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Kajabi is one of the leading platforms for selling digital products. At the same time, WordPress is an accepted market leader for blogs and website content curation. 

Fortunately, you can easily integrate Kajabi with your existing WordPress site. This integration lets you either use Kajabi’s digital marketing functions alongside WordPress or gradually transition from it.

Kajabi WordPress Integration

Why Would You Want to Integrate Kajabi and WordPress?

Kajabi is excellent at marketing and sales, especially for digital products. It is easy to create striking, effective advertising, and compelling automatically generated emails. Create the ultimate online business by combining the strengths of Kajabi and WordPress.

Migrate from WordPress to Kajabi

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular website building tools. Developers, bloggers, and creatives use it on more than 30% of the entire web. Integrating your WordPress site with Kajabi will give you the flexibility of WordPress combined with the marketing, customer communications, and automation strengths of Kajabi.

This integration will allow you to preserve all WordPress functionality while syncing with Kajabi. Integrating the two gives you the best of both worlds.

Automatically Add Users

When a new subscriber or user joins your WordPress site, Kajabi can automatically add them to your contact list. This feature will give you peace of mind that no users will slip through the cracks of a time-consuming manual copy and paste process. 

You can use the contact list on Kajabi to enhance your existing WordPress site’s electronic marketing performance.  


To combine these two platforms, you need a Kajabi account and an existing WordPress website. 

How to Integrate Kajabi and WordPress?

There are many methods for integrating Kajabi and WordPress. Our team of experts has examined a variety of these methods and determined that the best method depends on your needs’ complexity. Zapier and Stargate365 are excellent choices for basic, quick workflows. Our favorite for more complex systems is Automate.io.


Zapier is a “zero-code” system, meaning you don’t have to write code or be a developer. It connects different web applications to allow the easy and reliable transfer of information between them. You can use it to set up predefined triggers on either your WordPress or Kajabi accounts. These triggers result in specific actions. The Zapier website includes accurate and informative “how-to” tutorials.


Stargate365 is a similar integration facility as Zapier. Their similarly “zero-code” drag and drop interface makes it easy for non-developers to set up triggers and actions. A test feature allows you to experiment and assess each action. You can also switch a workflow on or off after creation.


Automate.io also works on the trigger-action principle. Set up basic trigger and action workflows or create more complex, multi-application integrations. You can add delays, conditional logic, format data, and much more. 

Bottom Line

Integrating Kajabi and WordPress gives your business access to an array of powerful tools. Our three favorite integration applications, listed in the article, make this process quick and simple. Through these applications, you can easily generate automated actions. You’re also able to pull in other online applications, should you need to. This lets you make the most of your existing WordPress website while starting to use Kajabi’s phenomenal digital sales and marketing capabilities.

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Samuel Fletcher
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