SamCart Review

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SamCart is a web-based platform that enables you to easily sell products and services online and quickly create sales checkout pages.

SamCart addresses cart-abandonment by helping you create conversion-optimized checkout pages, featuring one-click upselling, selling of subscriptions, and order bumps.

As sellers ourselves, we found SamCart to be a simple solution to optimizing online checkout and sales processes. We will share our findings in this review.  

SamCart Review

How SamCart Works

Cart abandonment is a common issue in online sales. SamCart’s checkout templates optimize the conversion of leads to completed sales.

The SamCart platform maximizes profits from sales by enabling upselling, order bumps, sale of subscription-based products, and flexible payment plan capabilities. 

SamCart has a suite of pre-designed and blank checkout pages, all of which are fully customizable to your business and products.

SamCart supports sales of subscription-based products, boasts numerous integrations, and provides excellent customer support

SamCart Review

SamCart at a Glance

Affordability & Pricing


SamCart offers three pricing plans – Launch ($49 per month), Grow ($99 per month), and Scale ($199 per month). There is a 20% discount if you sign up for annual payments, which is an impressive saving. 

The pricing structure is affordable and good value for the two higher-end plans. However, the cheapest plan, “Launch,” does not offer custom branding, upselling, or reporting. At $49 per month, this feels somewhat on the expensive side, considering what you get for that money. 

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User Experience & Ease of Use


We noticed that the SamCart interface is clean, easy to use, and navigation is simple. Setting up checkout pages was quick and intuitive. Some have set up their checkout pages in under an hour.

Because the SamCart platform focuses on sales pages only, there is no need to navigate unnecessary features that can complicate your setup. 

Sales & Marketing


SamCart is an excellent platform that provides a variety of tools to market your product sales pages. Also, there are numerous integrations available that can further extend your sales and marketing capabilities.

SamCart’s Sales Pages are customizable and distinctly call-to-action oriented, encouraging your customer to stream more revenue your way. The downside is that SamCart inclines toward selling individual products, and it doesn’t quite work as an online store. 

Design & Customizability


SamCart offers incredible customizability and design features for your checkout pages. A professional and no-fuss checkout page is crucial in making successful sales and ensuring that customers keep coming back to your store. Research has shown that fewer fields to fill in during checkout translates to higher sales conversion.

SamCart allows you to customize the required fields in checkout pages, removing anything unnecessary to the customer or the product.  

Customer Support & Training


SamCart’s training blog is comprehensive! The knowledge base is impressive and easy to navigate. The step by step instructions and screenshots are simple to follow, so training is a breeze.

SamCart also offers customer support via chat or email. There is typically a 24-hour response time on business days. 

Free SamCart Resources for Those Who Want To Get Started

SamCart is worth trying for yourself. Your business is unique, and it makes sense to test a product to see if it suits you. The great news is that you don’t need to commit financially right away. Why? SamCart offers you the following: 

  • 14-day free trial – All you need to do is sign up for your free 14-day trial.  
  • 5-minute demo – Learn all about SamCart’s strategy to convert 20-30% more customers. 
  • Free training resources – Learn more about SamCart by attending their training classes or diving into their knowledge base.

Key Features

SamCart Review

SamCart caught our eye because it offers a solution that focuses squarely on the check-out process alone. This focus has resulted in a tool that nearly perfects checkout functionality.

It’s impressive that this tool offers checkout page templates. It boasts the ability to increase sales through various features, which we will outline below. 

Drag & Drop Builder

The Drag and Drop Content Builder allows you to build sales pages for your products to maximize your profit per order. 

Order Bumps

An Order Bump allows customers to add another Product to their order before they complete their purchase. With just a simple click, customers can accept your order bump product and increase your profit significantly.

Beautiful Checkout Designs

Easy Upsells

Upsells at checkout improve profit margin with overall sales. SamCart allows you to add this feature easily to your existing and new products without worrying about the technicalities behind it. 

750+ Integrations

SamCart’s Integration Engine allows seamless connectivity to more than 750 e-commerce related tools using the Integration Engine, efficiently streamlining your sales strategy. 

Create rules to automate each step of your customer’s journey. These custom rules kick in based on trigger events that happen inside of SamCart – as selected by you. You can set these rules on an individual product level and a global level. 

With 750+ integrations, your favorite tools are likely supported by SamCart, enabling a smooth, hands-off workflow. You tell SamCart what to do and when to do it – and it gets done without your manual intervention. 

A/B Testing

SamCart’s A/B testing feature allows you to create variations of your checkout page to see which version converts best. The checkout page will rotate the control and variation pages automatically for your customers’ view.

This feature provides you with data that reveals the page that performs best. You can also split test upsell funnels in addition to your baseline product checkout forms. 

