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SamCart has three types of templates: empty layout, pre-made, and pop-up templates.

These enable users to have both a basic billing form as well as a complete sales page using the pop-up templates.

Key Takeaways:

  • All SamCart templates are available to all subscribers
  • The platform has both empty and premade templates
  • Subscribers can embed a checkout template onto another platform

What Templates Does SamCart Have?

SamCart has a range of checkout layouts, pages, and pop-up templates for subscribers. These have been designed for all different businesses and needs.

The three types of templates customers can use:

  1. Empty Layouts – These single pages contain only boxes for customers to enter their payment information. There is no branding, sales, or customization.
Templates Does SamCart Have
  1. Premade Templates – The premade templates allow customers to choose a checkout template specifically designed for a type of product or service.
Premade Templates
  1. Pop-Up Templates – This template lets you embed the SamCart checkout page into another platform for customers to checkout. Example platforms include LeadPages and WordPress.
Pop-Up Templates
All SamCart templates

SamCart Empty Layout Checkout Templates

As previously mentioned, two types of templates are available to subscribers when creating a checkout: empty layouts and pre-made templates.

There are eight empty layout templates that have different designs:

  • Single page
  • Multi-step
  • Full-width
  • Single column
  • Two-column
SamCart Empty Layout Checkout Templates

Blocky is a basic template that lists the product’s name and has boxes for customers to enter their contact and payment information.

Blocky is a basic template

The Startup template doesn’t have the product name; it just has the product’s price and text boxes for users to enter their information and pay.

image7 20

The Launchpad template only has the title Checkout and has a blue background color to make the payment information boxes stand out.

title Checkout

This Accelerator template has a side panel on the right-hand side of the screen to present the product price, and the Place Order Now button turns green once the contact and payment information has been added.

Place Order Now

The Multi-Step checkout funnel has the contact and payment information split into two pages. To pay, the customer must enter their contact information before entering their payment information.

The Multi-Step checkout

Another template SamCart offers is the pop-up checkout template within the empty layout section.

After a subscriber has selected this template, they can go back to the product page and embed it into their site using the HTML code.

This can be used with any landing or sales page builder, which includes ClickFunnels 2.0, LeadPages, and WordPress.

Another template SamCart

This Full-Width template is designed to span the whole page, making it easier for customers to read.

title Checkout

The final one is the Two Column template. Users can fill the left-hand side of the screen with copy, text, and images that advertise or explain their product.

Two Column template

SamCart Pre-Made Checkout Templates

The second type of checkout template is the pre-made template, which is predesigned for various types of products and services:

  • Coaching
  • Services
  • Training
  • SaaS
  • Agencies
  • Tickets
  • Black Friday
  • Supplements
  • Digital downloadables
  • E-Books
  • Physical products

As you can see from the list, there is a wide variety of premade templates. Subscribers can select the template most similar to the product or service they’re selling and then customize it.

SamCart allows users to change the branding, images, and text and add elements and widgets.

SamCart Pre-Made Checkout Templates

The 1PF Blueprint is a one-page funnel designed for selling products or services. The customer can read the sales pitch and then purchase at the bottom of the page.

The 1PF Blueprint

The Publisher template is a single-page checkout for selling books; the user can add a description, video, and blue points advertising the book.

The Publisher template

The Fitness template is designed as a book sales and checkout page for workout coaches. 

They also include an ‘As Seen On’ section to provide social proof and authority to increase sales.

As Seen On

The Video Sales Template has a video at the top of the page, where the company can pitch its product. Below they list the items users will gain access to once they purchase and their value of them.

This template is suited for course, software, and coaching businesses.

The Video Sales Template

SamCart’s Masterclass template is ideal for course creators looking to market and sell their products. 

This template provides users with a video embed, example lesson plans, social proof, and a checkout.

SamCart’s Masterclass template

Portrait is a template designed for service providers, as they have call-to-action buttons with text saying Book Now.

Moreover, they have an element block to display a portfolio of previous work.

saying Book Now

The Trainer template has been created to market and sell coaching services.

The page showcases to users what they’ll learn from the training program and contains previous students’ reviews.

The Trainer template

Studio is a SamCart template for course providers. In this example, they use at-home ballet classes; however, its features, such as testimonies and product lists, would also be suited for yoga, spin classes, and other at-home activities.

Studio is a SamCart template

Avo is a template for selling supplements and other physical products. The checkout template has a features and benefits section that explains the supplement and a money-back guarantee block.

Avo is a template

The Webinar template has a video sales letter, FAQ section, and countdown timer to increase urgency.

It also uses SamCart’s payment options that allow users to choose one of three products with different features.

SamCart’s payment options

The Inventor template is a sleek checkout sales page for physical products. The design elements allow users to display the features and benefits of a product, product demonstration videos, and technical drawings.

This template could be used for any physical product that needs to be explained or demonstrated.

The Inventor template

SamCart’s nutrition template has been designed for this meal plan book.

