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LearnWorlds has over 50 website templates available. 

Each template is expertly designed and categorized by industry.

All of the templates are customizable, allowing you to easily create a professional-looking website.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can customize multiple templates and switch between them on LearnWorlds
  • The theme explorer makes it easy to change templates colors, fonts, and layouts
  • View all available templates by signing up for free here.

LearnWorlds Website Templates by Category

LearnWorlds has tons of expertly designed website templates. 

The templates are arranged by category, making it easy to select a professional template for your business.

Art and Design

There are currently eight art and design templates to choose from. These are perfect if you have a creative brand. 

The templates are bright, colorful, and fun but with enough white space to allow your content to pop.



The coaching templates are suitable for all types of coaches. They have a sleek and clear layout.

Several of the templates have dedicated sections that allow your potential customers to get to know you and space to add testimonials.

Customer Education

Customer Education

There are nine customer education-focused templates. 

The templates are clear, bold, and allow your content to shine.

There are templates for all aspects of customer education, including training and scaling your business.

NGOs and Nonprofits

NGOs and Nonprofits

There are five templates designed for NGOs and nonprofits. 

The templates allow you to create a professional website with details of your mission.

The bold titles and image-focused templates make your message stand out. 



There are a variety of fitness templates suitable for all types of exercise websites. The templates could suit coaches, personal trainers, gyms, or studios.

There are bold and contrasting templates for high-intensity fitness. 

There are also more calm and soothing colored templates perfect for yoga or meditation websites.



The healthcare templates are perfect for creating a professional-looking website.

The templates are simple with a soft color palette. 

They are suitable for all kinds of healthcare, including nutrition, physiotherapy, chiropractic websites, and many others.



The medical templates use calming colors, like blues and greens. 

This gives your website a simple and clean look. 

There is plenty of white space to help your content stand out.

These templates are best suited to doctors, clinics, and other medical websites.



There are five financial templates on LearnWorlds. All the templates use contrasting blue and white, giving you a professional look. However, if you want to use an alternative scheme, this is easily changed using the theme editor.

Can I Customize LearnWorlds Website Templates?

Yes, all of the LearnWorlds templates can be fully customized to suit your brand. 

You can use the theme explorer, site editor, and add custom code.

Theme Explorer

Theme Explorer

LearnWorlds has a feature called theme explorer. This makes it easy to change all aspects of the template in one click to keep it looking cohesive. 

To locate the theme explorer, click Site Builder and then Theme Explorer. 

The first tab is Theme Explorer. Here, there are several pre-set template recommendations. This includes color schemes, font pairings, and layouts. 

If you don’t like any of the recommendations, you can create your own color palettes, font families, buttons, and layouts. To do this, choose the option you want to change from the top bar.

You can choose your own colors, upload or choose a font, manually adjust your button size, and customize your layout.

You can click on each option to see a preview of how it will look on your website. 

Once you’re happy with your changes, make sure to save them.

Site Editor

Site Editor

The site editor allows you to change every aspect of your template. 

To locate the site editor, click Site Builder and then Edit School Site.

You can use the click-to-edit features and use the sidebar to make your changes. You can also drag and drop your elements into the right place.

Once you’ve made your changes, you can see them using the Preview button in the top right corner. Make sure to save your changes.

Custom Code

Custom Code

The templates and site editor features allow most schools to create the website they need. However, in some circumstances, you might need to add your own custom code.

To do so, click Site Builder and then Edit School Site. Then, select Site from the toolbar and then Site Custom Code. 

Can I Use Multiple Templates on LearnWorlds?

Yes, on LearnWorlds, you can create multiple templates and switch between them. These are called “site flavors” on LearnWorlds.

Why Should I Create Multiple Templates on LearnWorlds?

  • Rebrand – Create your rebranded website while keeping your existing website running. You can make changes and ensure your rebrand is perfect before launching.
  • Holiday or Seasonal Templates – You can build holiday-themed templates and switch between them. 

For example, you can build a Black Friday-themed template with discounts and offers. You can have the template ready to launch for Black Friday and keep your existing template until then. 

Then, once Black Friday is over, you can revert to your original template.

How to Create Multiple LearnWorlds Site Flavors

  1. Click Site Builder.
  2. Select Site Flavors.
  3. Click Create Site Flavor.
How to Create Multiple LearnWorlds Site Flavors
  1. Choose your template, name it, and click Create Site Flavor.
Create Site Flavor
  1. Hover over the new site flavor and click Edit in Site Builder.
Edit in Site Builder
  1. Customize your new template.
  2. Click Save.

How to Activate LearnWorlds Site Flavors

  1. Click Site Builder.
  2. Select Site Flavors.
  3. Hover over the site flavor you want to activate.
  4. Click Activate.
Click Activate
  1. Select Yes.
Select Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Site Builder and select Site Flavors. Here you can find your current template and create a new template.

There are around 50 templates designed for different industries currently available.

Yes. All the templates on LearnWorlds can be used for free.


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