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Your e-commerce store’s appearance can make it or break it, which makes templates crucial.

SamCart has a wide variety of ready-made templates available for your sales, checkout, and pop-up checkout pages that are eye-catching and distraction-free.

For the more creative spirits, SamCart also lets you create templates from scratch. 

Samcart Templates

SamCart Checkout & Sales Page Templates

SamCart Fitness Template

SamCart has many templates that are ready to use, and each is customizable and easily altered for your niche.

You can select from the platform’s template library and preview the layout and appearance before choosing the right one for your needs.

You can successfully showcase your product or services with over eighteen single-page templates and even more two-column layout templates.

All you need to do is log in to your SamCart account, hit the “Products” tab, and then “Checkout Template.”

SamCart will present you with a wide variety of choices you can freely preview and apply. 

Single-page and double-column layout templates will allow you to outline your service or product details and maybe even include a testimonial or two.

In addition, the checkout page will be clearly on display without any distracting images. 

SamCart Pop-Up Template

SamCart Pop Up Checkout Template

For your convenience, SamCart has also developed a Pop Up Template, which helps users launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

It will allow potential customers to checkout without having to leave your website.

Instead, once they see what they like, they can simply click the “Buy Now” button to activate a small pop-up checkout window from any page on your site. 

To choose the ideal Pop Up Template for you, head to the same “Products” tab outlined above and pick the “Checkout Design” tab, and then activate the “Pop Up Template.”

Browse around for the one that catches your eye and then click “Save Changes.” 

You can also use SamCart’s drag-and-drop page builder to customize the pop-up checkout page to fit your brand and theme.

SamCart Fitness Template

SamCart’s “The One-Page Funnel” Template (Multiple Checkout Options)

Another template option is SamCart’s “The One-Page Funnel” Template. This choice will build a page with multiple checkout options.

You will be able to add more than one payment option to a single page.

You will be able to track and manage your entire product launch with a single checkout page.

With more payment options on your page, you can convert more customers.

SamCart has data demonstrating that you can gain 21.6% more customers by offering an additional payment option, so imagine the impact of adding several!

With “The One Page Funnel,” you can give your customers the choice of a payment plan or product option.

You can also include different pricing on variations of your products.

Of course, if you feel like throwing in a free trial, you can do that too! 

SamCart Checkout & Sales Page Templates

Saving Your Own Designs as Templates on SamCart

There is a chance that the platform’s available templates may not appeal to your inner creative spirit.

It is for this reason that SamCart lets its users create templates from scratch. 

You can easily save your unique designs and reuse them for a more streamlined look on any of your products.

To create and save your template, head over to the “Settings” tab and then press “Save this Design as a Template.” From there, you can name your design and then click “Save” to add it to your template library.

From then on, you will be able to use your very own SamCart template for other subsequent products and services.

You can recall your saved templates from the “Settings” tab in the content builder, click on “Saved Templates,” and click on the one you want.

Using unique templates will set your website apart from other sellers that may have chosen the same one. 

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Bottom Line

SamCart makes customization and personalization of your product pages easy with a drag-and-drop page builder.

There are pre-made templates with pre-existing optimization for maximum exposure and ease.

You can also opt to create your own from scratch.

The processes to select, design, save and use the templates are very straightforward.

You can even preview the chosen design to see if it fits with your overall theme and brand.

If you’re an e-commerce businessperson, SamCart has solid options to suit your business.

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