Kartra. You can start with a simple list-builder that allows you to offer an opt-in. You can then send a thank-you and further emails to provide more information about your business or product offer, potentially converting them from prospect to customer.

Funnel building in Kartra is made simple with Karta Pages, the sequence builder, If-this-then-that automations, automated emails, and lead tagging. There are even plug-and-play campaigns that require no more than a few clicks from you.

Kartra also allows you to split test your funnel to see which messages best connect with your target audience.

Funnel building is crucial to your online business and marketing campaigns. It not only communicates the benefits of your product or services to your leads but encourages them to act by opting into a mailing list or buying a product.

Email Marketing

Kartra lets you grow your business with email marketing campaigns as well as one-time email broadcasts. Kartra’s email solution features behavior-based automations – that is, automations based on the behavior of those interacting with your emails. For example, it might automatically send a follow-up message if the recipient didn’t open the email.

With Kartra, it’s straightforward to create an automated marketing campaign that does everything for you. As a start, your campaigns can include emails, opt-ins, sales, post-sales follow-ups, subscriptions, and tagging. Crucially, the platform also does analytics tracking so you can understand what worked and what didn’t work in your campaign.

Best of all, Kartra Sequences does all of this every hour of every day throughout the year.

Course & Memberships Creation

If you have the knowledge to share, Kartra Memberships is perfect for you. For instance, if you want to sell a training course, Karta Memberships lets you organize and deliver your course material intuitively to your customers.

Choose from Kartra’s stunning templates and use its drag and drop interface to create your membership site. Kartra Memberships allows you to build multiple membership tiers, each with distinct offerings and pricing.

Importantly for course creators, the platform allows you to drip-feed your content. This strategy means your customers engage with content over time and not all at once.

Landing Page Creation

Kartra is known for its powerful and intuitive page builder. Intuitive, because you don’t need to design or code a thing – it’s all just drag, drop, and click. You can choose from 500 page and section templates to get going, or if you have design experience, you can start on a blank canvas. Not only that, you can customize every page element to your heart’s content.

Kartra allows you to integrate your corporate branding complete with your logo, colors, and fonts. You can also publish to a domain you own.

Adding Products & Setting-Up Payments

The range and number of products you can put up for sale on Kartra are unlimited. You can sell digital or physical products, memberships, and training courses. Kartra makes selling a breeze with attractive pages for products and checkout.

You can vary price points for each product and provide multiple ways for customers to pay.

Kartra streamlines the buying process with 1-Click transactions. Once a user has used your checkout page, the system won’t require any info from them again – they can just click “Confirm Order.”

Kartra keeps track of your buyers automatically with tags.


Kartra analytics is one of the most outstanding features, bringing you a comprehensive marketing analysis to successfully run your business.

Kartra analytics tells you how your emails performed and how your Kartra marketing pages are converting. It reveals which split-tested emails and pages perform best, and it tells you where to find your best customers among your target segment lists. Kartra Analytics tells you how well every aspect of your marketing efforts is doing.

Kartra analytics is fully integrated, accurate, and up-to-date, so it gives you a complete picture of your business at any given point.

Who Can Use Kartra and Will It Work For Me?

Kartra is an easy-to-use integrated marketing platform that has a wide variety of usage options. In particular, it works well for:

  • Digital course creators
  • Online coaches
  • Membership site creators
  • Those running email campaigns
  • Bloggers
  • Website builders
  • Online business owners
  • Funnel builders
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Many More

Kartra is ideal if you are new to online business, provided you have a product or service to sell and an existing audience to which the platform can market. Karta is the go-to solution for those who have been running an online business for a while and are frustrated with the mounting costs of different software platforms to make everything work.

Are you an entrepreneur who needs to set up an online presence but doesn’t have the budget to pay developers, designers, and IT specialists? If so, Kartra is for you – it does all you need at an affordable price. If you want to spend less time on technology and more time earning revenue, you should take a serious look at Kartra.

Will Kartra Help In Achieving My Goals?

Depending on your goals, Kartra can be the ideal tool to achieve them. Kartra is a tool to consider for the following goals:

  • Sell online courses;
  • Increase site conversions;
  • Generate leads.

Kartra is the ideal tool for hosting and marketing courses online. It offers a multitude of features that make promoting your online course easy and effective. Karta’s stunning landing pages, sales pages, and funnels have shown that they are real lead generators and conversion drivers.

Online Course Creation

Kartra lets you host your online course and helps you with all the marketing you need to sell. You can use Kartra to create your sales page and sales funnels to sell your online course.

Kartra offers flexibility in terms of how the course looks, so you can make your course stand out with a unique look.

You can add features like an affiliate program so your students or others can promote your courses.

Our team of experts has tried out almost every one of the online course platforms on the market. We can say with confidence that Kartra is among the very best for this purpose. 


The key to successful conversion rates on Kartra is timely messaging and Kartra’s ability to segment customers according to their degree of engagement with your content.

Informed by Kartra’s advanced analytics, you can determine the best days of the week and the times of day to email your customers and maximize their click-through rates.

With Kartra’s Sequence Scheduling, you can schedule your auto-responder sequences according to the day of the week and the time of day.

Your sequence could start on Monday morning with a time-sensitive special offer. On Thursday, you could send an email reminding them that this is the last day to take advantage of your special offer.

Lead Generation

Kartra has a fantastic lead management system, starting with the Kartra Form Builder to create Opt-In Forms. Once someone opts in, they become a lead, which is your opportunity to convert prospects to subscribers using email. You can also use landing pages, funnels, and pop-ups to generate leads.

Kartra follows all leads and prospect actions. It keeps that information on display to help you determine the best next step to engage your customers.

Kartra allows you to tag your leads into sub-groups – for example, prospects, paid customers, VIPs, cold leads. You can decide to treat each of these groups or segments differently. The platform also lets you do lead scoring, which allows you to reward top customers.

Bottom Line

Kartra is a fully integrated marketing tool that makes it possible to run and promote an online business.

The most outstanding feature of Kartra is that it does away with separate software platforms that were traditionally necessary to run an online business.

Kartra includes a complete range of tools: email marketing, landing page construction, lead generation, lead management, lead nurturing, marketing automation, shopping cart, and e-commerce.

With Karta, you can build landing pages, sales pages, sales funnels, and more without the need for web designers, programmers, or systems integrators.

You pay a reasonable fee for one platform that does everything you need to run a business online, saving you loads of money.

Kartra is an all-in-one business tool that is easy to use and features everything you need to successfully run and market a business online.

If you already have some revenue and an audience, Kartra may be the solution to reach your business goals.

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