10 Best ClickFunnels Landing Page Examples

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If you’re in the process of building a ClickFunnels landing page, check out these landing page examples to get you inspired.

We’ve handpicked ten great examples of real-life businesses that use ClickFunnels for landing pages for optimal conversion and lead generation.

Get inspired as we talk you through the key features of each example and what makes these landing pages so successful.

1. Traditional Landing Page

American Consumer Panels

A consulting company for product testing and development work, American Consumer Panels (ACP), has crafted an in-depth landing page. The copy uses basic and accessible language, bold headlines, and easy-to-read fonts. 

Simple graphics, examples of clientele, and complete details of the company’s services are all done on one page using a more traditional approach to designing a landing page.

A bold “Sign Up” call to action (CTA) button takes prospective visitors straight to the customer and developer conference. Pop-ups promote free tickets. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Bold, short, descriptive headlines
  • List of well-known client brands
  • Concise and straightforward copy with minimal background 
  • Prominent, concise “Sign Up” CTA
  • Exit pop-up to capture audience attention
  • Use of videos to sell virtual conference

This landing page aims toward keeping the visitor informed of all services while guiding them to take action by signing up for virtual access. 

2. Free Product Opt-In Landing Page 

American Downfall

There’s no doubt in your mind what you’re getting when you go to the American Downfall landing page. A contact form with a brightly colored CTA button gets you a free copy of the “Ultimate Home Defense Hacks Checklist” sent to your e-mail address. 

Clever usage of fonts against a black background with basic words lets you scan all the information you need to know quickly.

The landing page’s copy uses text and graphics that tell you instantly that you’re getting a free product. This opt-in format is a clever technique for optimizing conversion on your website. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Bold headline
  • Follow-up subheadline detailing benefits
  • Prominent “free offer” stamp
  • Large, brightly colored CTA buttons
  • Black minimalistic background for impact
  • Good use of emotive words
  • Exit pop-up to capture the reader’s attention 

Using a free product opt-in landing page is effective for creating new leads and optimizing lead conversion. 

3. Distraction-Free Opt-In Landing Page

10 Best ClickFunnels Landing Page Examples

Evan Marc Katz’s business is all about understanding men and finding love. This landing page is powerful in its simplicity and targets the relationship training niche market.

A bold headline, an offer of free e-mail training, simplistic sentences, and the use of bold and italic text captures the reader’s attention instantly. 

Images evoke people’s feelings in an unhappy relationship while conveying the landing page’s message. 

A contact form makes it easy to fill in your details, and the large, blue “Yes! I am ready to feel great in my relationship!” CTA button tells you exactly what action to take by clicking on it. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Distraction-free background 
  • Simple copy with basic wording and short sentences
  • Use of emotive imagery
  • An easy-to-fill in contact form
  • Prominent CTA button

A distraction-free opt-in landing page is a great way to capture your audience instantly without any lengthy preamble.

4. Video Landing Page Example

Hair Stem Cells

This landing page includes all the information you need to know about Re-Nourish and restoring balding hair. An informative video immediately draws your attention and gives you all the information you need if you don’t want to read the text. 

Bold text, simple font, plain background, and bulleted lists are all cleverly used to persuade the visitor of the credibility and performance of the product.

Captioned images show the doctor responsible for the product and other graphics to support the overall message of the page. The “Order Today” CTA buttons guide the visitor to the order page. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Informative, detailed video
  • Fully detailed copy with text and captioned images
  • Use of charts
  • 100% personal guarantee seal
  • Special offer on purchase of the product
  • Large, concise CTA buttons

A video landing page is powerful when you’re marketing a product. It’s also a great technique for demonstrating how a product works. 

5. Strong Headline Landing Page Example


A concise CTA button has a 21% increase in conversion rate. – According to Spiralytics study.

Stephen Cabral’s landing page takes full advantage of a strong headline.

Twelve bold words clearly describe what you’ll learn and with whom you are dealing when you register for the free web class: a weight loss, anti-aging, and wellness business. This page introduces you to Dr. Stephen Cabral and encourages you to sign up for a spot at his webinar. 

The CTA button registers you for the free web class, and you’ll also get a free action checklist. A photograph of the doctor connects you with the person behind the scenes giving you peace of mind you’re dealing with the real deal.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • A bold, strong headline
  • Large, informative, bright CTA buttons
  • Use of photographs and captioned images
  • Plain-colored background
  • Simplistic copy

A compelling and strong headline on your landing page will not only capture your audience’s attention but tell them, at a glance, what the page is all about. 

