ClickFunnels for Physical Products: How to Make Your Funnels Convert + Templates

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ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to create high-converting sales funnels for your products and services.

In addition, ClickFunnels offers marketing features that you won’t find in a simple e-commerce add-on. Previously, you would have to assemble each part of your funnel, including page designs, shopping carts, autoresponders, and merchant accounts.

Next, you’d have to connect to third-party programs and hope the funnel worked.

ClickFunnels Physical Product Funnel

Does ClickFunnels Work with Physical Products?

A ClickFunnels funnel is an outstanding tool for selling physical products online.

ClickFunnels offers a range of pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop editor, which you can use to create product funnels. You do not need to have coding experience; You don’t even need a pre-existing website.

Through using these funnels, you can guide your visitors through a series of marketing actions that showcase your products.

Essential steps for building a high-converting sales product funnel for physical products:

  • Choose a template (free trial available here)
  • Enhance your product with bumps and upsells
  • Add shipping and billing information section
  • Create an order confirmation page
  • A series of e-mails should follow the order. (The “Follow-Up Funnels” feature is only  available with the Platinum plan or higher.)
  • Provide additional free tools for your product to create value and increase leads (e.g., tutorials, free e-books, gifts, coupons).

ClickFunnels Physical Product Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels has designed its physical product funnel templates to increase conversions. Let us explore the following templates: Amazon Flash Sale Funnel, StoreFront Funnel, and Free Product Launch Funnel. 

With the Amazon Flash Sale funnel, you can offer coupon deals. Using the StoreFront funnel template, you can also create an eye-catching funnel for your business.

For example, the free Product launch funnel is perfect for launching a new physical product.

Amazon Flash Sale Funnel Template

The Amazon coupon code sales and e-commerce funnel will cost $97.

This one is a two-step funnel with opt-in and sales pages. The template is 100% customizable and mobile optimizable, making your pages visible on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

You can provide a product coupon code in exchange for your customer’s e-mail address, and you can even offer them more products.

Using the Amazon Flash Sale Funnel template, you can create attractive offers that will help you sell your physical products online. In terms of conversion optimization, Amazon’s coupon code sales and e-commerce funnel perform well.

Amazon Flash Sale Funnel template includes custom CSS code that allows an overflow section to appear above another specified section.

You can modify this code to reflect the section ID found in the CSS settings of the section you wish to display on top.

After making changes to the page editor, you must save the page to see live visual effects.

Storefront Funnel Template

The Storefront Funnel Template provides a 6-page modern website that usually costs $147 on a limited-time offer of $97.

You can use this funnel template effectively to sell physical products. ClickFunnels has designed the Storefront Funnel Template to make your business stand out from the crowd and optimize conversions.

The product includes the Ork Storefront, a Home page, Shop page, Product Sales page, and an About page.

It also has a selection of color schemes, instructions, and typeface. In addition, this template is fully customizable and mobile responsive, meaning that users on desktop, mobile phones, and tablets will be able to view your funnels.

When you purchase this funnel, you won’t have to worry about struggling with editing it.

Instead, the Storefront Physical Product Funnel will provide you with the tools you need to design a high-converting funnel, including style guides and custom coding instructions.

Free Product Launch Funnel Template

With the Free Product Funnel Template, lead generation and sales are easy. This one is a two-step funnel with opt-in and sales pages, and – like all ClickFunnels templates – it is 100% customizable and mobile-friendly.

This ease of use and mobile friendliness enables you to introduce and promote products in a way that optimizes conversions across all devices.

Launch pages for new products offer a great way to show the product’s value before presenting paid offers. You would most commonly use Product Launch Funnels for mid-to-high ticket offers. They can help you increase your customers’ confidence when they buy higher-priced products.

You can use video to create anticipation and let people purchase your product on launch day. First, people can sign up for the presale videos by visiting the opt-in page.

Your launch sequence begins on page two. More videos unlock every day to build and sustain the anticipation. Once your product is ready for launch, you can release another video to showcase it.

Upon placing an order, ClickFunnels directs customers to an order confirmation page.

Top ClickFunnels Features for Selling Physical Products

For building high-converting funnels for physical products, ClickFunnels has a variety of features.

We will now leverage our expertise as e-commerce professionals to briefly overview some top ClickFunnel features, including Integrations, Automations, Pre-Made Templates, and Split Testing. 

Additional features include: 

Tripwire Funnel Physical Product


You can integrate third-party tools with ClickFunnels using its API.

There is a wide range of tools that you can integrate, including autoresponders, webinar integrations, and SMPTs. Other integrations include:

  • Payment Gateway integrations – Fall into two categories: APIs and third-party product access. ClickFunnels’ API Payment Gateways process payments for products created within the platform. Integration of third-party payment gateways will allow payments for products to be made on external platforms. API Payment Gateway integrations include Stripe, PayPal, Recurly, NMI, and Keap.
  • Delivery Integrations – You can integrate EasyPost into ClickFunnels. This integration makes it easy for you to automatically calculate shipping with services like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL when customers buy your physical products. Other delivery integrations include DropStream, Disc Delivered, Kunaki, and Shopify. 
  • Sales tax integrations – Avalara Sales Tax software automates tax compliance processes nationwide and internationally. Avalara AvaTax allows you to collect sales tax for multiple states.
ClickFunnels API Integrations


Automating funnels allows you to stay informed, organized, and connected to your customers. The automations include actions like managing contact lists, tags, and receiving e-mails. With SMTP or Twilio integrated, this automation includes sending e-mails and SMS text messages.

Automation software assists in managing tasks like lead scoring, tracking customers’ behavior, and sending e-mail campaigns.

