EverWebinar Review

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EverWebinar is a tried and trusted platform that simulates the look and feel of live webinars.

Because it is entirely automated, your users don’t have to schedule attendance, and you don’t have to host live webinars.

All you do is upload your evergreen content and sit back while EverWebinar does all the work for you.

We have found that the software is super straightforward to set up and intuitive to use. 

EverWebinar Review

The EverWebinar Concept: What It Is and Will It Help You?

The EverWebinar concept creates evergreen, on-demand webinars by automating pre-recorded webinars and videos.  It is not a platform for live webinars. 

If you want to host live webinars, try WebinarJam, a cloud-based solution for online webinars.

Developed and produced by the creators of EverWebinar, you can use WebinarJam recordings on EverWebinar.

But if you’re committed to automated webinars, you’ll find that EverWebinar is right on top of current digital marketing trends. It uses:

  • Digital events, which are the new norm 
  • Event-based marketing that hinges on customer behavior
  • Marketing automation

EverWebinar helps make digital events evergreen and immersive for users, creating an experience comparable to a live event. 

Some people are skeptical and don’t believe pre-recorded events work.

The key here is the automated tools that EverWebinar provides so that you can run multiple webinars daily or weekly without being physically involved in the event.

This functions like a DJ set with pre-recorded music, which the DJ uses to create a uniquely immersive experience. 

EverWebinar Review

Is There a Possibility to Try EverWebinar?

If you’re keen to use EverWebinar but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the investment, you can try out the software for 14 days for a nominal fee of just $1.

That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee in most cities! 

To sign up:

  1. Open the Select Your Plan page.
  2. Scroll through to learn more about the features and benefits of the software.
  3. After a few minutes, a box offering the 14-day $1 trial will pop up.
  4. Click on the green button to confirm the offer.
  5. Explore and enjoy all its features for 14 days.

EverWebinar Benefits & Features

EverWebinar has a host of features that enables you to put webinars on autopilot. Benefits and features include

  • Configuration and Scheduling – Select a date and time or recurring schedules configured to days, weeks, and time zones. 
  • Live-Event Mimicking – Mimic live events and maximize attendance with a live chat simulator and credible, just-in-time features that give attendees the impression they’ve arrived just in time for the webinar. A dynamic attendance list pre-defines the attendance count throughout the event.  
  • Chat-room Customization – Blend the convenience of an automated presentation with the power and engagement of live chat and Q&A by adding an agent who answers live questions. 
  • Third-Party Integrations – Configure your autoresponder or CRM software to increase EverWebinar’s automation capabilities. 
  • Customizable Landing Pages – Tailor-make and personalize landing page templates and take advantage of free, unlimited hosting on EverWebinar’s super-reliable cloud-based servers. 
  • Automated Follow-Ups, Emails, SMS, and Notifications – Schedule and send reminders and post-webinar messages using EverWebinar’s full email and SMS system. 
  • Split Testing – Maximize conversions by split testing your webinar landing page and its contents and tracking the best version for traffic value, ads, or affiliate programs.
  • Analytics – Access real-time performance stats about registration and attendance without any specialized statistical software
EverWebinar Review

Who Can Use EverWebinar?

EverWebinar appeals to a wide audience of users – from bloggers and educators to human resource managers and professionals. 

  • Bloggers and influencers – Evergreen webinars are great for coaching, offering free advice, and connecting with the audience.
  • B2B companies – Evergreen webinars are great for sales pitches and demos. The hybrid function allows adding a live or pre-recorded Q&A session.
  • Educators – Pre-recorded evergreen webinars are ideal for reusing the same content for new students and keeping them constantly engaged. 
  • Ecommerce product sellers – Automated evergreen webinars generate convincing product demos without a host being present. They also allow you to create more demos at varied times convenient for more potential buyers.
  • Human resource managers – Evergreen webinars are beneficial for human resource managers who want to provide remote employee training.
  • Software companies – Evergreen webinars are ideal for educating customers and showcasing external and in-house speakers.
EverWebinar Review

Is EverWebinar Right for My Business?

EverWebinar’s automated webinars enable virtually any business type to share polished content, produce high-quality videos, increase market coverage, and cultivate business opportunities.

Automated webinars are useful for anyone with something to sell, including educational businesses offering courses and software companies that want to market products and demonstrate how they work. They work for every industry too, from finance to travel and hospitality.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a startup, in the growth phase, or well-established and proven in its field; EverWebinar is a professional tool you can easily tailor to your needs. 


Automated webinars can save beginner businesses a lot of time and money and reduce the pressure on the scarce resources business owners need to establish themselves.

Most startups launch without an established audience or customers.

EverWebinar enables you to establish and develop an audience and present your ideas, products, or services to end-users.

It also allows you to simulate live interaction via polls and surveys, as well as Q&A. 

Growth Stage

Automated webinars are an excellent marketing and sales strategy that can maximize your return on investment, particularly in terms of time.

Marketing diversification is crucial in the growth stage, and EverWebinar’s event-based marketing provides an excellent opportunity to do just this.

Evergreen webinars can be vastly varied, and EverWebinar allows you to convert them into money-making events and track important metrics to gauge which approach is most successful. 

Maturity Stage

Mature businesses typically have diversified portfolios of marketing techniques that they have developed over time.

Evergreen webinars and automation can help save costs and time by increasing product visibility with minimal input on your side.

You can hold efficient automated webinars to promote your brand or products, introduce funnels that will maintain your established customer base, and execute email and SMS campaigns without any type of micromanagement. 

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How Does EverWebinar Work? In-Depth Overview

Set up an EverWebinar campaign in nine easy steps:  

  1. Configuration – Choose the source for your video.
  2. Schedules – Set your schedule based on times and dates.
  3. Registration – Design your registration page and enable optional split-testing to dial in the perfect pitch.
  4. Notifications – Set your notification emails, including a welcome message and reminders.
  5. Integrations – Set the autoresponder integration and third party tracking systems.
  6. Thank You – Design your Thank You page.
  7. Live – Decide on the live room settings, including the live chatbox.
  8. Replay – Activate replay for those who missed the webinar or want to watch again.
  9. Finish – Locate the control panel to see attendees, then sit back and relax. 
EverWebinar Review

Is EverWebinar Worth It? Pros & Cons

Our experts spent months testing EverWebinar and decided that it is definitely worth the investment.

We already knew how helpful webinars are for sharing content, but we found that viewers of webinars stay for 90% of the duration, while those watching ordinary videos only watch 10%.

This data validates the effectiveness of the medium. 

With EverWebinar, users can plan their webinars in advance and then automate the process. 



EverWebinar Review

Final Verdict

EverWebinar is an effective automated webinar software that is easy-to-use and affordable. It transforms the tedious process of hosting live webinars, simulating their popular look and feel.

It also impacts your audience because they no longer have to schedule attendance that doesn’t suit them in terms of time. It is suitable for just about any business, especially those focusing on sales, sharing of information, and training. 

After careful consideration, weighing up the pros and the cons, and evaluating the benefits and features, we have no hesitation in recommending the platform to a wide audience of potential users. 

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