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LearnWorlds makes it possible to create websites to sell courses and content for a vast array of different industries. The 5 best LearnWorlds websites discussed in the article demonstrate how versatile LearnWorlds is.

For the artist or musician, LearnWorlds makes teaching creative and expressive techniques easy by incorporating customizable interactive videos. These videos allow students to see and hear small details very often missed in written content.

Upsell your training by actively promoting different interface types that can include presenting courses to large groups.

Award certificates and diplomas to learners after the completion of accredited courses. Incorporate your online store to sell the products you’re using during the lectures, increasing the potential income received from your subscribers.

These are just a few of the great features you can include with LearnWorlds. Let’s have a look at the 5 best LearnWorlds websites.

Learnworlds Website Examples

5 Best LearnWorlds Website Examples

The featured websites have all been created with LearnWorlds. They sell specialized courses and other training material targeted at the food and technology industry, DIY enthusiasts, musicians, and dog lovers. 

Improv Piano Tips

1. Musicians

Gone are the days where the only way to learn piano is through sheet music. Nikolas Nuñez, from Improv Piano Tips, shares his own personal playing skills and tricks to assist aspiring pianists in expressing themselves on the piano. 

 LearnWorlds assists you in creating interactive videos that showcase your expertise and explain the finer detail in any field, which is especially helpful in creative fields. Offer prospective clients a free trial of your content, like the Improv Piano Tips 14-day free course that can persuade them to click on the subscribe button. 

Integrity Compliance

2. Food Industry

ICS (Integrity Compliance Solutions) provides industrial food-related training to the industry. Depending on the specific course, they offer online, virtual classroom, and face-to-face training through their LearnWorlds site.

They make use of the site to upsell their courses, providing the option to book public or in-house training. Apart from paid courses, LearnWorlds gives the option to offer free courses that can attract new clients to your site.

Adding a blog to your site will establish a platform whereby you can communicate with your clients regularly, sharing relevant news and new courses.

Canine Principles

3. Pets

Canine Principles focuses on selling training material for dog owners and trainers. Their courses range from free and low-cost self-study material (perfect for the dog owner) to CPD certificate and diploma programs aimed at the trainer. 

LearnWorlds make it possible to incorporate third party logins from popular sites, such as Facebook and Google.

Adding monthly and annual payments for courses grow your passive income, allowing you to plan and grow your business. Include affiliate programs to your site to increase your reach and network.

Frocks And Frolics

4. DIY

Frocks and Frolics is an online platform that will teach you how to sew. Each course covers a specific clothing item and includes the pattern itself, E-books, and a step-by-step video. 

The site includes an online store for a wide range of fabrics, toys, stationery, and other goods grouped neatly into organized categories. 

Florida SBDC

5. Technology

Florida SBCD teaches small and medium businesses the basics of cybersecurity. With the growth of the online economy, they feel that no business is too small to develop a cybersecurity strategy. 

You can register for their Cybersecurity Basics for Small Businesses course at no cost. The idea of the program is to educate small businesses about cybersecurity basics.


The diversity of the 5 LearnWorlds sites mentioned above shows the versatility of this fast-growing platform. It’s a tool that makes it possible for every skilled person to share and generate an income from his passion or area of expertise. The vast selection of tools and features make it possible to customize your site to your taste and needs, allowing you to build a store that suits your content. 

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