How Well Does ClickFunnels Work for Online Courses?

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You can use ClickFunnels tools and features to design, build, market, sell and host online courses.

The platform is also useful for running webinars, delivering content, and keeping track of memberships and affiliates.

Although this sounds amazing, it is essential to note that ClickFunnels is not a dedicated course design platform.

Its functionality in this context may be limited by comparison with a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) because this is not its primary purpose.

The platform allows the building of a simplistic yet fully functional online course. It is worth noting that ClickFunnels is less advanced for building online courses than marketing and sales funnels.

However, our experts have nonetheless taken a closer look at the feature to help you decide whether it is worth your investment.

ClickFunnels Online Courses

Key Takeaways:

You can market and sell online courses using the ClickFunnels funnel builder.

You can simplify administrative tasks by using the page builder.

Register a branded domain with ClickFunnels to host your course on a single platform. 

Build membership funnels to automate membership areas, access permissions, and lesson progression.

Manage lesson sections and modules while sticking to the curriculum.

Regulate tiered access to course content with timed and scheduled drip content delivery.

Track course progression and student performance analytics from a central dashboard.

ClickFunnels lets you build your unique brand and grow your business while saving money. 

Is ClickFunnels Suitable for Online Courses?

ClickFunnels allows for the creation of course content and their automated administration. You can use the page builder to edit elements, rows, video overlays, images, buttons, and text while optimizing CSS. 

Domain hosting is possible by registering custom domain URLs, giving easy access to content.

Membership Funnels manage student affairs from registration to course completion. 

Lessons, modules, and other drip content can release on a predetermined schedule for student engagement.

A progress tracker keeps tabs on students’ progression through and completion of course content.

ClickFunnels Features for Online Courses

ClickFunnels has all the components needed to host a fully functioning online course that is simplistic in nature.

Users can include membership funnels, customized lessons, progress tracking, and special access pages.

Our experts put these features to the test, and here are the results: 

Page Builder

The page builder is a crucial feature when hosting online courses.

Admins can fully customize the course’s pages by using the following editing features: 

  • Add elements and rows
  • Add video overlays
  • Use the image library
  • Add setting buttons, images, and text
  • Hyperlink certain buttons
  • Use a pre-made sections library
  • Utilize advanced CSS settings

Students can access different images, graphs, information, and course outlines by clicking on various page-building tabs.

It is worth using customizable page-building features to make the course look appealing, interesting, and high-quality.

These features enhance your students’ experience and increase your credibility.

Domain Hosting

Users can register a brand new domain through ClickFunnels. This feature means that your domain hosting service and the online course hosting service are the same.

With the two connected, you’ll be able to run your online course from one platform – no extra moving parts. 

This means that you can register a unique domain name tailored to your brand and specific online courses, making it easier for students to access websites.

Instead of clicking through multiple links and pages, students can use the unique domain URL to access their online course. 

clickfunnels domain

Membership Funnels

When admins use the membership funnels, they provide a course that can be timed and tracked. This means that students will only have access to certain parts of the course at a certain time. 

The membership funnels feature is a great way to:

  • Restrict membership access
  • Track lesson progress
  • Test membership areas
  • Drip feed membership lessons

Admins also can add, remove, and change membership details for a more organized course.

Members can log in to their special portals to track their progress and access relevant materials.

The system allows for more than one course to link to the page simultaneously. 

ClickFunnels Membership 2


An admin user can add separate lessons to the platform to break down content and stick to a certain curriculum or lesson structure.

The lessons feature offers a great way to structure content and organize the entire course. New lessons can be structured by customizing: 

Combined with membership funnels, you can add lessons within ClickFunnels accounts.

As a student, you’ll be able to access specific lessons much more easily while keeping track of certain modules. 

Drip Content

The Drip Content feature is an excellent tool within the online course feature because it allows you to release modules and lessons at specific times.

Scheduling lesson release dates and times will give you the freedom to upload all content once without having to publish it on desired dates. 

Members can access certain parts of the online course either daily, weekly, or monthly – depending on your course outline.

This is a great way to enhance interaction and continuation and help students stick to a schedule. 

Restricted Access

The success of an online course isn’t only in the quality of the content but also in execution. Some lesson content may only be accessible to members who have paid a full fee.

Or you might want to test interest by providing potential members with a short free trial. This is where the restricted access tool comes into play. 

