How To Cancel ClickFunnels – Easy Guide

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Some platforms make it very difficult for users to cancel their subscription, but ClickFunnels allows you to do it easily.

It offers two options – one to cancel your account permanently, and the other will just pause it for a short period.

We have used ClickFunnels for an extended period and have tried both options. In this article, we will outline how to do both.

How To Cancel ClickFunnels - Easy Guide

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How to Cancel My ClickFunnels Account

Let’s start with how to cancel your ClickFunnels account. Just follow our below steps to finalize your cancelation in under a few minutes. 

  • Navigate to your ClickFunnels dashboard and click Account Settings.
  • Then select Account Billing on the left-hand side of the settings menu.
  • Click on Cancel Account under the Account Billing & Subscription section.
  • Press Cancel My Subscription.
  • Then the page will ask your reason for cancellation. Select one from the list and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click Continue to Cancel.
  • Choose Finalize Cancellation.
  • Click Yes.
ClickFunnels Cancel Account

For the most part, choosing this method leads to a permanent cancellation.

However, it is possible to reactivate your account. The key is to do so within 30 days of the cancellation date. Your account will most likely remain in the system, but all of your saved data and campaigns might disappear.

If you choose to reactivate your account, you will need to pick a new subscription plan. If you want to shut it down permanently, you must do so ten days before the monthly subscription date.

How To Cancel ClickFunnels - Easy Guide

How to Pause My ClickFunnels Account

As we previously mentioned, you can opt to pause your account instead of permanently canceling. If you want to keep your contacts, integrations, funnels, and domains, then pausing is the way to go.

Be aware that this option will cost you $9.99 per month, and you can’t edit or use your funnels during this time.

ClickFunnels will hibernate all your stored information, so you won’t need to worry about losing it.

The process to pause your account is almost the same as the steps to cancel. You just need to select Pause instead of Cancel at the survey point.

A benefit to pausing your account is saving all your information. The downside is the cost.

How to Downgrade or Upgrade My ClickFunnels Account

If you are unhappy with a service, your first instinct might be to cancel your account.

While this may be a logical step, simply changing to a different subscription plan could be a better solution.

You can check out our ClickFunnels pricing article to learn more about the available options.

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your account with an easy two-step process.

Head to your profile, select Account Billing, and then scroll to the bottom and pick a different plan.

Keep in mind that a proration period could occur during the change, which is a change in billing but not the billing date. 

Terms to Cancel ClickFunnels Account

When canceling any service, it’s vital to understand the terms & conditions.

For ClickFunnels, you must submit a cancellation request via its customer service e-mail address. If you fail to do so within ten days, ClickFunnels may still charge you for the next month.

Proration cannot happen during your last month, and you won’t be eligible for refunds.

Annual subscriptions will also require a ten-day cancellation notice by e-mail, and ClickFunnels may still charge you if you exceed that period.

You may be eligible for a credit if you cancel before the end of your annual subscription. However, ClickFunnels may charge a cancellation fee of the same value.

ClickFunnels 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure its customers’ protection, ClickFunnels offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all purchases.

If you want to execute your right to receive the full refund, we advise users to contact ClickFunnels at least ten days before the next invoice is due.

Is There a ClickFunnels Free Trial?

Yes, there is a ClickFunnels free trial! You can sign up for it on the site easily by following the below steps.

  1. Head over to the ClickFunnels website and click Start Free 14-Day Trial Now.
  2. Fill in all your information on the signup page.
  3. Click “Start Building My First Funnel” and enjoy all the features for free for two weeks!
How To Cancel ClickFunnels - Easy Guide


It’s inevitable to hit some roadblocks along the way when you’re using a new service.

Canceling your account is an extreme method to rectify the situation, and you may lose all your stored data. 

Luckily, ClickFunnels offers the option to upgrade, downgrade, or pause your account for use at a later date. All it takes is a few simple steps for all the options to adjust or cancel your account.

If you choose to cancel, make sure you are aware of the terms & conditions. 

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