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The Kartra Marketplace divides into two sections: “Experts for hire” and “Campaign marketplace.”

In the Experts for hire area, you will have access to all the Kartra users that have been approved by the Kartra admin team as experts. Businesspeople can hire these experts instead of doing everything themselves.

In the campaign marketplace, Kartra users can market and sell advertising, marketing, sales, or customer experience campaigns they have created.

Kartra Marketplace

Kartra Marketplace: How Does It Work?

You can find the marketplace in the “My Campaigns” menu. The “My Campaigns” menu is on the left-hand side of the Kartra first page. 

You will notice first on the list is “My products,” followed by “My Communications,” “My Pages,” and “My Forms.”

“My Campaigns” is eighth on the list. Click on it. A window opens up that gives you a choice between My Campaigns and Done for you. 

You can also see “Marketplace.” If you click on that, you will see a frowny face because there is nothing in the marketplace yet.

Because you are creating a campaign, you click on “My Campaigns.”

When you create a campaign, you must include all the assets. When you click on assets, you can drop in your assets, including products, lists, tags, pages, sequences, forms, memberships, and videos.

When you edit a campaign, click on edit and fill out all the fields (starting with campaign creator and what the campaign does). While editing, you can change the picture or create a video presentation – just click on your choice. 

When you’ve done this, you can preview your campaign and then save it. Prompts appear on the page.

You can list any of your campaigns in the marketplace. You can then edit the campaign’s basic info and the list of assets to include.

After configuring the basic info and assets, you can choose whether to share your campaign privately (invisible to other Kartra users) or to list it on the marketplace. Clear prompts appear for you to follow.

Kartra Marketplace

By default, the setting is Private, so if you want to share your campaign on the marketplace, you have to click “Yes, list on the marketplace.”

You can also choose a marketplace category: single page template, multi-page funnel, membership site template, or a full campaign. The subcategories are product launch, webinar sequence, email sequence, or other.

On this page, you also have the choice of whether to make your campaign available for free or whether you want to sell it.

Finally, you can select an opt-in form and decide whether to use a user-locked code, which will be unique to each user.

Kartra Marketplace

You can configure your pitch before publishing or save this for later.

A quick pitch describing your campaign goals and contents will help the marketplace understand it.

To pitch your campaign, click on “Launch builder.” A window opens, prompting you to give your campaign a headline.

The window also presents thumbnails for text, image, or video, into which you can click and add the text or image.

There is an option for bullet points where you can simply list your campaign benefits. Other choices include paragraph plus image and bullet points plus image.

When you’ve added all your elements, you can preview your pitch and then save it.

Kartra Marketplace

When you decide to publish your campaign on the marketplace, you can share your campaign’s invitation with a specific user by sending an email.

Alternatively, you can generate a share code that they will receive once they purchase your campaign.

The system prompts you to make your choice.

Kartra Marketplace

If you decide to share the campaign via email, you can customize the email to appeal to your customers.

The email box contains various dynamic variables that will provide more personal touch to your email.

To share the code, the dynamic variable of the campaign code is compulsory.

Kartra Marketplace

Once you have clicked Save next to Share code email, You get a message: Congratulations! Here is the code to import your new campaign.

Once you finish this, you need to agree to the terms & conditions of the Kartra Marketplace. 

  • You must be the creator of the campaign and be the copyright holder.
  • You are responsible for your campaign’s configuration and for providing support to users of your campaign.
  • You undertake to share your campaign only with users who requested it.
Kartra Marketplace

Bottom Line

Kartra’s Marketplace is an innovative feature that enables Kartra users to obtain the expertise they need to run a business online and market it successfully. The Marketplace also offers people with specialized skills and expertise an opportunity to sell their knowledge to other Kartra users. 

So, if you are a top-notch web designer or know Kartra inside out, you can sell your skills on the Marketplace and earn extra income.

The Kartra Marketplace is also where you can pitch your marketing campaigns and offer them for sale to the Kartra community or to those individuals who want to buy from you.

Kartra doesn’t only offer you all the tools to create blockbuster marketing campaigns; it also gives you extra avenues to increase your income.

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