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LearnWorlds has some of the most advanced gamification features of any course creation platform.

These include rewards, badges, assessments, interactive videos, and the ability for students to create their own course paths.

All of these features will help keep users engaged and encourage them to complete the course.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding game elements to your course can make learning fun
  • Use the gamification features to give students control of their learning

LearnWorlds Gamification Features

LearnWorlds has tons of gamification features, making it one of the most advanced and engaging course creation tools available. 

There are lots of benefits to using gamification features, including engaging students, motivating them to complete the course, and increasing their experience.

Rewards and Badges

You can reward users with digital badges that appear on their profile page.

This can help inspire users to complete tasks and engage with your content to receive badges.

There are over 15 badges currently available on LearnWorlds. Some of these are as follows:

  • Newbie – Awarded to new members.
  • Active Member – Awarded to members who have made ten or more social actions in one month.
  • Appreciated – Awarded to members who have 30 or more “yeah” reactions.
  • Civic Duty – Awarded to members who have answered five or more polls.
  • Note Master – Awarded to members who have created 20 or more notes.


LearnWorlds allows you to create both graded assessments, called “exams,” and non-graded assessments, called “self-assessments.” 

You can add multiple question types and structure your assessment in any way you like.


Adding interactive assessments are great for engaging students and encouraging them to focus during the training in order to pass the tests. 

Assessments can also boost your students’ confidence and allow them to show everything they’ve learned. It also gives you an opportunity to find any knowledge gaps and address these.



You can reward students with certificates on LearnWorlds. This allows your students to show their knowledge and achievements.

There are two types of certificates available on LearnWorlds. 

The first is a certificate of completion. These are awarded to users when they complete a task or the course. 

The second is a certificate of knowledge. These are combined with a graded assessment and rewarded when a user passes the assessment.

Interactive Video Editor

Interactive Video Editor

The interactive video editor sets LearnWorlds apart from competing platforms. 

It is a unique feature that allows you to upload your video content and add interactive elements. 

Interactive elements have several benefits, including keeping users’ attention, making your videos more engaging, and giving control to users to allow them to view relevant content.

Features you can add include buttons, questions, and a table of contents.

How to Gamify LearnWorlds Online Courses

It’s easy to gamify your LearnWorlds courses. You can do this by adding game elements to your course and enabling badges.

How to Add Game Elements to Your LearnWorlds Course

To add a new game activity to your course, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the course you want to gamify.
  2. Click the Contents tab.
How to Add Game Elements to Your LearnWorlds Course
  1. Choose whether you want to create a new section or add the game activity to an existing section.
  2. Click Add Activity.
Click Add Activity
  1. Select the game activity you want to add.
The game elements you can add include the following:
  • Interactive Video
  • Assessments
  • Exams
  • Certificates
There are also other activities you can add to your course. However, they are not considered game elements. These include forms, e-books, PDFs, etc.
  1. Name the activity and click Save and Edit.
  2. Follow the steps and make the edits to the game activity you’ve chosen.
  3. Save your changes and publish your game activity.
If you’ve added an interactive video activity to your course, you can add gamification elements to it. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. Locate the course with the interactive video activity.
Interactive Video
  1. Hover over the activity and click Edit Video.
This will open the video player. On the right-hand side of the video player, there are all of the interactive elements you can add.
video player
  1. Select the element you want to add from the right sidebar.
Gamification elements include the following:
  • Buttons – You can add buttons that students can click to move to a different point in the video, show a message, or open a link. Adding buttons encourages users to engage and focus on the course. It also allows users to navigate the video themselves and watch and skip sections.
  • Questions – You can add click-to-answer questions. You can test your students and encourage them to stay focused on your content.
  • Table of Contents – You can create a table of contents that allows users to see the upcoming video content. You can also allow students to navigate to other sections of the video using the table of contents. This can help them select relevant and useful content for them.
  1. Customize your element and save your video changes.

How to Enable Digital Badges on LearnWorlds

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select Learning Apps.
  3. Choose Gamification Engine.
  4. Check the Enable Gamification Engine tickbox.
How to Enable Digital Badges on LearnWorlds

Which Plans Have Access to Gamification on LearnWorlds?

All of LearnWorlds plans have some gamification features. 

The gamification badges are available on all plans. 

You can also use the assessment builder on all of the plans. If you have the Pro Trainer plan or above, you can also import XLS files with questions to your assessments. The Learning Center and High Volume and Corporate plans also allow you to add recorded video and audio to the assessments.

Within the assessment builder, you can reward certificates for completing a course or based on their knowledge on all plans. However, to create a custom certificate, you need a Pro Trainer plan or above.

The interactive video editor is only available on the Learning Center and High Volume and Corporate plans.

StarterPro TrainerLearning CenterHigh Volume and Corporate
Gamification Badges
Assessment Builder and Certificates​​✅​​✅
Custom Certificates
Interactive Video Editor​​❌✅ 6 hours per month or 80 hours per year✅ 20 hours per month or 300 hours per year

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can gamify your courses on LearnWorlds using assessments, badges, certificates, and buttons.

LearnWorlds has some of the most advanced gamification features of any course creation platform.

LearnWorlds gamification badges are rewards for customers after completing certain milestones.

For example, the badges include Active Member, rewarded to members who have made ten or more social interactions in one month, and VIP, rewarded to members who have 100 or more “best of” on their posts or comments.


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