ClickFunnels 2.0 Website Templates

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Start building your online business website with one of the great ClickFunnels website templates below.

Key Takeaways:

  • 4 free ClickFunnels 2.0 website themes
  • Mix and match ClickFunnels page templates to get your perfect website
  • Currently no 3rd-party template support

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ClickFunnels Website Themes 

If you’re just starting your online business, creating a website from nothing may seem like a daunting task.

For this reason, ClickFunnels 2.0 provides four website templates that you can use as the basis for your website. Users can select the theme that they wish to use and then customize it to match their brand.

1. LaunchBoss Theme (Free)

The LaunchBoss theme is a great website template to use for any kind of online business, but is especially great for wellness, self-improvement, and coaching online businesses. 

The home page begins with a strong marketing headline, an immediate call-to-action (great for capturing those customers that already know they want your product or service), and a testimonial proving your product or service’s worth. 

The theme then places key features that should help sell your product or service next, and in an area where the call-to-action button is likely to still be on screen. Underneath the bold opening, the theme gives space to expand on what your service or product can do for your visitors, elaborating on some of the features and benefits.  

The theme incorporates testimonials, aspirational headlines, and fits all the information on one scrollable page to keep visitors engaged and promote the product. A subtle choice of colors, strong headline font, and staggered image placement make this template perfect for taking visitors on a focused journey to a purchase.

2. Hero Theme (Free)

The Hero theme is a really great choice for those who want to build their professional credibility and promote their service or product through compelling offers. 

The theme places the business owner’s identity and personal story at the center of the landing page. This helps to build credibility, so visitors can learn why they should trust you and your product or service. 

The theme immediately follows up with a video marketing element designed to help retain visitor attention and build interest while encouraging you to discuss your own journey and how you began your business. These are tools to build more credibility and trust. 

After that, placing all your preferred contact methods (email, phone, and social media) gives visitors the impression that you are available and ready to talk with them. 

Overall, this is a great choice for anyone looking to build their personal or business brand, placing a strong emphasis on your personal journey and expertise to capture the interest of visitors.

3. Physical Product Theme (Free)

This ClickFunnels theme places a strong focus on selling physical products, making sure that visitors are never far from a purchase button. 

The theme makes use of bold headline statements that target a customer’s desires and also recommends placing a large product image near the top of the page to give potential customers a visual push towards a purchase. 

This is immediately followed with pricing information and a button for customers to make a purchase. The theme places pricing and purchasing buttons every few elements so that customers are regularly prompted to make a purchase during their time spent on the product  page.  

If your online business revolves around the sale of a small number of physical products, this is a great template to base your website on.

4. Dark Course Theme (Free)

The Dark Course theme is, unsurprisingly, aimed at providing the ideal website template for the knowledge professionals, teachers, and educators out there. 

The first thing the theme suggests using is a marketing video. This could introduce both you and the benefits of your course. Video marketing is a fantastic way to capture visitor attention and explain the benefits of your course while the visitor is engaged. 

This is immediately followed by a call-to-action, capitalizing on visitors who were convinced by the marketing video and want to make an immediate purchase.

As the page progresses, the theme suggests detailing the course materials and including testimonials from former course subscribers. The theme also includes a blog to further enhance the credibility and personable nature of the course author.

This theme is ideal if you’re hoping to turn your knowledge and experience into an online course business.

ClickFunnels Page Templates

ClickFunnels page templates fill a slightly different role than themes. They give users guidance and a starting point for a specific page within their website. 

With 91 templates that users can mix and match, combined with the ability to customize the elements within them, users can create the perfect site for their online business.

Homepage Templates

Get your desired homepage layout and design by using any any of the homepage templates below:

Homepage Templates
homepage templates
Hero Theme (Free)
ClickFunnels page

Members Area Login Page

Make sure your website’s members area login page sets the right tone with any of these five templates. All elements can be edited to further fine tune what your customers see when they want to access your content.

Members Area
Member login page
Login Page
Area Login
My workspace 2

Store Template Page

Create an easy-to-use and pleasant customer shopping experience with a professional storefront for your products page.

Large call action
shopping cart
shop all products

Customer Center Template Page

Ensure your customers and subscribers get access to all the content they’ve bought in one unified experience with one of these Customer Center templates.

customer center
Customer Center Template
Customer Center Template Page
customer centre 2

Course Template Page

Clearly display your courses and their contents so that your customers can see exactly what they’re learning next and get prepared for class with one of these great course template pages.

show page
Course Template Page
course show page
show page
launch boss course

Blog Page Templates

Build audience trust and confidence in your expertise with a beautifully crafted blog using one of ClickFunnels many blog page templates, like the examples below.

Blog Page
our blog

Other Template Pages

There are plenty of other templates that users can choose from other than the examples we’ve shown above. Whether you’re in need of a custom 404 page, a page that displays a specific section of a course, a Coming Soon page, or checkout page, ClickFunnels has templates for them all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to add a ClickFunnels page template, you should:

  • Log in to your ClickFunnels account.
  • Select Sites & Funnels from the menu.
  • Click Edit in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down to Advanced Settings.
  • Under the Template section, click Change.
  • Select the page template you wish to use and then select Submit.

Your page will now have been updated to match the chosen template.

To change your ClickFunnels website theme, you need to:

  • Log in to your ClickFunnels account.
  • Select Settings from your menu.
  • Select Themes from the submenu.
  • Click Add New Theme.
  • Select the theme you wish to use.
  • Click the Install Theme button in the bottom right corner.
  • Locate the theme in your list of downloaded themes and select Promote to LIVE.

Although there are many websites that purport to offer the sale of ClickFunnels 2.0 themes and templates, there is currently no ClickFunnels support for 3rd-party templates and themes.

Yes. All templates and themes found within the ClickFunnels platform are free of charge to all subscribers.

Final Thoughts

As it stands, the website theme options that ClickFunnels has to offer subscribers is quite limited with only four available. However, as a compensation, users are able to mix and match page templates from any of the themes and edit any elements within them to get the desired level of customization.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of easy-to-implement, plug-and-play website templates and themes, ClickFunnels may not be the best software as a service platform for you to use. Their competitors (e.g. Kajabi) have more choices in this department.

If, however, you’re prepared to do a little work and are confident editing templates and themes, ClickFunnels website and funnel editing tools might be everything you need to build a website you can start using today.

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