Is SamCart Good for Selling Physical Products?

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SamCart is known for its unique one-page approach to selling e-commerce products online. But, is it suitable for selling physical products?

The answer is a resounding yes. The platform’s page templates and innovative e-commerce marketing support features are equally suited to selling physical products. 

One-click upsells, order bumps, and streamlined checkout pages promise improved sales and boosted cart conversion rates. Added advantages include improved revenue margins and happy shoppers. 

Samcart Physical Products

Using SamCart for Physical Products

Using a direct-to-consumer platform such as SamCart to sell digital or physical products is a beneficial business practice in many ways. This distinctive one-page sales funnel enhances the consumer experience’s consistency by securely placing brand image under your control. This control helps you favorably showcase the benefits of your product and ultimately boosts sales.

Building your product storefront on SamCart is easy and comes with a variety of advantages: 

SamCart Payment Processors

Multiple Payment Gateways

When transacting on stores utilizing the SamCart sales platform, shoppers get the freedom to select one of the various payment options to check out with their purchases.

Acceptable modes of payment include standard credit card payments, Microsoft Payment gateway options, and integrations for PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. 

By integrating these digital wallets, the checkout process is faster and less complicated. This simplicity, in turn, boosts conversion rates and leads to satisfaction among a broader range of prospective customers who will return to your site.

Is SamCart Good for Selling Physical Products?

Add-Ons and Upsells

One of SamCart’s most impressive features is the drag-and-drop page design bolstered by pre-designed, customizable templates.

Users simply access the extensive template library, choose a suitable format, and unleash their creative potential to design one-page sales pitches.

An added benefit is the ability to add special offers and bonuses, videos, and photos together with specialized descriptive content from a user-friendly interface.

The one-page funnel allows for simplistic up-sells, creative order bumps, and alternatives to suit every customer. The process is streamlined and designed to keep browsers engaged and amenable to completing the transaction at hand. 

SamCart Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Prospective customers abandon 69% of shopping carts before they can finalize a sale.

The most significant contributing factors are insufficient or complicated payment procedures, ambiguous checkout instructions, and customer confusion.

The SamCart One Page checkout pages are uniquely suitable to circumvent these issues, allowing for cart recovery and sales culmination of products from your store.

With SamCart’s new Smart Cart Recovery feature, you can recover 35% of potentially lost sales.

An automated response reaches out via e-mail, text, voicemail, messenger, or live chat to determine the reason for cart abandonment and then engages with customers to improve these outcomes.

SamCart Pay What You Want

“Pay What You Want” Feature

The “Pay What You Want” feature is a new weapon in the SamCart arsenal. Businesses wishing to market artistic creations or collect donations give customers carte blanche to decide what they think the product is worth.

It is a crazy-sounding concept which ultimately builds customer trust and a solid client base. 

Utilizing this feature promises to boost marketing campaigns, recruit more customers and improve sales income. 

Variations on the theme include:

  • Changing ”Free + shipping” to “Pay What You Want.”
  • Applying a “Pay What You Want” prerogative to items you would usually give away for free
  • “Pay What You Want” webinars and bundles
Samcart Integrations

Variety of Integrations Valuable for Selling Physical Products

The SamCart system does not have e-mail capability, customer relationship management, or payment gateways inherent to the platform.

Instead, you can integrate it with a wide variety of e-mail marketing software, CRM programs, and digital wallets to market physical and digital products online. 

Working hand-in-hand with these products allows for automated advertising, lead generation, and follow-up. Additionally, reports and pixel tracking keep you abreast of sales trends.

Some notable integrations include PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Others worth mentioning are MailChimp (e-mail), HubSpot (marketing and customer relations), Zapier (workflow automation), and Google Analytics (web analytics). You can mix and match as your needs change.

Is SamCart Good for Physical Products?

Yes, SamCart’s ‘One Page Sales Pitch’ philosophy and Checkout pages make it well-suited to marketing and selling physical products.

In addition, you can adapt the available funnel blueprints to incorporate any product while doing justice to your unique brand. 

The ‘One Page sales funnel’ is the most helpful template, standing SamCart ahead of competitors in the space.

Its particularly accessible drag-and-drop editor also allows easy optimization of product pages, images, and added content.

This editor lets you add bullets, edit, and adjust details at the click of a button, all on one page.

Bottom Line

Whether you are selling one product or a range of items, you can’t go wrong with the SamCart shopping cart software.

Bespoke templates, abandoned cart recovery, and fully integrable complimentary marketing software makes this platform the one to beat.

Add to that multiple payment options, improved conversion rates on checkout, and upsell capability, and you have a winner. 

Don’t hesitate to join the many users worldwide who swear by SamCart’s role in brand development and converting site traffic into cash in the bank.

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