ClickFunnels API: Everything You Need to Know

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ClickFunnels is an extensive online marketing and funnel builder platform that simplifies the user experience and eliminates the need for technical knowledge and coding skills.  

API is an acronym for Application Program Interface; it works as a messenger that allows applications to communicate through data transferring.

It serves as a transmission link between your ClickFunnels web page and aggregated data sites. 

This article provides an expert, easy-to-understand overview of how using API can improve your ClickFunnels experience. 

ClickFunnels mainly uses user-friendly API tools to connect third-party integrations and payment gateways.

ClickFunnels API

What’s an API?

API is a set of functions that builds software applications and helps them connect to applications, databases, operating systems, and devices by running information back and forth between them.

You can think of it as a menu of features and operations one program or device uses to “order” from another.

APIs are essential for interoperability between computer programs.

An API provides the building blocks for seamless communication between your ClickFunnels web page and other applications.

The application program interface also provides programmatic access to several services by enabling integrations and enhancing functionality.

In addition, it fast-tracks and streamlines your work and creates a better user experience.

How to Access API Code on ClickFunnels?

API is an excellent way to aid your funnel-building process and create a simple experience through integrations and payment gateways.

The main time you are ever likely to use your ClickFunnels API code directly is to connect with WordPress. You can access the Clickfunnels API code from your ClickFunnels account settings. The process is quite simple, and here’s what you need to do to access your API settings on ClickFunnels: 

  • To activate the plugin, access “Account Settings.”
  • Scroll down in “Account Details.”
  • Click “Expand” on the WordPress API key.
  • Copy the provided key and go to your WordPress account.
  • Access “Settings” in the ClickFunnels plugin.
  • Paste the key in “Authentication Token” and save it.

Note that you can only access your ClickFunnels API from within your account settings through WordPress. 

Using API on ClickFunnels

The main reason you would want to access the API on ClickFunnels is to integrate with third-party platforms.

Using API on ClickFunnels allows you to manage funnels, contact activity, purchases, images, follow-ups, contact profiles, and more. 

It also adds a layer of security to your personal information.

It is essential to keep your API key a secret and never share it publicly so no one can access your site data.

The reason for this is because of the downsides if, for example, an unreliable third-party source gets access to your site data.

In that case, they could access valuable information such as payment gateways and marketing funnels. 


Third-Party Integrations

A third-party integration adds external support to your sales funnel using APIs. For example, instead of creating a new application for a specific purpose, such as ads, users can utilize the ClickFunnels API to integrate with a well-developed web service. 

To connect third-party applications, you will need API keys from those platforms. You can create a connection easily with no need for high-tech knowledge. You can easily copy and paste the specific API key and integrate your account with the desired application.

Integrations are pretty helpful as you can employ them in a variety of different ways. For instance:

  • APIs can quickly add refined features to your business processes that might take many months to develop on your own

  • You can use an API to verify communication between your funnel and a third-party application.

  • External applications help improve the user experience as well.


Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is an online service that collects, processes, and tracks payments.

For example, if you’re using ClickFunnels for affiliates, you will require a gateway to collect payments. 

Two types of payment gateway integrations are used based on the type of product.

  • API Payment Gateway integrations – process payments for products in ClickFunnels. Examples are:
    • Stripe
    • PayPal V2
    • Recurly
    • NMI
    • Keap
    • Easy Pay Direct.
  • Third-party Payment Gateway integrations – process payments created on external platforms:
    • PayPal V1
    • ClickBank
    • JVZoo
    • WarriorPlus

Stripe takes advantage of nearly all of the features available within ClickFunnels and is the most common gateway of them all.

Here’s how you can access Payment Gateways.

  • Click on “Account Settings” in your ClickFunnels Profile.
  • Click on “Payment Gateways” in the left side menu.
  • Click on the “+ Add New Payment Gateway” button.
  • Select the desired gateway.

Note that the number of payment gateways varies with the type of ClickFunnels subscription plan

ClickFunnels API: Everything You Need to Know

Bottom Line

This article provides an in-depth guide to ClickFunnels APIs, which will give you a better grasp on the usage of integrations through API.

Coding and APIs may seem too leading-edge for less tech-savvy individuals. However, ClickFunnels helps overcome these obstacles and makes them accessible for every user.

Furthermore, it provides sufficient knowledge and support on APIs and external application usage.

APIs help improve productivity and assist application connection by providing better means of communication between different platforms.

In addition, APIs can notify you (or your chosen applications) about any events happening within your site. APIs also allow connections to third-party apps to gain additional features.

ClickFunnels mainly uses APIs to connect to third-party integrations and payment gateways.

These include analytics, ad generation platforms, e-mail automation apps, and payment processing software.

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