Kartra App: Is There a Mobile App?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kartra does not have a dedicated app for iOS or Android devices.

However, the Kartra comprehensive, all-in-one marketing platform is optimized to work with your favorite web browser on both desktop and mobile devices.

As such, you can customize Kartra to start new businesses or simplify existing workflows.    

You can hit the button above to see how Kartra looks on different devices. You’ll need to open the page on a mobile device to see how it looks on a mobile.

Kartra App

Is There a Kartra Mobile App?

Kartra has not deployed an app to run online business automation. Still, Kartra provides all necessary functions from a single integration point on a digital forum. 

Users can access fully customizable product carts with marketing and landing pages. 360-degree analytics gives site designers access to detailed sales metrics through an easy-to-use dashboard and user interface.

Affiliation prospects, in addition to tiered membership options, open up monetization opportunities.

E-mail drip campaigns and video hosting possibilities also draw customers to your website and convert leads to sales. 

Kartra Mobile view
Kartra Mobile View: Admin Dashboard

Is Kartra Mobile-Responsive?

Kartra customers benefit from a large variety of functional features without a mobile application. To this end, Kartra functions are fully customizable to meet requirements on any device

As far as loading product information and editing pages are concerned, site owners work via the Kartra desktop interface. The drag-and-drop editor is handy in this regard. Promoting your trademark and creating brand awareness is also simple and easy, with flexible templates and ready-made campaigns at your disposal. 

You can design interactive customer landing pages and marketing strategies to improve browser satisfaction and engage with potential shoppers. Users stay engaged by browsing offers of upsells and opt-ins or engaging with video content. On top of that, customers are encouraged to populate appropriate forms’ fields with personal data to generate leads.

Kartra subscribers and site customers love the Kartra membership and affiliate programs. You can also tweak different sites to provide varied content with levels, rewards, and benefits inherent to each tier. 

Kartra App: Is There a Mobile App?
Kartra Email Campaign Mobile View Optimization

Bottom Line

Kartra is a comprehensive solution for all your e-business processes.

Business owners and site creators have access to a long list of stellar functions and benefits at an affordable premium. 

You can offer memberships and affiliate programs in addition to any core product or course offerings.

Once your sales funnel is working optimally, lead generation, e-mail broadcasting, and video hosting interlink to guarantee decreased cart abandonment and improved sales. 

Shoppers have the choice to pay via PayPal or transact using credit cards. A custom calendar also allows for managing all campaign details and timelines.   

The bottom line is that Kartra offers supreme value for money despite the absence of a dedicated app.

If you are still sitting on the fence because of this minor exclusion, you are missing out on all the advantages Kartra has to offer.

Give Kartra a try, and you’ll see why we’ve concluded that the absence of a mobile app is a complete non-issue for most businesses.

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