Mighty Networks Landing Page Examples

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Mighty Networks landing pages are a great way to make sure your Network or Space is visible to the widest possible audience and drive subscription numbers. 

We’ve collected some of the best Mighty Networks landing page examples out there today so you can see what’s possible with Mighty Networks

Key Takeaways:

  • Create customized landing pages for your Network and Spaces
  • No coding required

Productive Environment Network

Productive Environment Network is a fantastic example of a landing page built with Mighty Networks. 

Visitors are greeted with a hero shot that quickly establishes precisely what the business is and what they can do for your business. Two call-to-action buttons draw visitors’ attention to how they can get started right away with the “Explore” button taking you to the business’s Mighty Network to discover more about the company, and the “Join” button is a clear instruction for what to do next.

Below the hero shot, the page does a great job of expanding on the business’s goals and how it can help you through a short video and a description of its credentials and expertise.


The Farm-to-Spaceship landing page is bright, colorful, and straight to the point. The tagline clearly conveys the company mission, and a single call-to-action button ensures that visitors don’t get distracted and are compelled to join immediately.

Further down, the landing page keeps the design simple and therefore keeps visitors’ attention focused, with a clean white background and bold black text. The text explains exactly what the business is promoting and how joining will benefit you. 


The Fixable website is an amazing example of a landing page built with Mighty Networks. The page is simple, direct, and avoids using any unnecessary information that might distract visitors. 

The hero image alone does a magnificent job of conveying what the network is for without a visitor needing to read any text on the page at all. “Join” and “Explore” buttons ensure that both types of visitors are catered to, with those that need more information can learn more, and those wishing to sign-up immediately are shown the way to membership in the fewest number of steps possible.

Full Stack Modeller

Full Stack Modeller

This Mighty Networks landing page from Full Stack Modeller is one of the most efficient “low-fat” landing page examples we’ve seen. The page has been simplified to the absolute bare minimum of information, containing just the network name, tagline, and three sentences that describe the network’s goal. 

Visitors can get more information through a single call-to-action button that directs them to join the network or via a link that takes them to the company website.



Hairbrained is another fantastic example of a professional landing page that says a lot without saying a lot. 

The hero image and tagline do a brilliant job of conveying what the brand is about in the fewest words necessary, and the description located just underneath offers visitors price assurance, two websites where they can get more details, and even a hashtag for social media research.



This is one of the longer examples of a landing page created with Mighty Networks, but the length of it works with its more academia-focused nature. 

Visitors to the landing page are greeted with an image, headline, and tagline that clearly defines the role the network fills. Lower down, the page showcases the community’s events, awards, and sponsors, all of which add layers of credibility and help to prove to visitors the value of the network. Calls to action prompt visitors to join the community and gain access to exclusive content and opportunities.

Teach Write Academy

Teach Write Academy

This landing page from Teach Write Academy is a premium example of the kind of landing page anyone can create with Mighty Networks. 

The image and fonts used in the hero shot are the perfect choices for conveying what the academy provides. The page introduces the academy and academy founder and the skills, credentials, and testimonials of each. Visitors are also shown the price of membership as well as the many benefits they’ll enjoy from joining.



This landing page by GameB has a minimalist design with most of it using black, white, and gray colors. The only bright color used is in the community logo and the call-to-action button, which helps to focus visitor attention on the things that matter the most.  

SUSE & Rancher Community

SUSE & Rancher Community

This cloud technologies community aims to share the knowledge and experience of experts and enthusiasts. The landing page eloquently showcases the community’s goals and how you can benefit from becoming a member. Lots of imagery that’s focused on people collaborating further reinforces the idea of community and cooperation. 



The SFZC Online Program landing page introduces the mission and goals of the platform through the smart selection of a hero image and calm design choice. The page introduces the community through a well-written About Us section and even goes as far as to explain who it believes its ideal community members are. A single call-to-action at the top of the page encourages visitors to join the community, while another at the bottom of the page helps to capture visitor details and drive community growth.

Creating A Mighty Networks Landing Page

Creating A Mighty Networks Landing Page

Creating your own landing page is simple and can be done in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Log in to your Mighty Networks account.
  • Click your Profile Icon (in the top-right corner of your account dashboard).
  • Click Network Settings.
  • Click General Settings.
  • Find Network Landing Page and click Manage.
  • You are now free to edit your landing page as you desire.
  • Once happy with your landing page, return to General Settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Network Access.
  • Select your desired Privacy level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Registered users can create landing pages with Mighty Networks.

A one-page website is sometimes referred to as a landing page and has only a single HTML page. Its purpose is usually to drive visitor behavior toward a desired goal, such as buying a product or service, or joining a mailing list, community, or platform.

From your Mighty Networks account dashboard, click on your Profile Icon, select Network Settings, choose General Settings, and then scroll down until you locate Network Landing Page and click Manage. Modify the landing page until you feel happy and then return to General Settings, find Network Access, and then select the Privacy level you want.

Final Thoughts

With a Mighty Networks landing page, anyone can start driving members to sign up for their Network or Space within minutes.

Creating a landing page is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse, requires no coding knowledge, and can be tailored to fit your brand and your ideal audience.

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