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Mighty Networks is currently only available in English. 

However, you can rename certain areas on your network to your desired language.

Key Takeaways:

  • English is the default and only Mighty Networks language
  • You can edit and rename your networks, collections, and spaces to anything, including other languages
  • Mighty Networks have confirmed that adding languages is on the roadmap
  • If you need to have multiple languages on your website, have a look at Mighty Networks alternatives

Is Mighty Networks Language Localized?

No. Mighty Networks isn’t fully language localized yet.

However, networks are being created using different languages by customizing and renaming certain buttons.

Can I Create a Non-English or Multi-Lingual Mighty Networks Community?

Multi-Lingual Mighty Networks Community

Natively, Mighty Networks doesn’t have non-English or multi-lingual options.

But you can create and rename the following and the features within them:

  • Network
  • Collections
  • Spaces

This means you can change each one to your preferred language. 

Mighty Networks also recommends creating a video explainer on the areas that can’t be renamed or updated to reflect your desired language.

You can also show your members how to use Google Translate for English text that can’t be changed.

When Will Mighty Networks Introduce Non-English Networks?

When Will Mighty Networks Introduce Non-English Networks

Mighty Networks have no confirmed time for introducing non-English networks.

However, they have confirmed it is on their road map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not natively. However, there are workarounds to create networks in other languages.


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