Not only is the restricted area a great means of securing valuable content, but it also restricts unpaid members from accessing certain areas of the course. This allows for future upsells. 

Membership areas

Progress Tracking

Admins can view the progress of their members by utilizing the progress tracking feature.

Completion percentages are displayed next to the member’s name. 

This gives an accurate indication of the student’s progress and how far from completion they are. 

This feature is great for students interested in seeing their progress and how many lessons they’ve completed. It’s a great way for everyone to stay on track. 

How Well Does ClickFunnels Work for Online Courses?

Reasons to Use ClickFunnels for Online Courses

Digital entrepreneurs prefer ClickFunnels’ online course building because it links to a customized sales funnel.

Lessons and courses are well laid out and marketed through the platform. The drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t have as many features as those specifically designed for online course building.  

Still, the pros outweigh the cons. Here are three reasons why our experts love ClickFunnels for online courses. 


Reason #1: Saving Money

Considering that ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing solutions platform with three different plans at fixed prices, you could save considerable money.

You don’t have to invest in additional online course platforms when you can get all you need from ClickFunnels. 

Even though many excellent online course platforms can easily integrate with ClickFunnels, it may be more cost-effective to stick to one service. 


Reason #2: Keeping Pages On the Same ClickFunnels Domain

Users can keep everything in one place when signing up for ClickFunnels.

The platform provides everything you need to run a successful online business, from marketing tools and page builders to domains and hosting. 

When you use a separate online course host, you’ll have to link your sales funnel with your host.

Both will have to work perfectly for the online course to perform correctly – a tedious process worth avoiding. 


Reason #3: It’s an Easy and Effective Way To Market and Sell an Online Course

With the market overflowing with online courses, we advise that you invest in a platform that helps you market your course as well.

ClickFunnels’ sales funnel builder will allow you to reach potential students and convert them into paying members. 

Having your online course and sales funnels built within ClickFunnels, will simplify marketing and creating your online courses. 

How Well Does ClickFunnels Work for Online Courses?

Tips For Launching An Online Course on ClickFunnels

As professionals in the field, we completely understand the importance of creating a quality online course and marketing it correctly.

Even though you have a superb online course, it’s nothing without the right branding and marketing strategy. 

To ensure your online course is a success, here are a few of our expert tips:


Tip #1: Show Your Credentials and Expertise through Your Sales Pages

When you launch your online course, be sure to emphasize your credentials and expertise.

At first glance, potential students should see that the facilitator or creator of the course is well-versed in the lessons presented. 

People are more likely to sign up for your online course when they are more aware of your experience and expertise.

For this reason, it’s important to design a sales page that is user-oriented and strategic. 


Tip #2: Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantees are a proven way to add value and credibility to your online course.

Adding a 30- or 60-day money-back guarantee to your online course is a great way to boost sales. 

Online users are skeptical of purchasing services and products over the internet, especially with increasing cybercrime and scamming.

The money-back-guarantee is a great way to ease users’ nerves. 


Tip #3: Offer a Free Introductory Lesson, Webinar, or E-Book

When you hand out freebies and free trials, you build a rapport with your site’s visitors.

Interested leads will give your online course a try, and when they love it, they’ll purchase the full course. 

It’s also a genius sales tactic to move traffic through your sales funnel strategy. 

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Tip #4: Use Scarcity and Urgency Marketing Techniques Strategically

When promoting your online course, you can emphasize that it is a rare opportunity or that the course has only limited spaces available.

Even though this is an old technique, it can often prove fruitful.

Provided that it is done tastefully without sounding desperate or too pushy.

If you use the scarcity sales technique, remember to keep it professional and honest. 


Tip #5: High-Value Content Is King

The proof is in the pudding. When your online course is of high quality, leads will quickly convert into sales.

Content within the lessons has to be of high value and cater to the target audience. 

Before launching and marketing your online course, we advise that you double and triple-check the quality of the course itself.

You want your students to refer friends and colleagues and even return for future course offerings. 

Bottom Line

We have concluded that ClickFunnels is much better at marketing online courses than building them.

Regardless, the platform does provide all the basic tools and features to build a high-quality online course. 

Depending on your business’ needs and budget, you can combine your favorite online course builder with ClickFunnels’ expert sales strategy tools.

Many online course building platforms integrate well with ClickFunnels, resulting in a high-quality online course that you can expertly market online. 

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