Funnel Builder Secrets Review

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Sign up for the “Funnel Builder Secrets” offer from ClickFunnels to receive a discount on an annual subscription to ClickFunnels and learn from the founder of ClickFunnels about how you can successfully build your online business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Save $499 on a ClickFunnels annual subscription
  • “Funnel Builder Secrets” includes hours of lessons from experts in online business
  • Includes live conference calls with some of the most successful ClickFunnels users

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What Is “Funnel Builder Secrets”?

Funnel Builder Secrets” is one of the many ClickFunnels subscription and coaching packages available from ClickFunnels. It’s designed to give beginners and experienced online entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools they need to turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

We’ve taken a look at what “Funnel Builder Secrets” has to offer and you can find out what we discovered below.

What Does “Funnels Builder Secrets” Include?

  • ClickFunnels 2.0 Funnel Hacker Plan
    Enjoy all the tools and features of an annual subscription to the elite tier, ClickFunnels Funnel Hackers plan.
  • ClickFunnels Classic
    A 12-month subscription to ClickFunnels Classic and access to all the tools that have helped create thousands of successful online businesses.
  • “Funnel Builder Secrets” Course
    Hours of webinars and learning materials for you to watch, study, and implement into your sales funnels and online business. Learn from the best in the sales funnel landscape about what they did to achieve their level of success.
  • Funnel Scripts Software
    Start generating your own persuasive headlines, landing page copy, video scripts, and any other copy you want with the Funnel Scripts software. Enter information about your audience, keywords, pain points, and more; then, hit the build button, and watch Funnel Scripts generate copy you know your audience will love.
  • Geru Account
    Receive lifetime access to a Geru Pro account and start to plan and optimize your funnels with this digital marketing visualization toolkit. 
  • 10X Secrets Masterclass
    Join Russell Brunson for 12 lessons on how to 10X your business. You’ll hear how he was able to make $3.2 million in 90 minutes and learn his “secrets” on effective sales psychology, scripting, creating a compelling offer, and lots more in this 12-lesson masterclass.
  • Two Comma Club LIVE
    In three days of live conference calls, join the elite group of people who have joined the Two Comma Club and made over $1,000,000 with ClickFunnels.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of the “Funnel Builder Secrets” package, you can claim your money back within 30 days without any penalty.
  • The “Secrets Trilogy” Hardback Books (Optional)
    Get the “Secrets Trilogy” hardback books (the series is actually 4 books) and have a hard copy of all the best tips and advice that ClickFunnels creator Russell Brunson has discovered on his path to success.

“Funnel Builder Secrets” Review

“Funnel Builder Secrets” Review

The “Funnel Builder Secrets” course covers everything you might need to create successful sales funnels and start your online business. 

There are more than 10 modules and webinars to watch and study, covering topics such as:

  • How to Create Your Offer
  • Copywriting
  • Picking the Right Funnel Strategy
  • Traffic Secrets
  • The Death of the Website
  • FunnelHacking 101

You’re taught by Russell Brunson (founder and creator of ClickFunnels), and other leaders and experts in their fields, about their recommendations for best practices that lead to success.

The course is full of great content that both rookies and veterans of the online business world should be able to get some helpful advice from. 

The only major issue we’ve come across is that the course only has a limited number of sign-up spaces available. If the course is full, you’ll be redirected to a similar offer called “ClickFunnels 2.0 Funnel Hacker Annual Plan.”

How Much Is “Funnel Builder Secrets”?

Funnel Builder Secrets” can be purchased for the very competitive price of $1,997. 

When you consider that a Funnel Hackers annual subscription costs $2,496, it’s easy to see what great value the “Funnel Builders Secrets” collection represents. Not only do buyers save $499 on the cost of ClickFunnels, but they also get a host of training videos, courses, and software that the average user lacks.

“Funnel Builder Secrets” Pros and Cons


  • Comes included with a ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker plan.
  • Included Funnel Scripts software makes generating copy easier than ever.
  • Learn from the two-comma club members and find out how they used ClickFunnels to get their first million.


  • If you’re already a ClickFunnels subscriber or have joined some of their courses before, you may not learn anything new as this includes previously released content.
  • A ClickFunnels Classic subscription might not be helpful to many, as ClickFunnels 2.0 is more versatile and includes more features.
  • Limited spaces are available.   

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for “Funnel Builder Secrets” here. Just select the “Funnel Builder Secrets” package and enter the requested information.

Funnel Builder Secrets” was created by Russell Brunson, the creator and founder of ClickFunnels. The course is composed of Russell’s own experiences, alongside those of similarly successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Funnel Builder Secrets” Final Thoughts

The “Funnel Builder Secrets” collection is an extensive package of courses and training that any aspiring and driven entrepreneur or business owner could easily learn from. There are hours of training materials, step-by-step instructions, webinars, and more delivered by proven successes within the online business world.

Final Thoughts

The ~$500 saving on a ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker subscription is worth the price of entry alone. When we consider that the package also comes with a lifetime Geru Pro account and the Funnel Scripts software, it’s difficult to see anything negative with “Funnel Builder Secrets.” 

The only partial drawback for us is a seemingly unnecessary ClickFunnels Classic subscription. ClickFunnels 2.0 has most of the features available with ClickFunnels Classic and is more versatile overall. You may end up never using your ClickFunnels Classic subscription, and you’ll need to cancel it after the year expires or be charged for a continued subscription.

Overall it’s hard not to recommend “Funnel Builder Secrets.” The great value it offers to new funnel builders and business owners alike is impressive.


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