As a result, you learn more about customer behaviors and personalize the customer experience, ensuring delivery of the right content at the right time.

For example, you could send automated e-mails to visitors of your Order Form who do not complete the sale.

You could also use a similar system to send automated e-mails directly from your Thank You page.

Email Action Landing Page

Pre-Made Templates

ClickFunnels offers over 100 pre-built templates for you to use. Some are free, and others come at a cost. Using existing page templates, you can quickly and easily add a new page to your sales funnel.  

These pre-built templates are easily customized using a drag-and-drop editor. Using customization, you can move specific areas at will. For example, you can customize color, font, typography, and the call-to-action button layout.

You can also save a page as a personal page template, allowing you to use the same design on multiple pages. This easy re-use gives you the funnel template design you want and saves you time.


Split Testing

A split test determines which aspects of a web page generate the best conversion rates. For example, split testing landing pages is one way to ensure your sales funnels are evolving and trending. 

To find out which landing page converts best, you create two landing pages with slightly different content. The landing pages should have a minimum amount of difference, so you can see what keeps customers on the page and what makes them leave.

Repeated testing helps you create a sales funnel that:

  • Increases conversions
  • Increases engagement 
  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Assists in achieving company and product success

Tips for Using ClickFunnels for Physical Products

As e-commerce professionals, we’re aware that specific factors can cause negative responses from customers.

Below are some tips to help e-commerce store owners who sell physical products overcome some common challenges: 

Tackling the shipping costs factor:

  • Decrease the shipping distance 
  • Weigh packages and reduce dimensions  
  • Get discounted shipping rates

Developing trust:

  • Make contact details, information, and relevant details readily available
  • Provide testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Publish relevant value-adding blog posts
  • Make use of live chat
  • Refund and return policies should be transparent

Aiming to get ahead of competitors like Amazon or larger retailers:

  • Offer value-added products with unique benefits
  • Lower your profit margin
  • Negotiate a lower price with your supplier

How to avoid the “does this fit” dilemma:

  • Check size charts – make sure that size charts are correct for each product
  • Experiment with familiar brands
  • Identify sizing algorithms for your products
  • Provide size chart comparisons

Take Advantage of Media

Selling physical products using visual content can significantly enhance product appeal.

Adding YouTube videos and product images to content helps increase engagement and conversion rates. Ensure you include the following visuals:

  1. High-resolution photos or videos on your landing page 
  2. Real-life product photos instead of stock photographs 
  3. Media to segment your blog posts  

Easily add media to your funnels using the image and video elements on the ClickFunnels Editor. 

  • Step #1: Sign in to your ClickFunnels account 
  • Step #2: Navigate to funnel 
  • Step #3: Select the step you want to add media to 
  • Step #4: Drag and drop media elements into place 
  • Step #5: Save
Good example of using media thorought the funnel

Use Catchy Headlines

Most people read headlines, while only 20% read sales copy.

So to take your funnel to the next level, you need to make the headline and the content work together.

A successful ClickFunnels Physical Product Funnel requires engaging e-mail subject lines, eye-catching landing pages, and value-adding content pages that capture readers’ attention.

Focus on the customer and create an emotional connection. 

Offer incredible savings and impressive statistics. Make readers believe they are part of something unique.

Make it valuable, short, and personal. Use headlines to ask questions to spark curiosity and avoid giving too much away.

ClickFunnels Amazing Headline Generator App

Provide Social Proof

57% of consumers will only buy from businesses with four-star ratings or higher, and 97% say online reviews influence their decisions. So in a world where buyers trust reviews, you need to have testimonials in your sales product funnel. For first-time customers that purchase physical products, this is particularly important.

Consider getting testimonials from previous satisfied clients via e-mail or Facebook. Find positive comments and hashtags about your brand on social media. Use affiliate reviews from those who can offer them on their behalf. 

Encourage your customers to provide feedback. Testimonials enhance your credibility and increase your chances of gaining sales in the future.

1 in 3 Social Media Users Say That One of the Main Reasons They Use the Platform Is to Follow a Brand or Find Products to Buy

Build Trust

Trust is a crucial element of selling physical products online. It is possible to gain trust with the simplest parts of your funnel, such as a solid refund policy and verification seals. By being confident in your product or service, your brand appears successful.

Various refund policies are available, so make sure that each sale comes with a guarantee. Remember to emphasize this to make it clear that you stand by your product to your visitors.

Certification seals give a simple visual indicator that signals trust and assure buyers of your integrity.

ClickFunnels PayPal Button
Secure payment & 30-day guarantee at the bottom of check-out page

Show How the Product Works

In terms of conversions, how-to’s and educational content, coupled with visuals, can make all the difference. Even if your product is excellent, it won’t mean anything unless you demonstrate its excellence.

Consider including tutorial videos in your physical product funnels. You can provide content that shows how to use your product as well. Photos and videos illustrating your product’s before-and-after results are pretty popular. 

Additionally, you could use videos to compare and explain the advantages of your product against another. Offering such content helps expand your funnel, target keywords, and position yourself as a helpful resource.

Hair Stem Cells
Video explaining how the advertised service works

Bottom Line

Use catchy headlines in your funnels; you want to draw traffic, not drive them away. Remember the importance of building trust and the power of positive customer feedback.

Provide value-adding content. Demonstrate how your product works and provide valuable advice to your clients. Customers should feel valued and know they are in good hands.

ClickFunnels Physical Product Funnel can help you to increase conversions. Using tools like pre-made templates, integrations, and split tests can assist you in marketing and selling your product effectively.

Additionally, you can add videos and images to create an engaging high-converting physical product sales funnel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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