Payment Plans

Offering a payment plan takes the edge off what may seem like an “expensive” product. You can also set up pricing tiers on your checkout page – where you can offer an upgraded variation of the main product.

SamCart allows you to provide your customers with a payment plan’s flexibility, increasing your conversion chances.

Automatic Coupons

Use coupon codes to incentivize your customers to complete their orders.

Creating coupons is easily achieved from the SamCart products page, and you can specify the coupon code, duration, description, type, amount, and to what the coupon applies. The product checkout page will then automatically include a field where the coupon can be entered and redeemed.

SamCart allows you to pre-apply coupons for your customers through a URL parameter, which is great for limited time offers and ease of use. You can also apply vouchers to subscription-based products as well as shipping. 

Subscription Saver

This feature allows you to ensure your income if you sell subscription-based products. It can be yearly, monthly, or any other interval of subscription.

This feature allows you to protect your income stream by enabling dunning(customer contact for collections) in the event of a declined charge or canceled/expired card. 

SamCart can automatically email the customer with a secure link to update their card details. When the next payment is due, SamCart will use the new information supplied by the customer. 

Trial Offers

If you sell subscription-based products, you can also sell limited-time trial products. The trial period is specified when adding a new product, using a simple toggle button. You can choose between free and paid trials, and you can specify the trial period and the initial price. 

Affiliate Center

SamCart’s Affiliate Center is an incredible tool as it allows other people to promote your items for you. SamCart automatically creates an Affiliate Signup Page.

This page will enable others to become an affiliate for you; What could be easier? You can share the link for this sign-up page however you like. Affiliates can apply, and you receive a notification to approve the application. 

You can set up automatic affiliate approval with SamCart.

You can customize commission structures and affiliate payouts. The Affiliate center allows you to keep track of all the vitals of your affiliates. 

SamCart Review

What do We like About SamCart?

1. Outstanding Check-Out Platform

Before getting into e-commerce ourselves, we gave little thought to checkout pages, often delegating the nitty-gritty details to the online selling platform we used. Since then, we discovered SamCart and realized that the check-out experience is crucial in attracting and retaining customers.

All of us know the feeling of a long, drawn-out checkout process, which sometimes feels unsafe, laborious, or just not worth the time. SamCart cuts through all of that – because the focus is solely on the checkout experience.

2. Great Customer Support

SamCart offers generous 24-hour turnaround customer support.

Depending on your price plan, you will receive 2-day, 1-day, or priority email support. The best part is that it’s not bots that help you, but instead people who can give you informative and practical help. 

3. Amazing User Experience

The platform is refreshingly intuitive to use, from the drag and drop content builder to all the other detailed sales, payments, discounts, and subscription information. What we enjoyed was that the interfaces were so simple.

You pick up on how things worked simply by using it, and you don’t need to trawl through pages and pages of training material. What’s more, it’s fast and responsive, saving you time, which is, as they say, money. 

4. Fascinating Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a treasure trove. Step by step tutorials with clear, up to date screenshots are enormously helpful. The instructional videos make things exceedingly easy to follow.

We loved the specific and relevant examples given regarding the different features – some of which even gave us some ideas for our marketing and sales strategies! 

SamCart Review

Who Can Benefit From SamCart?

How Much Does SamCart Cost?

SamCart offers three different pricing plans, so you can be sure that one of them will suit your business needs as well as your budget.

Is SamCart Worth The Cost? Pros & Cons

Overall, we were pleased with what SamCart offers. The folks at SamCart have thought of everything and more when it comes to online sales and marketing. We enjoyed the fact that it was simple to use and generous with integration options. The knowledge base was a highlight and provided us with in-depth content relevant to our queries. 

SamCart Review

Pros of SamCart

Cons of SamCart

SamCart FAQ

How Much Does SamCart Cost?

There are three plans: The Launch Plan is $49 per month, the Grow Plan is $99 per month, and the Scale Plan is $199 per month. You can get 20% off the monthly price if you opt to pay annually. 

How Do I Cancel My SamCart Account?

Contact SamCart Support by sending an email to You can also request a cancellation using the Intercom service communication feature on the SamCart dashboard. 

Does SamCart Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, SamCart offers a free trial

Is SamCart Legit?

Most definitely. Thousands of digital entrepreneurs have tried and tested the platform and swear by it for their businesses. 

Does SamCart Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes. If you sign up for SamCart and love the platform, it’s well worth applying for the affiliate program. It’s free and well-managed so that it can be a welcome income stream for you. 

SamCart Review

Final Thoughts on SamCart

Whether you are a small startup or an established business, if you want an affordable and easy-to-use platform to simplify selling online, SamCart is excellent!

SamCart focuses solely on the checkout experience and has many invaluable add on features that optimize checkout and promote upselling and order bumps. 

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