Kartra Funnel Templates

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Kartra supplies dozens of campaign templates, many of which are funnels or include funnels. 

You will find funnel templates for specific business niches such as marketing agencies or contractors, as well as funnels for more generic purposes such as product launches and lead generation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kartra’s funnel templates are free to use
  • Third-party funnel templates are free or cost from $7 – $4,997
  • Funnel templates contain separate assets such as emails, automation, and pages

Does Kartra Have Funnel Templates?

Kartra does have funnel templates available, but you won’t find them in the “Funnels” tab. Instead, you have to click “Campaigns.” This brings up a list of prebuilt marketing campaigns – many of which are funnels.

There is a great selection of templates that have been designed by Kartra. They are available for specific business niches such as digital agencies, chiropractors, landscapers, etc. as well as generic campaigns for common purposes such as list building and lead magnets.


There are also templates available within Kartra that have been created by third parties.

However, you will also notice that there may be a cost associated with them. The campaigns range in price from free right up to $4,997.

Kartra that have been created

To use a third-party funnel template, all you have to do is import it into your account. If it’s a paid template, you will be asked to pay upfront.

Examples of Free Kartra Funnel Templates

Florist Portfolio Website Funnel Package

Florist Portfolio Website Funnel Package

Aimed specifically at florists, this funnel template includes a website with prebuilt pages and automated sequences, including:

  • Ten website pages
  • Prebuilt forms and surveys
  • A prebuilt calendar
  • An automated form completion and lead capture process
  • An automated email nurture campaign to book a call
Ten website pages

This template gives a floristry business everything they need to easily start capturing leads online.

New Client Onboarding Funnel for Dentists

New Client Onboarding Funnel for Dentists

The new client onboarding funnel features a series of videos designed to introduce new customers to a dentist’s practice. Once the initial consultant has been booked, the funnel automatically will send out emails to confirm and remind the customer closer to the date.

It includes:

  • Six web pages
  • Four videos
  • A prebuilt survey
  • A prebuilt calendar
  • An automated onboarding process
  • An automated appointment reminder process
Six web pages

While it would be nice if Kartra created the videos on your behalf, the ones included in this funnel are simply placeholders.

Podcast and Free Download Funnel

Podcast and Free Download Funnel

This funnel template invites the page visitor to subscribe to a podcast and receive a free download for doing so. It includes:

  • Two web pages
  • A prebuilt calendar
  • An automated podcast episode reminder email sequence
  • An automated free download email 
Two web pages

Dream Photoshoot Funnel for Photographers

Dream Photoshoot Funnel for Photographers

This campaign template contains three different email sequences for different types of photoshoots. The user completes a survey detailing their dream photoshoot and the end goal of the funnel is to confirm a booking. This template includes:

  • Six web pages
  • Prebuilt surveys and calendars
  • Email sequence for family portraits
  • Email sequence for weddings
  • Email sequence for corporates
Six web pages

Besides the email sequences, there’s no other automation built into this template. Therefore, if you’d like booking reminders to be sent, you will have to create them and set up the automation yourself.

AI-Powered Abandoned Cart Funnel

AI-Powered Abandoned Cart Funnel

The AI-powered abandoned cart funnel is an automated sequence for e-commerce and product sales sites. It follows up on shoppers who place items in their carts and then abandon them with the end goal of persuading them to complete the purchase.

Designed by third-party creator Kristen Poborsky, it consists of:

  • A customizable checkout page
  • A thank you page
  • A list and a tag for organizing prospects
  • The abandoned cart funnel sequence which consists of three email templates 

You also get several support resources such as access to the creator’s community and video guides for setting up and using the funnel.

A customizable checkout page

Once imported, the funnel map has everything set up and ready to go. All you have to do is customize the content.

Contractor Pre-Qualifier Funnel

Contractor Pre-Qualifier Funnel

This funnel consists of a 14-day email campaign where an email is sent daily. This funnel aims to pre-qualify leads and invite hot leads to book a discovery call. It includes:

  • Four web pages
  • A sequence of 14 emails
  • Prebuilt calendars and surveys
  • Contact lists and tags
Four web pages

There is no funnel map for this example; however, the email sequence can be scheduled to send automatically at times of your choosing.

