Kajabi Events: How to Engage Your Audience

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Let’s say you have a webinar that is planned to take place in a week’s time and you want to make your subscribers aware in the days leading up to it – this is the ideal opportunity to use Kajabi Events, a countdown feature that uses automated emails to build anticipation and awareness of an event.

The feature can be used to let your subscribers know about a new product, webinar, book launch, or in-person events, and make a payment for them where required.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi Events is a tool to get your audience’s attention about a product launch or scheduled event

How to Create a Kajabi Event

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Click Events
  3. Click Get started
  4. Title your event
  5. Select your event date and time (events can be scheduled up to one year in advance)
  6. Select your time zone
  7. Configure the event as a one-time occurrence or recurring
  8. Click Save

Advantages of Kajabi Events

Engage Your Audience

Kajabi Events is a great way to build anticipation for your product launch with its countdown feature. It keeps your audience hooked and feeling excited about your products or events!

Reminder Emails to Your Subscribers

Emails are sent to your subscribers on the dates you stipulate using the Key Events tool. See the FAQ sections for how to set up your event emails.

Sell Your Events

Kajabi Events is not simply a way of making people aware of or reminding them about something, it can also be used to sell digital tickets to your webinars and other events. See FAQs for how to use Kajabi Event to sell your webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set Up My Event Emails?

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard 
  2. Click Events
  3. Select an existing Event or create a new one
  4. Click Add Email
  5. Choose when you would like to send the email in relation to your event in the When dropdown menu
  6. Click Save to keep your changes

How Do I Register People to a Kajabi Event?

  1. Create an Event
  2. Set up Event Email Action
  3. Create a Kajabi Form for Event registration (will hyperlink the Kajabi Form article when available)
  4. Share your form via email to your list of subscribers

How Do I Create an Offer for a Kajabi Event?

  1. Open the Sales tab from your dashboard
  2. Select Offers
  3. Click + New Offer
  4. Enter the Offer Title and Payment type for your offer
  5. In the Offer Editor, scroll down to Automations
  6. Click Add Automation
  7. Make sure the “When” trigger is set to “Offer is purchased”
  8. Select Register to an event in the “Then” action dropdown
  9. Select your Event and click Save

How Do I Use Kajabi Events to Sell My Webinar?

  1. Create an Event
  2. Create a Confirmation page
  3. Create an Offer
  4. Connect your Event and your Page to your Offer

How Do I Create a Kajabi Confirmation Page?

  1. Open Website from the dashboard
  2. Select the Pages tab
  3. Click the Landing tab 
  4. Navigate to the top right corner of the page and click + New Landing Page
  5. Select the template that best fits your vision
  6. Click Get Started
  7. Enter your Page Title
  8. Click Create to generate your new Page

How Do I Connect My Event and My Page to My Offer?

  1. Open the Sales tab from your dashboard
  2. Select your newly created Offer 
  3. Navigate to the Automations card
  4. Click +Add Automation
  5. In the THEN field, select Register to an event
  6. In the newly generated field below “Register to an event”, select your Event
  7. Then, click Save to keep and apply your changes

How Do I Create Time Slots for a Kajabi Event?

  1. Create Event
  2. Create a Form
  3. Add a Radio Buttons to your Form
  4. Create Automations
  5. Create a new Automation for every Radio Button Choice created to register your users to your event based on their desired time slot

How Do I Add a Radio Button to My Form?

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Select Forms
  3. Create a new Form or edit an existing one
  4. Click + Add Form Field
  5. Click Create A New Field
  6. Enter the Title of your Event
  7. Select Radio Buttons in the Type field dropdown
  8. In the Choices field, enter each time slot corresponding with your Events
  9. Select Make this field required to ensure that your contacts select a time slot to register
  10. Click Save to keep your changes

How Do I Create an Automation?

  1. Click + Add Automation
  2. The When Field will be pre-filled 
  3. In the THEN field, select Register to an event and select a time slot
  4. Click Add Condition
  5. Open the dropdown menu and scroll down to Custom Field Filters
  6. Select the name of your Radio Button Field
  7. Enter the time slot exactly as entered in the Radio Button Choice added
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Save to keep your changes

How Can I Duplicate My Kajabi Event?

  1. Open the Marketing tab from the dashboard
  2. Click Events
  3. Locate the Event you wish to Duplicate
  4. Select the Duplicate icon
  5. Add the new Title, Date, Time, and Time zone for the Duplicated Event
  6. Select Duplicate Event and your new Event will be created
Duplicate My Kajabi
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