How to Download Videos in LearnWorlds

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As a student on LearnWorlds, you cannot natively download videos from a browser. You can only download videos from the mobile app to watch offline (if your teacher allows it). 

As a LearnWorlds course creator, you can grant students access to download your course videos from the app. You can also add digital files to complement the course.

Key Takeaways:

  • Students can’t download course videos from a browser.
  • You can download videos from the mobile app if the teacher allows it.
  • Teachers can add a Google Drive link to a folder with a video for students to download.
  • You can protect the content you create and share by adding watermarks.

Can Students Download Videos on LearnWorlds?

It depends on whether you use a browser or a mobile app and whether the course creator allows it.

Browser: There is no native way to download videos.

The only way to download a LearnWorlds video on a browser is if the course creator adds a link to a Google Drive folder containing the video content. From there, you can download a video.

Mobile App: You can download videos with permission from the course creator.

A course creator can allow you to download their videos on the mobile app and access them offline within the app.

How to Allow Students Access to Download Videos from the App

As a teacher, you can enable your course videos to be downloaded within the app and watched offline by students.

It is simple to enable video and can be done through these steps:

  1. Click the Mobile App tab.
  2. Select Manage Your App.
  3. Choose Offline Video.
  4. Toggle on the setting Enable Offline Video.
Download Videos

Download LearnWorlds Videos on the Mobile App

The course creator can activate the offline video feature to allow students to access videos offline. 

How to Download a Video

If the creator has activated the offline video feature, it is easy to download the content following these steps:

  1. Open the Just Launch It app by LearnWorlds.
  2. Select the course you want to download the video from.
  3. On the course details page, you will see a Download Now button.
LearnWorlds Videos
  1. Click on the icon to show all the content you can download.
  2. Select the videos you want to watch offline, or choose Download All Units and click the download button.
Download All Units

If a video is not available for download yet, it may be because of the following:

  • Drip Feed – This is when a course creator releases the course content slowly over time. The whole course isn’t instantly available once you sign up.
  • Sequential Navigation – A course creator can set that each learning activity has to be completed before moving on to the next. If this is set, you will not be able to download the whole course instantly.
  • Prerequisite Learning Activities – This is when users need to complete milestones to unlock the next piece of content. 

How to Play a Downloaded Video

Once you have downloaded the videos, access and watch them offline by following these steps:

  • Open the Just Launch It app by LearnWorlds.
  • Open My Courses.
  • Select Downloaded Courses.
  • Click on the course and the video you want to watch.
Downloaded Courses
Downloaded Courses

How to Delete a Downloaded Video

As a student, you can set your downloaded videos to auto-delete or manually bulk-delete videos from the entire course.

Set your videos to auto-delete after 30 days. You now have 30 days to watch the content before the videos are deleted automatically. Auto-delete is a great option; you don’t have to worry about the space they are taking up or delete them manually.

To set your videos to auto-delete, follow these steps:

Delete a Downloaded
  1. Open the Just Launch It app by LearnWorlds.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Auto Delete.
  4. Toggle the button to on.

If you aven’t set your videos to auto-delete or have finished watching them before the 30 days and want to delete them, you can do so manually.

To delete your videos manually, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Just Launch It app by LearnWorlds.
  2. Open the course you want to delete the videos from.
  3. Click the bin icon to bulk delete the videos from the course.
Auto Delete

How to Attach Digital Files to Your Courses

Create digital content and attach it to your course for your students to download.

The attached files can be a maximum of 20MB, so bear this in mind when creating them.

You could add a link to a Google Drive to allow your students to download bigger files, including the course videos. Use Google Drive to store the videos and make them downloadable for students to watch offline.

Once you have created your files, it is easy to attach them.

  1. Click on the course you want to add the attachment to.
  2. Select Content.
  3. Find the activity to which you want to add the file and click Settings.
Attach Digital Files
  1. Scroll down and click Add Digital Download.
Add Digital Download
  1. Find your file and press Open.
Find your file
  1. Once the file has been uploaded, it will appear above the Add Digital Download button.
Add Digital Download
  1. Click Save.

How Do Students Download the Digital Files?

LearnWorlds allows teachers to attach alternative content to their courses for students to download. This content could be worksheets, guides, tip sheets, etc. These downloadable files will accompany the course and can be accessed offline.

To download an attached file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the course you are currently studying.
  2. Look for the attachment button in the form of a paperclip.
attachment button
  1. Click on the attachment icon in the top right corner.
  2. This will reveal the attachments available to be downloaded in the top bar of the course.
attachment button
  1. Click on the attachment to download them to your desktop.

How Do I Protect My LearnWorlds Videos?

Sharing content will never be 100% protected from copyright infringements. But adding some level of protection from potential violators is a great idea.

As a course creator, LearnWorlds helps do this by using domain-restricted access and allowing you to add the user’s id, email, or logo as a watermark to videos and PDFs.

Add a Watermark to a Video and PDF

To enable watermarks on your videos, you must have selected Interactive LearnWorlds Video Player under Player Appearance Settings.

  1. Open Settings and click School Settings.
  2. Select Copyright Protection.
  3. Choose how you would like to protect your videos and PDFs.
Add Digital Download

There are four options for adding watermark settings to your video.


  • There are four options for watermark appearance. 
  • Display School Logo – Your school logo will be displayed. 

Display School Name – Add the name of your school.

If you select either of the options above, those who see them will know it is yours by the watermarks.

  • Display User Email – This will show the user or student email who is consuming your content. 
  • Display User ID – LearnWorlds adds a unique ID to your video or PDF, depending on who uses it. 

If you select either of these options, you can trace it back to the user who stole your content.

Display User Email


Choose the position you want the watermark displayed. 

For video: To protect even further, you can set the watermark to move around. Do this by checking the box and entering a timeframe.

Size: Select the size you want your watermark to display. 

Transparency: Specify if you want to make your logo transparent using the dropdown and select what percentage of transparency you want.

After selecting the options, click Preview on both the Video Watermark Settings and PDF Watermark Settings to check that you are happy with how the watermarks look. Once you are happy with the watermarks, click Save.

Although adding an extra level of security is beneficial, it won’t stop every attempt to steal your content. For your peace of mind, remember that most people are genuine and want to learn from your content. Do not let a few unethical individuals stop you from sharing your knowledge.

Can Course Creators (Admins) Download Videos in LearnWorlds?

Yes. If you are the LearnWorlds Admin, then the content you have created belongs to you. 

There is no official way to download videos directly from LearnWorlds, so we have contacted the customer support team to see how to do it.

We asked: “As a course creator, if I upload a video to my course, can I download it again? Say, if I accidentally deleted it from my hard drive, can I retrieve it through LearnWorlds?”

We received this response: “If you ever find yourself in such a situation, please reach out to us, and we will gladly help you recover your video from the ones you have uploaded to our cloud.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only download course videos if the creator allows it via the mobile app.

No, this could be a copyright violation. Always get permission from the content creator before downloading and sharing their videos.

You cannot save LearnWorlds videos unless the teacher has granted access. Videos can be saved and watched offline through the mobile app.

No, you should not screen-record the lessons without the class teacher’s permission.

Bottom Line

As a student, you can download videos through the mobile app if the teacher allows it. Alternatively, the teacher may upload a link to Google Drive with the video content you can download and watch offline.

As a course creator, you can take measures to protect your content, like adding watermarks. You can also create and upload files for students to access offline as an alternative to video.


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