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Kartra is a great multifunctional tool for online businesses. Kartra offers a variety of features for building powerful and marketable websites. 

In this article we will present several Kartra Website Examples for your inspiration.

Kajabi Website

13 Best Kartra Website Examples

  • Rich Dad makes good use of Component Holders, which proves Kartra’s versatility in showcasing images etc.
  • Food Faith Fitness is fantastic for its opt-in forms, which demonstrates Kartra’s great funnel-building possibilities.
  • WeBuyBlack uses Kartra Agency, which demonstrates Kartra’s ability to let you manage multiple clients from the Agency home screen.
  • Get The Smoke Out is excellent for video selling, demonstrating Kartra’s powerful and simple way to help users market their products.
  • Profit Scraper is a good example of a simple but powerful sales page that features video hosting and opt-in forms, the latter being great for generating leads.
  • PamelaSalzman.com has good use of memberships, demonstrating Kartra’s ability to help users increase their monthly income.
  • Grass Fed Salsa demonstrates sales and opt-pages that demonstrate Kartra’s ability to help users generate leads.
  • GERU.com showcases for sales pages that convert, demonstrating Kartra’s powerful page builder that helps users generate and convert leads.
  • Living Scriptures is a great example of a simple but powerful sales page with opt-in pages that demonstrates Kartra’s ability to generate sales and leads.
  • My Kitchen Escapades is great for Opt-in forms, which validate Kartra’s classic designs.
  • Hypeddit incorporates Animation, which defines Kartra’s excellent marketing approach.
  • 7FigureStrategyAdvisors is a good example of Sanitation on forms, which demonstrates Kartra’s security of your site.
  • Emilie Eats makes great use of Kartra’s Analytics, demonstrating Kartra’s capability of supplying specified data.

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Kartra Website Examples Rich Dad

Rich Dad (Self-Help & Eduction Website Example)

Renowned businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki gives visitors the chance to join his crypto membership site.

Members can enroll in the Rich Dad Community and learn all about crypto fundamentals and investing.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Background Changer
  • Component Holder
  • Pop-up Overflow header with Opt-in Form
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Testimonial Block
  • FAQs Block
  • Logo
  • Icons
  • Call-to Action-Buttons
  • Hero Section
  • Headlines and Text
  • Image Holders
  • Lists

The Rich Dad page uses hundreds of Kartra’s features.

The top ones are the Background Changer and Component Holder, as these make the images and content within them really stand out.

This page makes great use of space, images, and colors. All Call-to-Action buttons are large and striking and blend in well with the page.

A video added to the site may humanize it more, but with social proof included, overall it works really well.

Food Faith Fitness

Food Faith Fitness (Wellness Website Example)

Food Faith Fitness operates in the health industry. It offers wholesome recipes for healthy living, faith-based content, a subscription to a video channel, and exercise videos embedded on the website.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

This site’s homepage has a nice layout and makes use of beautiful images to attract visitors.

Nevertheless, this website is all about business. On the first landing page, visitors are faced with invitations to join an email list and order a book written by the website owner. When you click on the link, you redirect to a sales page linking to the biggest booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

With Kartra’s help, Food Faith Fitness has built a beautiful website that simply shows what the business is about and how users can access its offerings. They can opt-in and order a book, watch a video, subscribe to the website owner’s youtube channel, or order and buy her book.


WeBuyBlack (Marketplace Agency Example)

WeBuyBlack is the largest online marketplace for Black-owned businesses. WeBuyBlack helps Black entrepreneurs to sell their products directly to consumers. Buyers can search for a huge range of daily-use items like toothpaste, shampoo, and cleaning agents. They can also search for unique items like handmade jewelry in the “What do you need to find” window on the homepage.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Sales pages
  • Kartra Agency
  • Product carts
  • Kartra Mail

Kartra Agency allows prospective sellers to open a shop directly on the WeBuyBlack website. WeBuyBlack only takes a commission of 10% on every sale of its shop owners. Kartra handles all the orders and sales from all the different shop owners automatically.

