LearnWorlds Features

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LearnWorlds rightly enjoys a reputation as one of the best platforms to create, promote and sell online courses.

You may customize all features inherent to a range of advanced software and tools to meet specific needs.

This flexibility ensures a truly personalized experience for anyone wishing to train students and host digital course content.

LearnWorlds Features

LearnWorlds Features: Short Overview

LearnWorlds features are genuinely beneficial to users and comprise the following:

  • Course-building capability to capture and hold student attention, improving learning outcomes
  • Interactive video learning function with video transcripts and performance statistics
  • Intuitive course player with customizable drip feed content delivery 
  • A variety of note-taking methods to suit student preferences
  • Creation of graded or ungraded assessments, quizzes, and assignments for continuous assessment of student progress
  • Integration with third-party software providers
  • Gamification for self-assessment and motivation
  • Activity grading with grade book, timely feedback, and automated report scheduling
  • Certificate management through adjustable templates – issued on completion of tasks or courses
  • Course categorization and bundle creation to upsell and cross-sell content
  • Student account management facilitating bulk user actions and custom profile fields
  • Self-registration and user login with SAML2/API integrationAttendance tracking and automated enrollment software
  • Authoring tool to manage assignments, modify course settings, embed video content, and adjust curriculums
  • Customizable language preferences
  • Student learning type preferences 
  • Shopping cart as a plug-in or built-in option with multiple payment gateways and accepted currency options
Team Mission

Who Uses LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is uniquely suited to individuals who wish to monetize their knowledge and create online course content.

Trainers and educators benefit from customizable software to make interactive, engaging, outcomes-based material available to a large audience base.

You can utilize LearnWorlds to start an online school or academic facility from scratch. Entrepreneurs use the platform to develop a school with effective learning management systems and all the tools to market, sell and automate all facets of the workflow.

The wide variety of templates and widgets available make brand creation a breeze.   

Similarly, you can use the LearnWorlds platform to enable comprehensive in-house training for staff, partners, and employees in corporate settings.   

LearnWorlds School og Calisthenics
LearnWorlds Users: School of Calisthenics

LearnWorlds Features: In-Depth

LearnWorlds is passionate about its vision to provide customers with the best possibl features.

Users have access to an extensive knowledge library and webinars to learn course creation and familiarize themselves with the site’s tools. 

The LearnWorlds platform operates on a software as a service (SaaS) model. It takes note of user requests and suggestions to integrate new developments and relevant features.

Take a look at our in-depth examination of valuable features below:    

Course Creation

The success of online courses depends on content value and presentation effectiveness.

Utilizing LearnWorlds guarantees access to attention-grabbing marketing strategies to convert browsers into enrolled, engaged students. 

You can format the course builder to offer free or private courses, gamify activities, or schedule course content delivery.

The process is easy and accessible even to less technical students with limited online experience.

Learn About These Features:

Course Creation

Unlimited Courses

Subscription to LearnWorlds gives users the ability to create unlimited courses, regardless of the subscription plan selected.

In addition, there is no restriction on the number of enrolled learners or the landing pages to facilitate learning on Pro Trainer, Learning Center, or Corporate plans. The Starter Plan offers basic features with a few restrictions.

As an added attraction, subscribers can use multiple instructors or trainers to facilitate successful learning.


Interactive Video Hosting

Interactive video hosting is essential to engage with students on a more personal level.

LearnWorlds offers a capable video player and authoring tool that allows course creators to add content to course materials and extract transcripted content.

Utilizing this function has no restrictions. 

Video content incorporates eye-catching openers, bold headings and titles, pointers, comments, and interactive tasks to complement the student’s learning experience, thus boosting performance. In addition, video speed control and keyboard shortcuts are standard.

Video Library LearnWorlds

Intuitive Course Player

The LearnWorlds course player mimics an offline learning environment and is highly intuitive and interactive.

Students can participate in discussions, raise queries with educators, and access multimedia content and other resources, such as the extensive question bank, at will. 

As course facilitator, you can add content such as YouTube videos and SCORM activities, issue exams, and generate certificates while customizing course settings and appearance.

You can also customize the course player to best support particular course material. 


Quizzes & Certifications

To determine learner understanding and progress, educators can create self-assessment quizzes.

Feedback is instantaneous, which helps students to identify problem areas and address challenges.

It is well-documented that people can learn through structured play. LearnWorlds’ Gamification Badges and a system of rewards motivate learners to meet their learning goals while enjoying online gaming. 

Teachers can design and issue formal, bespoke certificates of knowledge or completion to successful students on completing exams and assessments. 