Examples of Paid Kartra Funnel Templates

Female Coach Website

Female Coach Website

The Female Coach Website was created by JasonWest.com and costs $497.

The package contains a full website plus two funnels designed for female coaches and consultants who need to get their businesses set up online.

The first funnel is designed to help coaches book calls with potential clients and the second funnel is for convincing people to purchase a course or retreat.

The Female Coach Website

The campaign includes a good number of assets, including:

  • Eight web pages
  • Four email sequences
  • A membership site
  • A helpdesk
  • Prebuilt forms, surveys, calendars, lists, tags, and more

Social Media Agency Funnel

Social Media Agency Funnel

The social media agency funnel was also created by JasonWest.com and costs $397.

The funnel is fully automated and is designed specifically for agencies that want a way to increase clients and grow their business.

Along with the funnel assets, this package also includes free training videos and access to a Facebook support group.

Along with the funnel assets

This funnel can be cloned and used multiple times to target different niches. It includes:

  • Three prebuilt products (though it doesn’t specify what these are)
  • Three email sequences
  • Four web pages
  • A helpdesk
  • Prebuilt automation, surveys, and more

Product Launch Funnel

Product Launch Funnel

The product launch funnel was created by Mark Nicholson and costs $297.

The package contains a complete solution for successfully launching and promoting a product. Also included is email support and online training.

package contains a complete

Suitable for digital and physical product launches, the funnel contains:

  • 11 web pages
  • Five email sequences
  • A membership site
  • A helpdesk
  • Automated sequences
  • Prebuilt forms, contact lists, products, and more

Real Estate Agent Funnel Package

Real Estate Agent Funnel Package

The real estate agent funnel was created by JasonWest.com and costs $297.

This package contains two funnels designed specifically for real estate agencies who need a way to expand and grow their client lists.

The first funnel is for a property listing landing page. It’s mobile optimized and entices the viewer to enter their contact details in order to view the property.

The second funnel is for people interested in selling their property. It offers a free property valuation after the person has entered their contact details.

The real estate agent funne

This campaign includes live chat support and video training and includes the following assets:

  • Seven web pages
  • Two email sequences
  • Four prebuilt forms
  • A helpdesk
  • Contact lists and tags

Masterclass Funnel Template – Sassy

Masterclass Funnel Template - Sassy

Created by the SoulShine Creative – Audrey Rose, this funnel costs $197.

Designed for coaches, consultants, and course creators, this package is designed to help launch a masterclass and get paying customers booked in.

Along with the Kartra funnel assets, the package includes other bonus elements such as a Trello board, Canva templates, and a funnel organizer.

Designed for coaches

Designed with a pastel color theme, the funnel assets include:

  • Three web pages
  • One email sequence
  • Three email broadcasts
  • Automation
  • A prebuilt form
  • Contact lists and tags

Live Webinar Campaign Funnel

Live Webinar Campaign Funnel

Designed by salesfunnelsandtemplates.com, this package costs $47.

The funnel is for anyone who wants to launch and run a live webinar and contains high-converting assets to ensure you get a large – interested – audience.

Video tutorials for using the funnel are included plus get a number of bonuses such as:

  • A sales page prospectus
  • An email copy vault
  • 101 persuasion and copywriting tricks
A sales page prospectus

This funnel makes use of Kartra’s webinar tools and includes a pre-designed broadcast room. It also features:

  • Webinar registration and login pages
  • A membership site
  • Prewritten email sequences
  • A helpdesk
  • Prebuilt products, lists, and tags
  • Automated processes

How to Use Kartra Funnel Templates (Step by Step)

How to Use Kartra Funnel Templates (Step by Step)

Before we get started, one important thing to point out is that not all the campaigns (whether supplied by Kartra or a third party) contain a funnel sequence. 

You will find that each campaign contains several assets that make up the campaign. When you deploy a campaign, those assets are added to the relevant area of your Kartra account. For example:

  • “Sequences” means there is an email sequence included and you will find it in the “Communications” tab under “Sequences.”
  • “Lists” means that a contact list has been created (which you can add contacts to) and it will be found in “Communications” under “Lists.”
  • “Pages” means that web pages have been created which will be found in the “Pages” tab.

