Does Thinkific Have a CRM?

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Thinkific doesn’t have a native CRM feature; therefore, users that want this tool must use a third-party platform using Zapier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific has no CRM tool
  • To integrate a third-party CRM, users need to use Zapier

Does Thinkific Offer a CRM Feature?

Thinkific doesn’t have a native CRM feature; however, users can use a third-party CRM solution and integrate them using Zapier.

An example of how these work: a course owner can use ActiveCampaign to manage their contacts, and the information will be populated from Thinkific using Zapier. This enables users to send specific information from Thinkific to ActiveCampaign.

Does Thinkific Offer a CRM Feature

What Thinkific Subscription Do I Need to Integrate a CRM?

To integrate a CRM, subscribers will have to use Zapier.

When looking at the subscription plan required to use Zapier, you will see how Thinkific has two separate features: Zapier Triggers and Zapier Actions.

Zapier Triggers can send information within Thinkific to a third-party platform, such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, or Zoho CRM. 

Zapier Actions uses third-party information to enroll students into communities and courses.

To get the most basic functionality, users only require Zapier Triggers.

Zapier Triggers is a core feature available to all subscription plan holders.

More advanced users that require Zapier Actions must be subscribed to the Grow Plan or above.

Thinkific Subscription PlanZapier TriggersZapier Actions
The Free Plan
The Basic Plan
The Start Plan
The Grow Plan
The Expand Plan
The Plus Plan

How to Integrate a CRM with Thinkific

Here are the steps for integrating a CRM with Thinkific:

  1. Log in to your Thinkific account.
  2. Select the Apps section on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  3. Select Zapier. You’ll then be redirected to the Thinkific App Store listing to install it. 
How to Integrate a CRM with Thinkific
  1. Now, select Install.
Now, select Install.
  1. Then, read the terms and conditions before clicking Accept & Install.
Accept & Install.
  1. Now, log in to your Zapier account.
  2. On the dashboard, click + Create and then select New Zap.
  3. You must pick the event that starts the Zap to your CRM. In this example, we choose New Course Enrollment.
  4. When done, select continue.
Zapier account
  1. Repeat the same process, which starts by selecting your CRM.
  2. Then, pick the action you’d like it to perform.
  3. When complete, click Save.
  4. Your CRM and Thinkific are now connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinkific has no native CRM feature. If you want to use a CRM tool, you must use a third-party platform and integrate it with Zapier.

From your Thinkific Dashboard, select Apps > Click on Zapier > Select Install > Read the terms and conditions and click Accept and Install > Log in to your Zapier account > Click + Create, then New Zap > Pick the event to trigger the Zap > Click Continue. Repeat the same process by selecting your CRM and choosing the action. Once complete, select Save.


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