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EverWebinar provides you with all the features and tools to fully automate the management and running of your pre-recorded webinar content.

This allows you to continuously gain revenue or attract an audience without having to spend time and effort running live sessions.

Key Takeaways:

  • EverWebinar costs $499/year or $874/biennially
  • An extended 30-day trial for $1 is available
  • The platform can connect directly with Kartra and/or WebinarJam

EverWebinar: Quick Verdict


What Is EverWebinar and Who Is It for?

EverWebinar is a platform owned by Kartra. If you have never heard of it before, perhaps you have heard of its widely-known sister platform – WebinarJam.

EverWebinar provides you with the capability to fully automate the running and management of pre-recorded, on-demand webinars. It has clever features such as a live chat simulator which makes viewers feel like they are attending a live showing.

The platform is for anyone who wants to run webinars but doesn’t want to spend their days conducting live events. It’s suitable for businesses of any size and industry niche.

It’s also for those who use Kartra and WebinarJam (you can connect the three platforms together) and want the extra functionality that EverWebinar provides.

How Affordable Is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar has a single plan with two pricing options available:

  • Yearly: $499 (billed every year)
  • Biennial: $874 (billed every two years)

Paying on a biennial basis works out cheaper overall as you get a 12.4% discount compared with the cost of paying annually.

EverWebinar has a 30-day

Additionally, if you also want to run live webinars, you’re going to have to pay for a WebinarJam subscription on top of your EverWebinar one. 

You can purchase a bundle subscription that includes both WebinarJam and EverWebinar and these cost from $948/year, significantly increasing the cost.

What Can EverWebinar Do?

Automated Webinars

Automated Webinars

EverWebinar’s primary function is to allow you to upload and manage your pre-recorded webinars. To do this, you can either import from WebinarJam, upload an external file from YouTube or Vimeo Pro, or use an MP4 file.

Once you have done this, it will take you through a setup wizard which will get your webinar ready to be released online.

YouTube or Vimeo Pro

This was really easy to use. The wizard takes you through the following step by step:

  • Configuration: Upload your webinar and input host details.
  • Scheduling: Decide when and how the webinar will be available to viewers.
  • Registration: Create a landing page and registration form for your webinar.
  • Notifications: Use an email and SMS gateway to send reminders to signups.
  • Integrations: Connect natively with an email autoresponder and third-party tracking apps.
  • Thank You: Create a Thank You page for webinar viewers and add a survey or poll.
  • Live: Enable features such as autoplay, page countdown, live content, and live chatbox
  • Replay: Enable instant replay of the webinar.

Overall, this felt like a very comprehensive tool that takes you through the entire setup process in a logical fashion. We had no issues getting our first webinar up and ready to be broadcast and the whole process took about an hour (including customizing the templates).

“Live-Feel” Engagement and Interaction

EverWebinar includes some clever tools that will make your audience think they are attending a live webinar.

“Live-Feel” Engagement and Interaction

For example, you can add “live” content to appear at various intervals throughout the webinar. So if you’re talking about a downloadable file or a product offer, you can set these to appear on the screen so your viewers can click to interact with it.

you can add “live

The “live” chat box is also interesting because you can import previous live conversations into the webinar, which will make it look as if people are posting questions and responses throughout the webinar.

How does this work? 

Let’s say you previously ran a truly live version of the webinar and you had the chat box activated. Well, you can save the chat comments that came in during the live event and then use them in EverWebinar.

The comments will roll in during the pre-recorded event and viewers will think they are from other live attendees, while actual live attendees can also post comments.

How does this work

To add to the “real feel,” you can be there answering questions from live attendees. Or if you prefer, you can direct all comments to a question box which will then be forwarded to your email.

Finally, you can also save comments from live attendees which will be added to the fake conversation feed in subsequent webinar viewings.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Flexible Scheduling Options

You’re in control of how and when your webinar is played, and you have a number of scheduling options available.

Scheduling your webinar to only play at certain times or on certain days helps enhance the “live” feel of the event. You can choose whether or not to allow instant replays, admit late attendees, and enable a “just-in-time” option. 

The “just-in-time” feature makes attendees think they have signed up to watch the webinar moments before it is due to go “live” and can therefore watch it right away rather than having to wait for a scheduled session.

Page Templates

Page Templates

There’s a decent selection of templates to choose from without them being overwhelming:

  • 18 registration page templates
  • 18 countdown page designs
  • 11 Thank You page designs
11 Thank You page designs

The templates look decent and modern, but don’t expect anything fancy from the editing tool. It’s pretty rigid and doesn’t allow you to change up the page layout beyond editing the text and changing the background color.

You can add new elements to the page, but this is also limited to copying certain elements that are already there.

For example, see the checks with accompanying info in the screenshot above? Well you can add more of these if you want, but you can’t add any other page elements.

This tool definitely gets the job done, but it would be nice if there were more customization options available.

Email and SMS Communication

Email and SMS Communication

EverWebinar has its own emailing system that you can use to send out automated reminders and follow-up emails to webinar attendees. It includes the ability to customize the emails via a mini-editor, though you can’t do anything beyond editing the text and adding images.

The system also allows you to send out SMS messages or call attendees with a pre-recorded voice message, but this can only be used for last-minute reminders.

