ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Explained

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The Two Comma Club is a recognition program for ClickFunnels creators who reach one million dollars in revenue using ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson presents the award to acknowledge their success and encourage others to strive toward the same success with their business.

Earning one million dollars through their funnel allows users to qualify for a special plaque plus other benefits, which could be great incentives for other ClickFunnels users.

TierApplication FeeEarnings Needed to Qualify


Two Comma Club 22C$250


A large plaque of recognition

Two Comma Club 22C-X



A plaque different from the 22C and a championship-style ring designed by ClickFunnels

Two Comma Club 22C-C



An even larger plaque with additional rewards added when the user hits $50,000,000, $75,000,000, and $100,000,000
Two Comma Club 2 Hearts


$1,000,000 generated and $1,000,000 donated

A special plaque

ClickFunnels Two Comma Club

The Two Comma Club is a recognition program given to members of ClickFunnels who have reached at least $1,000,000 in revenue. There are four tiers in the Two Comma Club – the 22C, 22C-X, 22C-C, and 2 Heart. What do you get for each? The rewards are


  • A large plaque of recognition


  • A plaque different from the 22C and a championship-style ring designed by ClickFunnels 


  • An even larger plaque with additional rewards added when the user hits $50,000,000, $75,000,000, and $100,000,000

2 Heart

  • A special plaque created in honor of Leila and Alex Hormozi’s generosity for donating $1,000,000 to charity.

What is Two Comma Club?

The Two Comma Club is an exclusive club for ClickFunnels users who have earned one million dollars through their funnel. 

In recognition of their achievement, besides receiving a plaque, members can network with like-minded people.

The possibility of being invited to speak at a live ClickFunnels event is another great advantage. Members also get the chance to collaborate on ClickFunnels projects, such as sharing their funnel blueprints with other ClickFunnels users. Such a prestigious award can also potentially attract a wide range of new customers.

There is a Two Comma ClubX pricing plan available for $2,500 per month. This VIP package makes it clear that you’ve (potentially) set your sights on the award.

It includes exclusive training materials, video lessons, virtual lessons, and the Platinum plan.

Why Was 2 Comma Club Created?

In 2016 ClickFunnels noticed that many of its customers were making a million dollars through their funnels. So Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, decided to award a special keepsake from ClickFunnels to recognize their achievement.

Showcasing the winners is also an excellent opportunity to promote the ClickFunnels software to potential and current customers.

It means that they too can aim toward receiving the 2 Comma Club award – that it is a definite possibility.

The 2 Comma Club award winners previously received their trophies on stage at the annual Funnel Hacking live events.

How to Become a Member of the Two Comma Club?

To begin your Two Comma Club Award application, you need to provide the following:

  • A screenshot of your ClickFunnels, Stripe, PayPal, or Merchant account, linked to your funnel
  • A screen share video that shows how the funnel has generated $1,000,000
  • Meet the required minimum of 40 transactions through the funnel
  • $250 application fee

Below are the details for the remaining awards:                     

Application cost: $350 for the 2 Comma Club “X” award + screenshot + a screen share video showing $10,000,000 generated + 400 transactions. 

Application cost: $450 for the 2 Comma Club “C” award + screenshot + a screen share video showing $25,000,000 generated + 600 transactions. 

Application cost: $250 for the 2 Heart award + screenshot + a screen share video showing $1,000,000 generated and $1,000,000 donated.

ClickFunnels 2CC Two Comma Club Award 

In 2017 ClickFunnels created the Two Comma Club award for users who earned one million dollars within their ClickFunnels funnel.

The award itself is a large plaque. Seven hundred and thirty-seven Clickfunnels users have now received this award from niches including a dental practice, coaching, and selling physical products.

ClickFunnels 2CC-X Two Comma Club Award

This award is for people who have earned over ten million dollars in sales through their funnel.

Winners are also eligible for a championship-styled diamond ring designed and customized by ClickFunnels.

Since its inception, forty-six people have received this award. Their businesses include digital courses, weight loss supplements, and coaching.

ClickFunnels 2CC-C Two Comma Club Award 

The 2 Comma Club “C” award is a gigantic plaque presented to ClickFunnels users who have made $25,000,000 from their funnel.

This award contains milestones, so if and when the winners reach $50,000,000, $75,000,000, and $100,000,000, they receive corresponding discs on their plaque.

So far, ten people have received this award for selling digital products, providing funnel coaching, and fitness training.

ClickFunnels 2 Heart Two Comma Club Award

Created after a couple with a ClickFunnels funnel donated one million dollars to charity, the 2 Heart award honors their generosity.

