Kartra Landing Pages: 6 Best Examples & Expert Tips

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kartra has a great frontend page builder that lets you build stunning, high-converting websites. And, even better – with Kartra, everything is connected.

Your landing pages link to your email system, your check out, your membership site, your helpdesk, forms, calendar, and video hosting.

Kartra lets you build responsive and high-converting landing pages that leverage behavioral adaptive marketing techniques and feature highly effective pop-ups and forms.

Kartra Landing Pages

The 6 Best Kartra Landing Page Examples

Kartra is in an ideal position to help you reach your business goals.

Whether your business goal is to sell, generate more leads, or simply to get customers to download your newsletter, Kartra has a landing page for that.

Kartra has carefully designed its landing pages to move your visitors toward your desired action, whether making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, or signing up for a webinar.

Whatever you have in mind for your users, Kartra can help you to do it.

Sales Page

Your sales page should be solely focused on selling. Single sales landing pages are the best solution because they provide a distraction-free opportunity to pitch your product.

The elements of high-converting sales landing pages are as follows:

  • Engaging Headline
  • Focus on the problem of the customer 
  • Provide features and benefits of your product
  • Testimonials, reviews & proof that this product solves the problem

Kartra is excellent at creating sales pages that convert. For instance, Kartra’s sale pages include forms that convert, including lead capture forms and checkout forms. The checkout can include multi-step forms or a traditional form with all fields being visible in one step.

Opt-In Page

An opt-in landing page is a lead-generation tool that encourages visitors to your website to take action.

The page urges them to provide their email address and other details in exchange for something you offer, such as a free trial, a free webinar, or a free ebook.

Tips for an opt-in landing page that converts:

Tips for Converting:

  • Engaging Headline up to 10 words
  • Emotional Understanding of Your Subscriber 
  • Compelling Copy
  • A valuable item as a giveaway

To help you with this critical task, Kartra has loads of attractive opt-forms that let you tag your leads as soon as they submit an opt-in form.

Pre-Launch / Coming Soon Page

The purpose of this type of landing page is to alert your existing customers and leads to new exciting developments at your company, like a marketing event or a new product launch. A single landing page for this purpose is the best solution because it builds your followers’ curiosity.

Tips for a pre-launch page that converts:

  • Testimonials, reviews & proof that you or/and your product are reliable
  • Stir interest and outline what your potential customers can expect
  • Provide an incentive to subscribe, including a bonus offer or a discount. 

Kartra offers stunning ready-to-use coming soon pages for every industry, built to convert.

One-time Offer Page

The purpose of a one-time offer page is to create a sense of urgency among your followers. 

The aim is to keep the customer involved. The offer is usually an informational product between $10-$30, such as an e-book, workbook, or webinar. It can be a one-time offer presented to visitors who have signed up to your email list. It’s best to have a landing page dedicated to this purpose.

Tips for a one-time-offer page that converts:

  • Be visual – add mock-ups and pictures.
  • Imply scarcity
  • Be clear & honest with your audience.

Kartra has beautiful one-time offer pages that aim to convert.

Webinar Page

Holding online events like webinars can educate your customers and build more meaningful engagement with them. It’s preferable to have a landing page dedicated to your webinar as it keeps your visitors focused on your message. Kartra lets you create a distraction-free webinar landing page with a webinar link and no need to sign-up for expensive software.

Tips for webinar landing pages that convert:

  • Distraction-free zone
  • Imply urgency
  • Strong Headline

You can use Kartra Pages for webinar registration pages. The Kartra Page Builder is so full-featured and easy to use that you can quickly create a webinar registration page.

Thank You Page

Thank you pages are an opportunity to nurture your users, and it is an indication of your conversion rate. A single landing page for thanking your users is the best option. This straightforward design creates a sense of brand familiarity and credibility.

Tips for thank you pages that convert:

  • Confirm receipt of their information
  • Clear instructions on how to enable subscription, particularly if GDPR laws or other privacy rules apply
  • Include a shareable link (Handy with opt-in forms where you give away information for free)

You can use Kartra Pages to create your thank you landing pages. Kartra offers dozens of pre-built templates, which you can modify to suit your needs.

Kartra Landing Pages: 6 Best Examples & Expert Tips

Kartra Landing Pages: How Do They Work?

With Kartra, you have hundreds of templates to choose from, and all you have to do is drag and drop the elements you need into the canvas.

From there, you can edit the individual landing page components to suit your requirements. For instance, you could choose to reposition elements or change the font of your headline.

You don’t have to use a template. If you have the creative ability, you can design a page from scratch.

You can bring your pages to life with colors and fonts of your choice, including your corporate branding and logo. Publishing is as easy as one click.

Kartra Landing Pages: 6 Best Examples & Expert Tips

What Should You Do If You Would Like to Create a Landing Page with Kartra?

If you want to try creating a landing page with Kartra, you can try out the platform for only $1. Your dollar will buy you a 30-day trial. Kartra initially offers a 14-day trial, but later on, a pop-up proposing a doubling of the trial period appears.

To avail yourself of the full 30-day trial period, follow these steps.

  • Visit this page
  • Choose your plan.
  • A pop-up offering a lengthened trial will appear. Click on “YES, Double My Trial.”
  • Enter your info and billing details.
  • Now you can try all of Kartra’s features for 30 days!

Kartra Landing Pages Pros & Cons

Kartra landing pages feature a whole long list of advantages for anyone who needs to build a business website. There is a choice of more than 100 pre-built pages, and the drag-and-drop feature lets you make any kind of landing page in no time.


  • Icon gallery
  • Over 100 pre-built templates 
  • The drag & drop builder allows you to create responsive pages easily.
  • Best value for money concerning functionality and ease of use
  • Pages designed by experts to convert
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing techniques
  • Track all your visitors, conversions, and revenue
  • Customize page content for every device
  • A/B split testing
  • Host pages on Kartra or your own domain


  • Even though Kartra is mobile-friendly, an additional step of customizing your landing page for mobile is often needed.
  • Kartra lacks a webinar service.  
Kartra Landing Pages: 6 Best Examples & Expert Tips

Bottom Line

A beautifully-designed website comprised of landing pages that convert is what Kartra Pages offers you. With Kartra Pages, you have access to a powerful page builder with a simple drag-and-drop feature that makes building any landing page easy. 

On top of that, you have more than 100 pre-designed templates from which to choose. Experts have designed these pages to convert. You can build every kind of landing page you need for your website. To take advantage of every opportunity to connect and do business with your customers, Kartra lets you optimize your website for PC, tablet, and mobile. If you want to build a high-converting landing page, Kartra has what you need.

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