6. High Revenue Landing Page Example


Flavorgod has an estimated revenue of over $271k, and the company specializes in flavoring your food with delicious seasoning. You can see that the site uses attention-grabbing headings and a prominent CTA button that gets you a discount on their products. As you scroll down, Flavorgod displays its products clearly with descriptions.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Large headlines
  • Clear CTA button
  • Bold colors
  • Minimal background 
  • Focus on positive product reviews

This landing page lets visitors know what the company offers, how to claim the discount, and what customers think of the products. 

7. Design Oriented Landing Page Example

Clickfunnels landing page example

Pavlok is not only a product line but an exclusive community. The site illustrates this fact very clearly. It also uses ClickFunnels’ video feature to show that Pavlok can encourage healthy habits that lead to a happier life.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Video description
  • Clear product outlines
  • Colored CTA buttons
  • Minimal background
  • Brightly colored text boxes

Pavlok’s landing page displays a sense of understanding with the audience by showing them what happiness means in their definition and what the products and community can do for them. 

8. Squeeze Page Landing Page Example

Clickfunnels landing page example

FLX Bike is an informative site that advertises a webinar to ensure customers are given all the facts before purchasing an e-bike.

This site is an excellent example of ClickFunnels’ opt-in landing page with a large CTA button.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • An opt-in landing page
  • Very large red CTA button

Using a product opt-in landing page gets directly to the point. It also minimizes the risk of losing potential leads as they scroll through the site. FLX Bike very matter-of-factly states what the audience gets and how to get it.

9. Simple Landing Page Example

wonderdads landing clickfunnels

WonderDads seeks to support fathers in becoming the best dad they can be. The site speaks to dads looking for ideas and inspiration with a sizeable opt-in form that promises to unlock the long-awaited secrets.

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Large, distraction-free opt-in
  • Prominent FAQ section that eliminates the apprehension
  • Very minimal design with a 3-color theme
  • Very simple copy
  • Semi-prominent CTA button

The opt-in landing page is the best method to capture your audience right away, as we see on WonderDads. The site lays out what it offers, followed by a helpful FAQ section that eliminates the need for a long-winded introduction.

10. Checkout Page Landing Page Example

parelli landing page clickfunnels

Here we see an excellent instance of a checkout landing page with a no-nonsense approach to the website design. Parelli dedicates itself to hackamores that facilitate relaxed horseriding. 

Features of This Landing Page:

  • Video information
  • Checkout landing page 
  • A CTA graphic and button
  • User reviews
  • Outline of what sets the product apart
  • Money-back guarantee seal 

A clear checkout landing page incentivizes the audience to register and purchase your product quickly. In addition, it doesn’t require exiting the page or redirection to enter user information.

Best Landing Page Models: What Makes a Good Landing Page?

With even more emphasis on online businesses nowadays, an optimal landing page is crucial.

We’re talking about the page that makes or breaks the chances of a conversion by capturing your audience’s opt-in, one way or another. 

Your landing page needs to be persuasive and convert your online visitors into qualified leads or customers.

The sole purpose of any landing page is to persuade your target audience to take action to boost conversions. 

A winning landing page needs to be clear and concise. Your visitor wants to be able to scan your landing page and get the message quickly. You should include the following features:

  • Compelling headline: Grab your visitor’s attention with a simple and straightforward headline using no more than fifteen words keeping it big and bold.
  • Captivating subheadline: This is not always necessary, but keep it consistent with copy and use it to detail the benefits. 
  • Strong images: Use pictures that convey the message and benefits of your product, so your visitor knows at a glance what the landing page is about.
  • Simple copy: Avoid elaborate wording and long sentences using basic words, stay away from cliche statements, and write in everyday English.
  • Persuasive CTA: Your calls-to-action drive conversions. Take advantage of call to action buttons, using simple words to capture your audience’s attention with a concise, short sentence.

If you use these features effectively in your landing page copy, you’ll have a winner!

Bottom Line

A successful landing page optimizes lead generations and conversions. It should be simple, easy to read and understand, and include a compelling call to action.

Compelling and captivating headlines are the first words your online visitor sees. These need to be effective if you want to compel your visitor to act. 

Captioned images add weight to the message you’re trying to convey.

Make sure you choose the right graphics and take advantage of videos and free product opt-ins as draws. With all these features, you’ll have a winning landing page!

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