ClickFunnels decided to make the award to thank their customers for the gesture. So far, Leila and Alex Hormozi are the only people to have received it.

2 Comma Club Award Winners

There are currently 737 Two Comma Club members. 

They come from a range of backgrounds and operate a range of businesses. They have taken varying amounts of time to reach the one million dollar mark.

Renowned for assisting its customers through training to help them scale their businesses, Clickfunnels is only too pleased to endorse those who do well. And when customers accomplish the feat of earning one million dollars, it wants to share the fact with others.

In this section, we will introduce two very different yet inspiring Two Comma Club stories. One member qualified for the award within seventy-four days, and the other reached this achievement within five years.

Lag Shot Golf

Garry Guerrero: Lag Shot Golf 

Garry Guerrero took just seventy-four days to earn one million dollars through his funnel. He created his funnel in July 2020 with a free trial to ClickFunnels.

He had just started his company selling a special seven iron training golf club optimizing training sessions. The package includes a video training series with a PGA teacher of the year.

By September, Garry made over one million dollars, and on October 1st, he applied for his 2 Comma Club award.  Numerous PGA teachers and amateur golfers across the globe have praised his product.

Gary now provides anyone interested in scaling their business free access to his traffic blueprint.

Toren Brothers: Kidpreneur

Matthew and Adam Toren started their company Raising Empowered Kids in 2012 to help children become entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed with it until 2014, when they created a ClickFunnels funnel.

That turned things around for them, and in 2020, they qualified for a Two Comma Club award.

Matthew and Adam started their first business at ages 7 and 8.

They used their experience to provide a practical program teaching children what it takes to succeed in the modern global economy. The program includes nine modules, worksheets, and activities.

Their book Kidpreneurs-Young Entrepreneurs with BIG Ideas has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

Two Comma Club Live Event 2021

If you’re looking to improve your marketing skills and bring more traffic to your funnel, then the Two Comma Club Live event is for you. Streamed from ClickFunnels’ head office in Boise, Idaho, this three-day virtual conference will give you plenty of advice and assistance.

Russell Brunson shares his tips on everything from scaling your traffic to scaling your skillset during the event.

In addition, the ClickFunnels team shows past presentations by Two Comma Club members and other guests at Funnel Hacking Live sharing their tactics on how they became successful. These include people like Alex Charfen, an eight-figure entrepreneur, and Prince EA, a mega influencer.

The 2021 event happened on June 16th-18th, and ClickFunnels hasn’t confirmed the next date. However, our team will be among the first to update our readers when ClickFunnels announces the new dates for the next event. Therefore, you should bookmark this page to be one of the first to know the new dates.

Is it Worth Joining the Two Comma Club?

It all depends on your perspective. Some business people find such awards inspiring and say it helps them to stay focused and motivated.

Another plus is that gaining a 2 Comma Club trophy could attract more potential customers to your funnel.

Of course, other entrepreneurs don’t want publicity or a plaque to prove their success.

There is a $250 fee to pay when applying for the award and 2 Comma Club members share their funnel blueprints with other ClickFunnels users. These could be more reasons why you might think it’s not worth joining the 2 Comma Club.

ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Plan

For three years, ClickFunnels has offered the Two Comma ClubX plan. However, the subscription window has only opened three times for less than twenty-four hours during that time.

As well as unlimited funnels and pages, this select package includes the Platinum plan. Business and funnel coaching with Russell Brunson and his team are also available via video and virtual sessions.

Subscribers also receive digital bonus training, including the Agora Financial Copywriting System, Software Secrets, and Agora Media Buying Course.

For the first ninety days, users receive intensive training. They’ll watch a video of Russell Brunson explaining the different strategies every week. They’ll then break into small groups, work through the steps together, and later work with a member of Russell Brunson’s team. 

There’s a Q&A session to ensure you’re on the right track. And then, you get to build and launch your funnel. 

ClickFunnels says it’s perfect for both beginners and people with experience in building funnels.

Bottom Line 

Imagine starting your online business with a free trial and ending up with a Two Comma Club award. It doesn’t matter if it takes days or years; the prestige of winning the award may appeal to you. 

However, if you’ve made a million dollars within your funnel, you might not need an award as a record of your success. Or you may have the idea of the award continuously in the back of your mind – and visualize yourself receiving it, whatever it takes.

Either way, the award system is perfect for ClickFunnels to promote its system, proving that it works for entrepreneurs just like you. 

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