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Mighty Networks offers three pricing plans – the Community plan, costing $39 per month, the Business plan, at $119 per month, and the Mighty Pro plan, which is priced on request.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mighty Networks starts at $39/month
  • You get two months free if you subscribe to an annual plan
  • You can try the platform with a 14-day free trial

Mighty Networks Pricing Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the platform’s three plans and pricing:

Plan NamePricing Paid MonthlyPricing Paid Annually
💵 The Community Plan$39/month$33/month
💵 The Business Plan$119/month$99/month
💵 Mighty ProPricing Available on RequestPricing Available on Request

Paying for Mighty Networks on an annual basis will save you two months fees compared to paying monthly.

All plans come with the platform’s core features, which include your own website, unlimited membership, mobile app access, direct messaging, and SEO features.

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Mighty Networks’ Community Plan Complete Breakdown

The first option we’ll look at is Mighty Networks’ entry-level offering, which is The Community plan.

Price – Monthly & Annual 

When you subscribe to the monthly plan, it costs $39 per month. However, if you opt to pay the subscription annually, the price works out at $33 per month.

In addition to the subscription fee, Mighty Networks charges 3% transaction fees on the following sales:

  • Access to your Mighty Network
  • Groups
  • Bundles


In addition to the platform’s core features, this plan includes:

  • Access on iOS, Android, and the Web
  • Group Messaging
    Live streaming for up to 5 hours per month (maximum of 50 viewers per stream)
  • Native video
  • Long-form articles and short-form posts
  • Questions, polls, and topics
  • 250GB of storage
  • Online and in-person events
  • Zoom integration
  • Member referrals
  • Custom domain and navigation links

How Is It Different From the Other Plans?

Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t include several features that many community owners may be looking for. For example, you won’t have the ability to create your own online courses or access to analytics and membership data.

Who Is the Plan Suitable For?

This plan is best for community owners that are looking for a basic community builder and are not interested in selling additional products to members.

Mighty Networks’ Business Plan Complete Breakdown

The second plan offered by the platform is the Business plan, it contains all of the Community plan’s features, as well as a few more, which we’ll explore below.

Price – Monthly & Annual 

The monthly subscription price is $119, reduced to $99 per month if taking out an annual subscription.

The transaction fees for this plan are 2% for the following sales:

  • Access to your Mighty Network
  • Groups
  • Bundles
  • Online courses


Here are some key features that you’ll get with the plan:
  • Create and sell courses
  • Ability to appoint instructors and moderators
  • Dedicated course communities
  • Zapier API integration
  • 20 hours of live streaming per month
  • 200 viewers per stream
  • Google and Facebook ad pixels
  • Priority support

How Is It Different From the Other Plans

The main difference is that it has a far more extensive list of features compared to the Community plan, such as group chat, integrations with other apps via Zapier, polls & quizzes, and 1TB of storage for videos. Of particular use is that the plan allows you to create and sell courses in addition to building a community. However, community members are still limited to using Mighty Network’s app to access your community, as it does not allow you to create a branded app.

Who Is the Plan Suitable For?

This plan is ideal if you’re looking to sell courses and build specific communities around them. In addition, if your business uses Zapier integrations, then this plan supports it.

Mighty Networks’ Mighty Pro Plan Complete Breakdown

The last plan that Mighty Networks offers is the Pro plan. In addition to all the features in the Business plan, there are several more significant benefits that we’ll go over below.

Price – Monthly & Annual 

The platform doesn’t disclose the pricing of the plan, to find out, you have to contact them directly and discuss your requirements.

You can request a demo from the Mighty Networks team, who will be able to help find the best custom solution to fit your needs.


Here is a list of the additional features you’ll receive:

  • Branded app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Branded push-notifications
  • White-labeled web and app experience
  • Platform migration support

How Is It Different From the Other Plans

This plan is for those individuals who are running a thriving community and want to take the customer experience to the next level with a white-labeled web and app. 

The Mighty Pro plan includes all the features included in the Business plan, but also provides you with your own custom branded IOS and Android apps which will be available with the Apple App Store and Google Play store within 3-4 weeks.

Who Is the Plan Suitable For?

This plan would only be suitable for successful community owners that have already exceeded their current Community and Business plans features and are looking to upgrade the customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Free Version of Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks does not offer a free version of the platform. The Community plan is the lowest-priced plan, starting at $39 per month. However, they offer a free 14-day trial.

Does Mighty Networks Charge a Transaction Fee?

Yes, they charge a transaction fee of between 2-3% for all sales and purchases. The lowest-priced plan, the Community plan, charges 2%, whereas the more expensive Business plan charges 3%.

How Much Does Mighty Networks Pro Cost?

The platform does not disclose the price of the Pro plan, to find out you can request a demo and discuss your requirements.

How Do I Pay for Mighty Networks?

To purchase a subscription, you need to go to their main homepage and select your plan. They accept all major credit cards to check out.

Does Mighty Networks Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

The platform does not offer a money-back guarantee on its platform, the only offer advertised is a 14-day free trial that can be canceled at any time.

Bottom Line

The platform offers users the chance to pick from its three pricing plans, making it easy to decide on the right plan for you, depending on your needs and budget.

The platform also makes it easy to upgrade your plan if you’ve outgrown it and require additional features to allow your community to grow.

If you’re unsure where to begin, you can take advantage of the platform’s 14-day free trial to get set up and see if the features match your needs.


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