This is a really useful tool as it ensures your attendees are kept informed on when the webinar will start and reduces the likelihood of them missing the event.

likelihood of them missing the event

If you want, you can integrate a third-party emailing service and the platform supports direct integrations with a number of platforms including Kartra, MailChimp, AWeber, Keap, and more.

Dashboard, Data, and Analytics

Dashboard, Data, and Analytics

Finally, you can view your webinar analytics and data whenever you need to. This information provides some great insights into how your webinars are performing, so you can improve future broadcasts.

Additionally, the platform allows split A/B testing for landing pages, allowing you to understand which type of content performs best.

What Is the EverWebinar User Experience Like?

What Is the EverWebinar User Experience Like?

EverWebinar isn’t a big or complicated platform, and it was incredibly easy to get our first webinar up and running. The user experience is good and the platform performed well despite its rigidness where editing templates is concerned.

However, we don’t like that you have to subscribe to WebinarJam or Kartra in order to run live webinars. EverWebinar feels like it should be a feature or an extension of either of these platforms rather than a standalone tool.

EverWebinar Customer Support

EverWebinar Customer Support

The help center has plenty of articles available plus a chatbot. 

While the chatbot was helpful – eventually – it’s simultaneously used for Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar. 

This means you have to run through several questions so the bot understands which platform it needs to help you with. This lengthens the time it takes to get the right information.

helpful – eventually

If the bot isn’t coming up with the goods, you can opt to send an email ticket or connect with a live chat agent. Live chat is available during the following days and times:

  • Monday – Friday US Pacific Time
  • 2:00 AM – 5:00 AM
  • 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Luckily, they were online when we contacted them, and “Karen” answered almost immediately. She was prompt and friendly with her response and gave us the information we were looking for.

Next time, we’ll bypass the chatbot and head straight for email or live chat support. It was far quicker getting our answers this way.

What Do Customers Say About EverWebinar?

What Do Customers Say About EverWebinar?
What Do Customers Say About EverWebinar?
What Do Customers Say About EverWebinar?

EverWebinar has a score of:

  • 3.2 on TrustPilot
  • 3.9 on Capterra
  • 3.9 on G2

Overall, users like the simplistic tools used to run a powerful platform and find it easy to set up their webinars. The key dislike among users is that it is expensive for what you get, and others question the ethics around “duping” webinar attendees into thinking they are viewing a live event.

EverWebinar Pros and Cons

EverWebinar Pros

  • Super easy to use, even if you’ve never used a webinar tool before
  • The platform works well and provides a good user experience
  • There are lots of features to help create a “live” experience for attendees
  • Customer service is responsive and helpful

EverWebinar Cons

  • You have to pay $1 to try out the platform
  • You have to pay for WebinarJam or Kartra to run live events
  • The page customization features are limited
  • The platform lacks a payment gateway integration

What Are the Benefits of Using EverWebinar?

What Are the Benefits of Using EverWebinar?

EverWebinar provides you with a way to maximize your webinar content without having to actually be present or having to invest time and effort into running continuous live sessions.

Using automation, you can run your pre-recorded webinars around the clock, providing a potentially unlimited revenue stream.

Through using the platform, you can also refine, polish, and perfect your webinar content so it becomes more relevant and valuable for your intended audience. Additionally, you can use EverWebinar to diversify your content and reach new audiences – something that is much harder to do with just live sessions.

EverWebinar: Our Conclusion

EverWebinar: Our Conclusion

Do we like EverWebinar? Well, yes, but it’s hard to understand why this needs to be a standalone tool. It would make much more sense if it were incorporated into Kartra or WebinarJam for a more affordable price.

Additionally, we’re not sure if trying to convince people they’re attending a live session when they’re not is an honest way to do business. Surely it’s better to let people know they are watching a pre-recorded session rather than using sneaky tactics to conjure up a “live” experience?

However, as far as managing and automating pre-recorded webinars go, the platform does an excellent job and will provide you with a great user experience for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for an effective way to automate, manage, and run pre-recorded webinar content, you should use EverWebinar. However, the platform does not support live webinars, so it is unsuitable if you want a platform for this purpose.

EverWebinar is rated between 3.2 – 3.9 on popular review platforms. Its score is average with users liking the platform’s features and user experience. The main complaint about the platform is that it is too expensive for what you get.

EverWebinar and WebinarJam serve completely different purposes, so neither platform is better than the other. EverWebinar is for managing and running pre-recorded webinars, while WebinarJam is for running live webinar events.

EverWebinar is worth it if you have a lot of pre-recorded webinar content that you want to gain revenue from and you want to save the time and effort required to continuously run live webinars.

EverWebinar directly connects with WebinarJam and Kartra. It also supports native integrations with a number of marketing platforms such as MailChimp, AWeber, and Keap. You can also use Zapier to connect EverWebinar with thousands of other third-party apps.

EverWebinar costs $499/year or $874/biennially which can be considered affordable if you plan to use it frequently. However, if you also want to run live webinars, you must also pay for WebinarJam which quickly escalates the cost.

You cannot use EverWebinar for free. You can sign up for a trial which costs $1. Once the trial has expired you must pay either $499/year or $874/biennially.

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