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There are two ways to see ClickFunnels in action. 

  1. You can try the platform yourself for FREE.
  2. You can spend time watching a video that might discuss things that are unrelated to your needs.

We recommend the first option, however, if you decide that you would like a video overview – scroll down and you’ll find two ClickFunnels demo videos.

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

ClickFunnels 5-Minute Demo

If you’re curious to see how ClickFunnels works, but you’re short on time, then the 5-Minute demo is for you; In just five minutes, you’ll get to see how you can start your ClickFunnels account. You’ll also see how easy the basics are and why ClickFunnels is the solution you’ve been looking for! 

To give you an idea, watch this short video:

ClickFunnels Extended 35-Minute Demo

Do you want to get a more in-depth overview of ClickFunnels and how it works?

Simply devote 35 minutes of your day to an informative video session led by CEO Russell Brunson.

That’s 35 minutes for everything you need to know to get started with the ClickFunnels platform successfully! 

Have a look at this informative video: 

ClickFunnels Demo Walkthrough – 10 Steps for Getting Started

To absorb the information in the best way possible, we strongly advise taking advantage of the 14-day free ClickFunnels trial.

Following the steps, you will learn precisely how the process works and how you and your prospective clients will benefit from it.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to get started. 

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #1 – Match domain name and URL to your offer

Ensure the domain name and URL used in your sales funnel accurately represent your brand. Answer the four starter questions to set up your brand. 

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What do they want from your product?
  • Why do they want it? What needs will this solve?
  • How can your content solve these issues?
ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #2 – Structure each stage relationally

Ensure that everything you add to the program speaks to prospective clients on a personal level.

Clients should be able to relate to each application personally, making them more interested in your product.

Focus on providing your customers with value rather than selling them an item or service. The process should also be quick and easy. 

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #3 – Address the “catch”

Clarify your current offer as a legitimate and worthwhile offer. Instill a sense of urgency and emphasize your call to action.

Clients will be searching for a “bargain” or “catch” offer, so it’ll be up to you to provide it.

Creating a sense of urgency around the “catch” will make your prospective clients more likely to take up the offer.

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #4 – Add a guarantee

If your sales funnel offer seems “too good to be true,” you’ll do well to minimize the risk of your purchase.

Explain that your business will absorb all the risk. Use the risk reversal technique to inform your clients that they have absolutely no reason not to take up the offer immediately.

Emphasize the value they will gain!

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #5 – Recap

When clients show interest in your program, it’s crucial to make the advantages and gain points very clear.

Consistent reinforcement will serve as the nudge your potential client needs to close the deal.

Offer limited-time offers such as 14-day offers and focus on what the client will gain by taking the offers sooner rather than later. 

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #6 – Sequence the right pages

Another effective way of urging clients to sign-up is to create touchpoints along your sales funnel.

Use ideas like the two-step tripwire, allowing clients to complete the sign-up process in two easy steps.

This technique should encourage customers to sign-up now to avoid the rush/delay/process at the end. You’ll have their contact information for future campaign purposes. 

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #7 – Order your offers correctly and intentionally

Ideally, you want your customers to feel like they have “graduated” to the next step as they move through each funnel.

As they move away from the lower-tier products, they should see an increase in value and feel closer to a call to action.

The offers on the various tiers shouldn’t be so different that a customer feels hesitant to purchase.

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #8 – Connect bundles, bumps, upsells, and downsells

When a potential client is displaying signs of finally making a purchase, it’s essential to offer them options that are entirely relevant to their specific needs.

If your main offer isn’t what the client is looking for, the add ons are used to convert interest to actual sales. Provide the option to upgrade to the main product eventually. 

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #9 – Include social proof

Even the best, most popular products should have a degree of social proof to back up their campaigns.

Provide a variety of social proof options. Use images, videos, and testimonials from your customer base to enhance your brand.

Prospective customers should see what there is to gain by engaging with your brand. 

ClickFunnels Demo & Walkthrough

Step #10 – Remember exit intent offers

Most visitors will navigate their way through your landing page without committing.

Add overlays, pop-ups, and a host of other extras to hook clients before they completely exit your page.

These overlays and extras are composed of downsells, freebies, and special offers in a last attempt to hook your prospective client.

Bottom Line

Take advantage of the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial period and use our 10-step guide so you can create and market your brand effortlessly.

The ClickFunnels 35-minute demo will show you how easy it is to use the landing pages and navigate your way around the funnels.

ClickFunnels could be just the platform you need to give your brand marketing a real boost!

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