Kajabi Hero Live (2024): What Is It, and Should You Go?

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Kajabi Hero Live is a multi-day live event that Kajabi runs each year in the US. 

In 2024, early bird tickets cost between $497 and $997, so we’ve taken a look at what the event involved to see if it will be worth your time and money in 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • The event will be held in Los Angeles, October 24-26th
  • You can purchase early bird tickets here
  • Feedback for the 2023 event was overwhelmingly positive

When and Where is Kajabi Hero Live 2024?

Kajabi Hero Live will be held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, and will run from October 24-26th, 2024.

No further details have been announced as of now, but we will update this article as soon as they are.

What Does It Involve?

What Does It Involve?

The Kajabi conference generally consists of several different elements. You can expect to hear keynote speakers and panels and attend workshops and networking parties.

There is also likely to be an awards ceremony and bonus events for VIP ticket holders.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Who Is It Suitable For?

Kajabi Hero Live is only available to paid users of the Kajabi platform. 

The event is a good option for Kajabi users who want to level up their knowledge and learn from established experts in this field. It’s also useful if you want to network and build connections with fellow business people.

Therefore, it can be a highly useful event for any user of the Kajabi platform.

However, if you’re new to the Kajabi platform and are just setting up your business, we feel the Kajabi conference might be overwhelming and an information overload (also an unnecessary expense).

What Was Kajabi Hero Live 2023 Like?

What Was Kajabi Hero Live 2023 Like?

The 2023 Kajabi Hero Live event was held in Austin, Texas, at the Fremont Hotel and featured several keynote speakers, including Brendon Burchard, Priya Parker, and Jamie Kern Lima.

Some of the workshops and panel subjects included:

  • How to make your first dollar as a creator
  • How to monetize using upsells, order bumps, and flex pay
  • How to use AI to scale your business
  • How Kajabi users have created active online communities

The days were quite long, starting around 7:30 am and ending at 4 pm (with dinner and drinks after). However, each scheduled session lasted a manageable 30 to 45 minutes, so there was ample time to take a breather or grab a coffee.

The three-day schedule looked like this:

  • Day One: A day of workshops and sessions for VIP ticket holders followed by an evening welcome party for all ticket holders
  • Day Two: A full day of speakers, workshops, announcements, and more
  • Day Three: Similar to Day Two but finished off with an awards ceremony

What Did Others Say about It?

What Did Others Say about It?

The reviews and feedback for Kajabi Hero Live are all positive. Despite our efforts, we were not able to find any negative feedback.

This bodes well for the Kajabi summit in 2024 as we expect a similar level of quality.

One attendee stated that: 

“Kajabi not only gave us knowledgeable, motivating speakers and panels, but also plenty of opportunities to network and support each other, all while having a blast.” 

One attendee stated

We also found numerous social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn raving about the summit. The overall sentiment was that:

  • The quality of the venue was top-notch.
  • The keynote speakers and panels were informative and interesting.
  • Attendees made many connections with fellow Kajabi users.
  • People left feeling enthused about their business.
quality of the venue

Is Kajabi Hero Live 2024 Worth Attending?

Is Kajabi Hero Live 2024 Worth Attending?

If previous years are anything to go by, there’s no doubt the Kajabi conference contains a wealth of information and networking opportunities. 

However, tickets aren’t cheap, since you must pay for your own travel, food, and accommodation, it will be an expensive trip—especially if you live far away. 

If you are just starting out on your business journey, you may find it unaffordable, and—trust us—no event of this kind is worth getting into debt over.

But if you have money to burn and love the Kajabi hype, you will definitely find the event fun and useful.

Overall, we feel this event is better for established business owners with deeper pockets who are looking to make connections and take things to the next level.

How to Get the Lowest-Priced Tickets for Kajabi Hero Live 2024

How to Get the Lowest-Priced Tickets for Kajabi Hero Live 2024

The 2024 waitlist is available for sign up NOW. Be sure to add your email address to this page and be notified as soon as the first tickets go on sale.

We reached out to Kajabi to find out when tickets would go on sale and how much they will cost, but unfortunately, they have not responded yet!

What we do know from last year is that the sooner you bought your tickets, the cheaper they were. These consisted of:

  • Presale tickets: Only accessible by joining the email waitlist and cost $497 standard and $997 VIP 
  • Early bird tickets: Available to everyone and cost $597 and $1,297 respectively
  • Regular priced ticket: This information was unavailable!

Are Similar Events Available?

Kajabi is not the only platform that organizes live events for its users. GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels also run multi-day annual summits.

GoHighLevel Summit 2024

GoHighLevel Summit 2024

The 2024 GoHighLevel summit is due to run from October 21st to the 24th in Dallas, Texas. 

Featuring parties, learning sessions, networking opportunities, and more, the event is for avid users of the GoHighLevel platform. Ticket prices start at $997.

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacking Live 2024

ClickFunnels Funnel Hacking Live 2024

ClickFunnels’ virtual live event is available worldwide and will be streamed from September 4th to the 7th. 

This event is for anyone looking to take their business further using the ClickFunnels platform, and it features keynote speakers, classes, and networking opportunities. Ticket prices start at $297.

Frequently Asked Questions

Presently, it is unknown whether you can join Kajabi Hero Live remotely.

You cannot bring a guest to Kajabi Hero Live. The event is only open to paid platform subscribers.

No. The Kajabi Hero Live ticket is for the event only and does not include travel, accommodation, and some meals. You must book and pay for these things separately.


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