LearnWorlds Quiz

Any Content Type Support

LearnWorlds has versatile content support. Users can integrate e-books, videos, quizzes, and exams in a variety of formats. You can also add PDF files and YouTube content easily. 

LearnWorlds can also facilitate live classes, meetings, and webinars using Zoom or Webex.

You can include additional content from Slideshare, SoundCloud, or other audio files, and you may upload SCORM/HTML 5 packages. In addition, copyright protection is available through video watermarking and PDF stamping.  

LearnWorlds Media

Sophisticated Site Builder

The LearnWorlds point-and-click site builder has a unique design to allow users to customize landing pages, pop-ups, custom domains and subdomains within the school structure.

In addition, users can preview additional functions such as pop-up creation and animated content.

You can also upload logos, alter color schemes, and design login fields and checkout pages that meet your specific needs.    

Learn About These Features:

Site Builder

Wide Variety of Templates & Widgets

LearnWorlds’ ready-made templates are adaptable to meet all site requirements.

In addition, subscribers can select from various templates to market products and add testimonials and reviews.

You can add widgets to facilitate student course interaction. Favorites include calendars, animated counters, vector graphics, and video galleries. 

In addition, you can entice customers to enroll by selecting unique hero templates detailing promotions and blogs elaborating on course content. Designs are mobile-friendly and accessible from any iOS or Android device.  


Various Layouts, Graphics, Fonts & Animations

The LearnWorlds platform gives web designers access to elements and widgets to complement your unique brand. You can modify layouts and design blocks to be impactful yet straightforward while providing concise, neat details within your theme. Simply select a font from the Google Fonts list and typography that fits with your brand.   

You can preview additional functions such as pop-up creation and animated content before implementing the curriculum material.

Widget LearnWorlds
List of Various Widgets and Animations

Great Interactivity

The set up of LearnWorlds’ course pages promises an improved ratio of site traffic to student enrollment.

Clear, prominent headings and input design buttons make it easy for students to navigate catalogs and find suitable programs.

Add to the mix the carefully arranged content columns and powerful media images or video matrix designs to ensure improved sales and enhanced lead generation.

Interactive functions on the video player and video editor increase with a subscription to Learning Center or Corporate High Volume plans.


Color Scheme Design

Subscribers have access to unlimited templates representing a range of themes and designs in the LearnWorlds arsenal.

These templates function as a launching point to create personalized website designs.

Users can mix and match styles, colors, or fonts and preview changes to find the ultimate blend that optimizes their products and brand. 

Colors LearnWorlds
Color Themes in LearnWorlds

Multiple Site Versions

Site Flavors is an innovative feature on the LearnWorlds platform. This function allows users to create multiple versions of the same school, learning platform, or course on the same domain. 

Benefits include easy promotion of special events and renovation (redesign) of your site without losing the integrity of your brand identity.

In this manner, course creators can experiment with design and backup content.

Students have access to course material via social account logins such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Adaptive Content

You can use LearnWorlds’ site builder to implement adaptive content.

Programming makes a distinction between login status, course status, and actual course enrollment.

You can adapt your site design to show elements on assigned student and user tags and even give details on the student’s device to access course material as required. 


SEO Optimization

Marketing and promoting your course for enhanced visibility within search engines can be an arduous task.

LearnWorlds allows for SEO optimization and manages your school’s metadata to ensure strong exposure to site traffic. 

Built-in SEO URLs, metatags, and clean HTML further improve visibility and loading speed. In addition, a multilingual user interface improves conversion rates.

LearnWorlds Manual SEO Settings

Marketing & Sales

Employing the ideal marketing and sales tools is vital for promoting products successfully. LearnWorlds provides users with all the mechanisms to grow student lists and ultimately increase revenues.

Users have access to custom features to enable subscription, promote brand awareness, and analyze product performance. 

Learn About These Features:


Memberships, Subscriptions & Bundles

Subscribers to LearnWorlds’ marketing tools have access to various products to catch the attention of prospective students. 

Included on the menu are: 

  • Subscription options on a range of affordable pricing plans
  • Course bundles at discounted prices
  • Private courses offered to selected students
  • Free courses or course sections
LearnWorlds Marketing Bundle

Coupons & Promotions

LearnWorlds allows for the creation of coupons and promotions to improve sales.

You can tempt browsers with offers of upsells and cross-sell packages. At the same time, one-click funnels and customizable checkout facilities streamline the process.

Utilizing this function promises boosted revenue and more customers revisiting your site. 


