Can You Connect SamCart to Your WordPress Site?

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WordPress and SamCart are two excellent platforms for e-commerce, so wouldn’t it be great if you don’t have to choose between the two?

We have some great news because you can easily integrate them, which we will explore in this article

SamCart WordPress Integration

Can You Add SamCart to Your WordPress Page?

Yes, you can add SamCart to your WordPress page.

Doing so will help you improve your conversion, grow exposure to the right audience, and create more beautiful pages streamlined to work with functions from both platforms.

Can You Connect SamCart to Your WordPress Site?

How to Set Up a WordPress and SamCart Integration?

You can set up your WordPress and SamCart integration easily, and there are two simple ways to do it.

You can do it with easy coding or through Zapier. We have outlined a detailed step-by-step guide below.

Through a Simple Line of Code

When you create a checkout page on your WordPress site, you can copy a short line of code by clicking on “Share This Product” at the end of the process. The button is on the top left-hand corner of the page.

This method will allow you to embed either a button or a pop-up to your website to the SamCart Checkout.

Doing so will help you track your sales and customers better and funnel them to your product checkout page by opening another pop-up. 

Through Zapier

The other method to merge the two platforms – without any coding – is through Zapier. The process is so simple that you can do it in under two minutes! Just follow our steps below.

  1. You must log in to both platforms and then authenticate both.
  2. Next, pick one of the apps to be the trigger.
  3. Then pick what the trigger will activate on the other platform.
  4. The next step involves determining the data you want to transfer from one site to the other.
  5. Click the save button.

Benefits of Integrating SamCart with WordPress

Do you need to combine the two platforms for success?

There are many benefits to integrating the two, such as taking full advantage of both sites’ offers.

Some of the most valuable benefits include the ones listed below.

Great Checkout System for Your WordPress Store

SamCart checkout pages are famous for their one-page approach. This philosophy means customers are privy to all the relevant information about your product and the benefits it can provide on a single page. In addition, the checkout page templates can integrate with any kind of site, including WordPress and even Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

Not only will you get a beautifully designed storefront, but you will also embed an efficient checkout system into your website.

Checkout Pop-Ups on Your WordPress Site

Pop-up checkouts are easy to add, allowing customers to checkout without having to leave your WordPress site. The checkout pop-up will generate a clickable “Buy Now” button from any page on your WordPress website. 

  1. Start by heading over to your “Products” tab and choose to open a product.
  2. Find the “Checkout Design” tab and then locate the “Pop-up Template” to activate it.
  3. Save the changes and then open your Drag & Drop Builder.
  4. Locate the “Share This Product” option on the top left-hand corner.
  5. You can then choose a branded button or a custom option to grab the embed code.

The branded button will have SamCart’s branding while the custom one does not. You can pick the branded button if you don’t mind having SamCart’s footprint on your site. You can opt for the more generic button if you prefer to have no logos. 

Automated Triggers and Actions Between WordPress and SamCart

Blending the functions of the two platforms also offers you the advantages of using actions and triggers through Zapier.

A trigger is an interaction by your customer with one site, and the action is the trigger’s result on the other.

Zapier’s supported triggers include New Orders (when a customer has placed an order within SamCart) and New Comments (when someone posts a new comment).

The actions on Zapier that result from triggers can include updating a post, creating a new user, and uploading new media. The benefits of having these triggers are numerous.

You won’t need to monitor your storefront to activate the triggers manually constantly. Automated triggers and actions will streamline your site and save you much time. 

Bottom Line

Combining the features of both WordPress and SamCart is easily and quickly done through a simple line of code or Zapier.

Once you can fully enjoy the features of both platforms, it will lead to easier automated triggers and actions and simple checkout processes.

All this, without leading customers off your site – and while creating visually pleasing storefronts to give you maximum exposure and conversion.

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