When you click to buy an item, you are taken directly to the seller’s check-out page – a Kartra feature. Kartra also allows shop owners to migrate their shops from Etsy or Shopify.

WeBuyBlack makes use of Kartra Mail to keep in contact with its different account owners.

Get The Smoke Out

Get The Smoke Out (Ecommerce Website Example)

Get The Smoke Out does what it says: the company sells air cleaning units that eliminate smoke indoors. It sells units for commercial and private use.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Sales pages
  • Video hosting
  • Opt-in forms

This website is very simple, with one landing page that introduces the product using text and video. There is also an opt-in form that captures prospective buyers’ details. 

Since the business doesn’t sell a sexy item, there are no enticing pictures. Instead, Get the Smoke Out uses Kartra’s video hosting to provide rich content illustrating the effectiveness of their product through a live interview with a customer. You can’t beat that for engaging and high-converting content! 

This site does not have a beautiful design, but this is not a beautiful subject. It’s a practical subject with practical and effective solutions. The website illustrates that clearly.

Profit Scraper

Profit Scraper (SaaS Website Example)

Profit Scraper is a custom-built eBay scraping software for Amazon to eBay dropshipping. This tool allows eBay shop owners to buy items on Amazon and sell at a slightly higher price on eBay at a profit. So, Profit Scraper is an Amazon to eBay arbitrage tool.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

Profit Scraper has a simple website that features only one sales page created with Kartra Pages, which is the best tool for sales pages that convert. 

The sales page makes use of Kartra video hosting to introduce the ease of use of this software.

This website incorporates Kartra helpdesks to serve customers continuously. A live chat prompt immediately shows up when you open the webpage. 

This website also uses Kartra opt-in forms to get users to start a free trial of the software. This tool is an excellent lead-generator, as visitors must leave their details to get the free trial.

Pamela Salzman

Pamela Salzman (Recipe & Food Website Example)

Pamela is an Italian foodie who offers recipes for wholesome dishes on her website. She also offers online cooking classes, subscriptions for recipes, and a shop that sells cooking aids. The website features multiple landing pages to introduce the various offerings of her business.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Memberships
  • Calendars
  • Video hosting
  • Kartra Mail
  • Kartra Product Carts

Pamela Salzman’s website uses many of Kartra’s powerful features, including multiple landing pages, memberships, calendars, video hosting, and Kartra Mail.

At the top of the homepage is an option to subscribe. From there, Kartra Memberships enables the user to organize and share their content with their customer base. Members get online video cooking classes, recipe downloads, and access to a private Facebook Group.

Kartra Calendars takes care of scheduling the online cooking classes. The website also makes use of Kartra Video Hosting to offer online cooking classes. 

GrassFed Salsa

Grass Fed Salsa (Wellness Website Example)

Grass Fed Salsa is a wellness business that belongs to Anne Marie, a nutritional health coach. She offers free recipes to read on the website and digital content visitors can download in exchange for their name and email address. She also offers several online wellness courses and a course teaching her students how to run their own wellness business successfully.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Opt-in pages
  • Sales pages
  • Kartra funnels

This website has many different funnels that guide visitors to get on a waiting list for early bird pricing before buying. There are also loads of free resources and training materials to pique visitors’ interest and lure them into becoming a lead and eventually converting. The website also uses drip content emails, so students keep coming back for more because they didn’t get access to all the content at once.


GERU (SaaS Website Example)

GERU is software that saves you precious time and money by simulating any business aspect you need to run a business successfully. It can model & simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea before you commit too much time or money to the project.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

The website makes use of video hosting to promote GERU. The software delivers copious reports, and Kartra helps display those in beautiful tables, graphs, and charts.

GERU sells its software to marketing agencies. Kartra Agencies help GERU handle multiple client accounts by centralizing all accounts under one unified billing profile.

This website makes use of Kartra Helpdesks to support customers. A live chat prompt immediately shows up when you open the support tab.