When you see the “Funnel Map” listed in the included assets, you will know there is an automated funnel sequence for the campaign in question. You will be able to view it in the “Funnels” tab after deploying the campaign.

Unfortunately, for inexperienced Kartra users, deploying campaigns can be confusing, and it’s not always apparent how the different assets connect together if there is no funnel map included.

How to Deploy a Kartra Funnel (Step by Step)

How to Deploy a Kartra Funnel (Step by Step)

Step 1: Log into your Kartra account and click on “Campaigns” found on the left-hand menu. Then find and click on the “Available Campaigns” tab at the top of the screen.

Available Campaigns

Step 2: Browse the available campaigns to find one that suits your needs. 

The search function is pretty bad and you can only filter by asset type. In most cases, it’s necessary to scroll through the list to find what you are looking for.

necessary to scroll through

Step 3: When you have found a suitable campaign, click the “Deploy Campaign” button underneath the thumbnail.

Deploy Campaign
Clicking the three dot

Step 4: A pop-up will appear. Add a prefix. This is just for your reference, so it can simply be a letter or a number. Then, adjust the campaign name if you like. When you’re done, click “Import.”

Add a prefix

Step 5: Once the import has completed, a sliding pop-up will appear showing the campaign name. 

Once the import has completed

Clicking on the campaign name will bring up a list of all the included assets plus the option to edit them. There are also handy training videos.

This is useful for understanding where all the assets have been created in your Kartra account.

understanding where all the assets

Step 6: You can always find your imported campaign in the “Campaigns” tab under “My Campaigns.”

My Campaigns

If you click the three dots under the thumbnail, you will have several options, including:

  • Share
  • View assets
  • Edit
  • Clone
  • Delete

How to Deploy a Third-Party Kartra Funnel (Step by Step)

How to Deploy a Third-Party Kartra Funnel (Step by Step)

Step 1: You will find the available third-party campaigns in the “Campaigns” tab under “Marketplace.”

The search function is much better here. You can filter by campaign type or use the search box to find what you need.

find the available third-party

Step 2: Click the “View Details” button underneath the desired campaign’s thumbnail.

View Details

Step 3: Next, click the “Import Campaign” button found at the top of the pop-up.

Import Campaign

If you have selected a paid campaign, a purchase button will appear instead of the import button.

paid campaign

Step 4: For paid campaigns, follow the payment instructions and complete the purchase. Once you have done this, you will get the option to import the campaign.

For paid campaigns

Step 5: To get the campaign, you must now enter the required details. The requested information differs slightly depending on which campaign you chose, but it’s broadly your name and email.

Click the “Get Started” button when you have added your information.

Get Started

Step 6: You will now be emailed the instructions for setting up the campaign. You may receive several emails from the creator including invites to Facebook groups and links to any bonus material that may have been included.

Crucially, one of the emails will contain an access code for your campaign. Find it and copy it, then head back to Kartra.

now be emailed

Step 7: In the “Campaigns” tab, click “Available Campaigns,” and then the blue “+ Import” button found on the right.

Available Campaigns

Step 8: Enter the campaign share code you copied earlier and click “Next.”

Enter the campaign share code

Step 8: The campaign will now be imported into Kartra. Once the process has completed, the campaign thumbnail will appear. To use it, all you have to do is click on “Deploy Campaign.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra funnel templates can be found inside the “Campaigns” tab in your Kartra account. Under “Available Campaigns” you will find templates created by Kartra, and under “Marketplace” you can view templates created by third parties.

Kartra provides high-quality funnel templates for its users. There are templates for a wide range of uses with many designed for specific business niches. Third-party templates can also be found inside Kartra, but these vary in quality.

Kartra funnel templates contain many assets and they are not always easy to use. After deploying the template, it can be difficult to find each individual asset within the Kartra platform and understand how all the assets work together

Yes! Kartra provides dozens of funnel templates for free. These can be found under “Available Campaigns” in the “Campaigns” tab. Additionally, there are many free funnel templates created by third parties available under the “Marketplace” tab.

You can buy Kartra funnel templates from third-party creators. These can be found under “Marketplace” in the “Campaigns” tab. Alternatively, you can also find and buy Kartra templates from platforms like Fiverr and UpWork.


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