SamCart Features: What Can SamCart Do?

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SamCart has various features to help optimize a digital product online business, including A/B Split Testing, One-click Upsells and Order Bumps, Language Localization, and Pre-Designed Templates. 

Key Takeaways:

  • SamCart has many features that help speed up the sales and conversion process, including ready-to-use storefront Templates and a comprehensive Integration Engine
  • You can see what works (and what doesn’t) in your marketing with A/B Split Testing and Pixel Tracking
  • Make sales easier for your customer with various payment options, and keep track of multi-month payments with SamCart’s Subscription Saver feature

SamCart Features: Overview

Feature Launch Plan Grow Plan Scale Plan
Full Template Library
Free and Paid Trials
Order Bumps
White Labeling
0% Processing Fees for Payments
“Pay What You Want” Pricing Option
Coupons and Discounts
Sales and VAT Tax Support
Multiple Payment Options
Subscription Saver (Dunning)
Subscription Charge Reminders
Cart Abandonment
Affiliate Center
Integration Engine
CRM Integrations
Sales Reporting Dashboard
Smart Pixel Tracking
A/B Testing

We’ll dive into some of the features that make SamCart such a popular choice for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Its features include everything the Scale plan covers, plus additional benefits such as set-up and priority support.

Pre-Made Templates Library for Storefront Design

SamCart boasts an impressive library of ready-to-use Templates for every level of your sales process. 

Storefront Design

If you decide that a Template you’re using is not what you want, you can easily switch to another one without losing the information you’ve already added in the editing process. 

You can use Templates for things other than pages. For example, if you’d like to create a pop-up checkout page/widget, you can use a SamCart Template for that as well.

Landing Page A/B Testing and Split Testing

Landing Page

Having trouble deciding between two versions of your sales copy, or sales page design? With SamCart, you have the option to split test and see what works best for conversions and sales of your product. 

Run a live split test on your checkout page. The pages you choose to split test are automatically rotated per visitor and you have access to the data of which one converts more.

If you have more than two versions of copy or design in mind, you can increase the number of pages to test. 

The A/B Testing feature will work for all your edits, including design choices, upsells and checkout forms. This is a great feature for those looking to optimize their sales and conversion rates.

One-Click Upsells and Bump Offers

Make it easy for your customers to add more to their cart (and more to your wallet) with One-click Upsells and Order Bump offers. 

You can create an upsell in three simple steps:

  1. Create the product you want to upsell
  2. Create your upsell in the Upsells tab and attach your product to it
  3. Create your funnel by choosing which upsell to add to which product purchase 
Upsells and Bump Offers

If you want to, you can also change the One-click Upsell into a Two-click Upsell by adding a confirmation click to the upsell order. 

If your upsell item has multiple payment options, you can add these to your upsell as well to make it easier for your customer to purchase it. 

You can create Order Bumps using the same steps you follow when creating upsells. Find Order Bumps under the Upsells tab and attach your Order Bump to a product of your choosing.

Create single-product or multi-product widgets for your Order Bumps, with multiple layout options. 

If you decide to add multiple Order Bump widgets to a product sale, you can choose the order they appear in.

Smart Pixel Tracking

Measure your Facebook Ad results with Smart Pixel Tracking. SamCart integrates with Facebook Ads Manager to track and measure the performance of your ads.

When you integrate your ads to your SamCart product, you’ll first create a Facebook pixel (code that you link to your product page). 

You can then add that code to a Conversion Event, such as a Purchase Event (an event that triggers whenever your product makes it past the checkout). 

Doing so will allow you to observe and track which campaigns are resulting in the most purchases of your product. 

Integrate With Almost Every Tool

As you would expect, SamCart has an extensive list of external marketing and e-commerce tools with which it can integrate. 

Whether you use Mailchimp for campaigns, or Thinkific for membership management, SamCart has a powerful Integration Engine that allows it to work seamlessly with these and many other third-party tools.

Integrate Every Tool

Flexible Payment Options

Anyone selling a premium product online can heavily increase sales by adding multiple payment options. 

SamCart knows this. That’s why it offers you the option to add multi-month payment plans. For example, a customer could pay $50 monthly for four months, instead of $200 in one payment.

Flexible Payment Options

You can also add a free trial option for customers to test out your products before buying.

Subscription Saver

Speaking of adding payment plans or subscriptions, SamCart makes it easy to track recurring payments from your subscription customer. 

If your customer’s payment choice is declined on the day of scheduled payment, SamCart will automatically send a follow up email to the client. 

It includes a link, where they can change their payment details to make the transaction run smoothly. 

Subscription Saver
Example list of customers in the Subscription Saver process

Four consecutive failed attempts to charge the customer will result in the customer being changed to a Delinquent status. This means they can no longer update their card details, and they’ll need to cancel and restart their subscription to regain access to their service.

Affiliate Center

Affiliate Center

Create a remote sales team with the SamCart Affiliate Center. If a person wishes to become an affiliate of your product/s, they can sign up and their requests will be sent to you directly. 

All sign-up forms will be sent to the affiliate center, where you can give or decline your approval.

When you choose an affiliate, you can define the terms of the affiliate service, the commission rate, and even track their links to your products to check conversion.

Cart Abandonment

SamCart helps you to reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment by tracking the users who abandoned before making a purchase. 

When users leave without making it to checkout, they are automatically added to a separate list known as Prospects.

Cart Abandonment

You can use your email marketing tools to send prospects a converting email or SMS campaign. It’s also possible to send them targeted Facebook ads.

Additional Features

  • White Labeling: SamCart won’t leave its watermark on your branded storefront
  • 0% Processing Fees: the money you make from sales is all yours
  • “Pay What You Want” pricing option: let your customers decide what they’ll spend
  • Coupons and Discounts: increase incentive to buy
  • Digital Wallets that allow you to make checking out easier through adding one touch purchases such as Google Pay
  • CRM Integration: manage and update your customer records
  • Sales Reporting Dashboard: measure and track the sales progress of your products

Frequently Asked Questions

Because SamCart is a shopping cart SaaS, it allows you to perform all the functions you may need for ecommerce.

You can create optimized checkout pages, make payment seamless with options and subscriptions, and take on affiliate marketers for your digital products.

If you’re looking for efficient conversion optimization, SamCart could be a great option.

A standout feature is its A/B Split Testing, which allows you to measure and track the performance of your design and copy, and how effectively it sells your product.

Smart Pixel Tracking also lets you measure the performance of your Facebook ads.

Bottom Line

SamCart has an extensive list of useful features that offer benefits for both first-time and experienced e-commerce sellers. 

These include the large Template Library that allows you to create a unique storefront for your brand with conversion-optimized checkout pages, A/B Testing and tracking to assess your marketing efforts, Digital Wallets, Language Localization, and One- and Two-click Upsells and Order Bumps to maximize the profit of each sale.

With these features in mind, SamCart is definitely a solid choice of shopping cart SaaS.

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