Living Scriptures

Living Scriptures (Streaming Website)

Living Scriptures operates in the entertainment industry, offering the largest library of movies and shows for Christian families. The service is a project of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Opt-in pages
  • Kartra memberships
  • Video hosting
  • Email marketing

Except for the sign-in page, this is a simple, single-page website. The website comes straight to the point with a bold opt-in form inviting visitors to use their service for free for a month, thereby becoming leads. 

Living Scriptures has a monthly subscription model, which leverages Kartra Memberships to create a regular monthly income. Subscribers can also subscribe to a monthly email to get free scripture lessons and movie teasers.

The site uses Kartra Video Hosting to promote the product through testimonials from current users.

kitchen escapades: Kartra examples

My Kitchen Escapades (Food Blog Website Example)

My Kitchen Escapades gives away free lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes directly at the website.

It was set up by Carole Jones, blogger and cookbook author. Users also get the chance to receive free weekly recipes and other articles relating to food to their e-mail addresses.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Opt-in Form

Kartra one-field lead generating forms appear throughout the site, making it easy for visitors to convert. 

On the Freebies page, instead of forms embedded on the page, when you click on an image, you get an opt-in form pop-up.

This site makes great use of the form feature as well as colorful images. The only downside is a couple of pages are incomplete.

Kartra Website Example Hypeddit

Hypeddit (Music Website Example)

Hypeddit (pronounced “Hyped it”) is a fan-gating platform that allows musicians to download their music and receive likes, comments, etc., from listeners, creating a following. 

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Animation Banner
  • Headlines
  • Text
  • Component Holder
  • Background Changer
  • Lists
  • Icons
  • Pages
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Logo Image
  • Sanitation

The Kartra animated headline gives the platform the opportunity to show more with less space – in this case, just one word. But you can use this feature to change entire sentences if you want to.

Kartra’s Lists and Icons look really good and also help the text to stand out.

Some text sections and social proof icons are also animated, sliding onto the page when first opened. All this gives the home page an attention-grabbing, professional look which you could easily incorporate into your own site.

Kartra Website Example 7 Figure Advisors

7FigureStrategyAdvisors (Business Services Website Example)

Business advisor and reputation marketing strategist, Dionne Joseph Thomas, has of course, designed the perfect website.

Her site offers business coaching, resources, and courses.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Sanitation

Easy to read and scan, Dionne also tells the story in her subheads, so skimmers don’t miss the message.

Kartra’s Sanitation text has been used throughout the site on the forms, so user input is thoroughly protected from web attacks.

This site also benefits from a little parallax scrolling and plenty of animation, making the images more stunning, definitely worth considering on your own site.

The Product page contains clearly set out images which, when clicked on, give all the information to each of her courses.

Also, bold, eye-catching call-to-action buttons attract visitors to her free book and training.

emilie eats scaled

Emilie Eats (Wellness Website Example)

As well as sharing lots of great vegan recipes, Emilie Hebert offers many useful and thought-provoking ideas on this blog website.

Kartra’s Features Used For This Website:

  • Opt-in Forms
  • Sanitation
  • Analytics
  • Message

The home page is clearly set out and easy to read quickly. And although it’s not overloaded with images, there are still plenty to tempt visitors.

As forms on landing pages and websites are for the sole purpose of obtaining information from a user, they’re really important. Dotted throughout this website are Kartra’s sanitized two and four-field forms.

Kartra’s Analytics feature tracks and measures how users interact with the website, another important consideration for your own.

This site also adopts Kartra Messages which includes the ‘Almost there! Check your email for the confirmation link’ when you subscribe, making the action more friendly and personable.

Bottom Line

Kartra makes it easy to build beautiful and powerful websites that convert. It offers a host of features, including stunning sales pages, opt-in forms, video hosting, funnel-building, helpdesks, and memberships. All of these features make it possible to build websites that take care of many business functions automatically.

Kartra allows users to make simple one-page websites with powerful opt-in forms that quickly generate leads for online businesses. The platform can also handle multiple-page websites that represent multiple account holders.

Once you set up your website, Kartra can automatically take care of many aspects of your business. This always-on automation leaves you more time for developing new ideas and providing more of what your customers want.


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