This template is a great example of how subscribers can use the platform to sell digital downloadables and info products.

This could also be used to sell worksheets and guides.

SamCart’s nutrition

The Classroom template is designed for course and community products.

Although this template is for a homeschooled children’s course, it can be used by any drip-fed course.

The Classroom template

The Traveller template is for selling travel guides, which are delivered as digital downloadables.

The templates display to customers everything contained within the guide and break down each section.

One of the features they use is an image block that displays all the people who have written the guides and a short bio of each.

The Traveller template

The Author template is for selling physical books. In addition to digital downloadables, SamCart also supports selling physical products.

The company displays its shipping policy under the Claim Your Book button for customers to view.

They also have text box elements for customers to see what they will learn by reading it.

The Author template

SamCart’s Agency template allows service providers to market and sell to customers.

Potential customers can read about the company and what they’ll receive by purchasing the service.

This checkout template example has three service packages that customers can pick from.

SamCart’s Agency template

This Authority template is another example of a two-column template that users can customize to sell their products.

It’s simple and to the point, making it perfect for businesses with non-complex products that don’t require explanations.

This Authority template

The Software template is for selling SaaS products. It’s a two-column design that briefly explains the product and contains a product trial option. 

The Software template

Another way to entice customers to become software subscribers is to sell a paid trial that gives users access for a limited period of time.

This two-column checkout is ideal for marketing SaaS products and acquiring new customers.

marketing SaaS

Although the Guitar template is another course template, it targets learners with no previous knowledge of the subject.

Therefore, the template contains information on the step-by-step process of how students will progress.

This template can be used for any course that teaches students a new skill.

Although the Guitar

The Declutter template is for a course, coaching, and worksheet product bundle.

Fitting with the decluttering theme, the template is very minimal and uses light color tones throughout.

This is a great example of how users can find and customize a template to match the company’s brand.

The Declutter template

Another digital product that users can sell on SamCart is podcasts. After a student has purchased, they can be sent an access link.

This Podcast checkout page template contains the recent podcast episode information and an overview of the podcast.

This Podcast checkout

Events are another product type that has checkout templates made for them. The Concert Events template contains all of the essential information, such as date, location, price, and short event description.

Moreover, users can add an image for customers to view.

Events are another product

In-person workshops can also sell tickets on SamCart. The platform has a two-column checkout design that lets users display all of the workshop information on the left-hand side and accept payments in the second column.

In-person workshops

The Learn Crypto template is another way for users to market courses. The platform brands its product as an academy that helps beginners get started.

The Learn Crypto

If a service-based company is looking for a minimal checkout page that states the brand and gives a payment option, then this Marketing Services template is a great solution.

It gives a very brief company description in the first column and then the form to pay in the second.

Marketing Services template

SamCart also has a Donation template that is great for charities that are fundraising.

The elements allow users to give all the information about the cause on its page, answer questions in the FAQs, and display who is behind the cause with the profile section.

SamCart also has a Donatio

Coaches and trainers can use the Professional Coaches template to take payments from clients.

After a customer has purchased, they can then follow up to schedule the coaching and can deliver it using a third-party platform such as Zoom.

Coaches and trainers

For food businesses that already have an audience on a blog, YouTube channel, or other platform, they can use the Recipe template to sell their products.

The template lets users sell recipe books directly to their audience.

For food businesses

SamCart has another template for podcasters called Conversations, which allows hosts to sell their content.

It has short episode descriptions as well as tags under each show for easy identification.

SamCart has another

The Yoga template is a monthly subscription allowing customers unlimited live sessions.

Another SamCart feature this product uses is Pay-What-You-Want Pricing, which lets users decide how much to spend.

Another SamCart feature

The Black Friday template is specifically for brands marketing a deal on that day.

To increase sales and urgency, the platform has a large deal banner, countdown icons, and is only available for one day.

The Black Friday template

The Simple Coffee template is a physical for selling physical products, in this case, coffee.

It contains two columns, some feature and benefits bullet points, and a customer review.

This template demonstrates how users can get creative and customize their checkout buttons to a more brand-relevant term. In this example, the coffee company uses the text, Wake Up Now!

The Simple Coffee

The Simple E-Book template is a two-column sales page for selling a digital report for users that are interested in baseball.

Although in this example, it’s a paid-for baseball report, users can use an e-book as a lead magnet by setting the price to free and only requiring a customer’s contact information to access it.

The Simple E-Book

This is the Simple Course template – a two-column checkout page for selling courses.

As the layout is so simple, it’s likely that potential customers are already aware of the product and are intent on purchasing it.

In this example, it looks like they’ve become aware and interested in the product on social media before they land on the page.

This is the Simple Course template

Frequently Asked Questions

SamCart has empty layout and pre-made checkout templates for customers to pick from, allowing you to have a simple page for users to enter their billing information or a complete sales page experience. Subscribers can use its pop-up template to embed a checkout onto a sales or landing page hosted on another platform.


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