Affiliate Marketing

Users on the LearnWorlds platform can build a strong sales team by making the most of the affiliate management function inherent to the site. Build partnerships, generate leads, and gather information on possible future sales by collaborating with stakeholders in your venture.

Affiliate Set Up LearnWorlds
Affiliate Set-Up in LearnWorlds (available with Pro Trainer plan and higher)

Custom Branding & Domains

Most business owners aim to build awareness of their distinctive brand and trademark.

With LearnWorlds’ marketing tools, subscribers can use a custom domain to promote their brand and attract customers.

As an added extra, a full white label branding option removes the LearnWorlds brand from your pages to make the site truly your own.  



LearnWorlds analytics gives users access to statistics via the school dashboard to keep an eye on the performance of your courses.

Insights are available on student progress, course completion ratios, and student viewing habits.

Furthermore, course creators can access data on failed login attempts and conversion rates in addition to completed sales. 

You can gain analytics functions by integrating with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Mixpanel.

Affiliate Set Up LearnWorlds
Affiliate Set-Up in LearnWorlds (available with Pro Trainer plan and higher)

Multiple Payment Gateways & Currencies

A large percentage of sales fail at the checkout counter due to cart abandonment. To this end, LearnWorlds gives shoppers the option to choose one of a selection of payment gateways. In addition, multiple currencies are available.

Supported payment gateways:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • PagSeguro

A few of the accepted currencies include $US, €, £, and A$.

LearnWorlds Payment Gateways
Supported Payment Gateways

Custom Apps for Your School

LearnWorlds features are highly customizable, especially when designing a mobile app for students at your school. For example, you can create mobile access to allow students to use iOS or Android devices.   

The LearnWorlds mobile app builder is regarded as one of the best and can make a notable difference in your e-learning business.

Course creation and launching options, together with customization functions, are available from a single administration panel. You can similarly manage integrations with useful programs such as Mailchimp, Zapier, and Zoom.

LearnWorlds App Testing
App Dashboard

Reports, Insights & Customer Support

Identifying trends and patterns in the way your courses sell can help determine future marketing strategies. With LearnWorlds Report Center, users have exclusive access to data visualizations to assist in this regard.  

Insights can help you check which courses are more popular, identify gaps in learning strategies, or create follow-up courses as needed.

Learn About These Features:

LearnWorlds Course Insights

Advanced User Progress

Keeping track of student progress is an essential function of any educational institution. In this manner, students can receive support and guidance when needed.

LearnWorlds advanced user progress analytic tools give course creators data on individual student performance in exams, assessments, and course completion.


User Segments

It is a clever teaching strategy to group learners with similar characteristics together on a course.

In addition, the LearnWorlds user segment function facilitates categorization of students according to course enrollment, company (if applicable) or team, and simplifies monitoring of student progress.

You can easily engage learners using push notifications targeted at specific groups. This function is convenient when sending selective invitations, issuing reminders, sharing promotional material, or highlighting course content.    


Course Insights 

The new LearnWorlds course insights tool enables an in-depth analysis of student content consumption data, comments, likes, and social interaction on the platform. In addition, LearnWorlds then analyzes the data to visualize areas of concern and student progress and development in general.  

More detailed functionality is available on advanced subscription plans.

Course Insights Dashboard LearnWorlds
Course Insights Dashboard

Automated Reports

Utilizing LearnWorld’s automated reports function ensures that course creators, students, and stakeholders can keep abreast of statistics and trends within a course.

You can set up reports in advance to compile and e-mail at predetermined times or regular intervals. In addition, you can fully automate the process according to personal requirements.  


Great Customer Support

LearnWorlds subscribers have access to a vast library of resources covering everything from building great courses to integration assistance. You can access customer support through a mailing list, blogs, webinars, and a LearnWorlds academy page. 

Users can contact a toll-free number for personalized assistance on setting up a school or communicate by e-mail. In addition, users utilizing the Corporate High Volume Plan have access to a dedicated accounts manager. 

LearnWorlds Help Center
LearnWorlds Help Center

Bottom Line

LearnWorlds simplifies the process of creating, promoting, and selling online course material. Features are fully customizable and can accommodate adaptive content such as videos, PDF documents, and audio content. 

With the help of an intuitive point-and-click builder, users can design, preview, and renovate custom domains to reflect personal preference and brand awareness.

Checkout is a dream, with various payment gateways and currency payment options. Insightful analytics and reporting capabilities keep students, tutors, and stakeholders happy.   

LearnWorlds gives you everything you need to monetize your knowledge at a series of accessible price points.

If you are searching for the ideal Learning Management System or course hosting tool, look no further.

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