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Mighty Networks provides a number of ways for you to get the support that you need. 

This article explains which options are available, how to access them, and how each of them worked for us.

Key Takeaways:

  • Live chat is available to paid subscribers only
  • Email support is available and reliable (help@mightynetworks.com)
  • No dedicated telephone support number
  • Diverse community support options

Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat is available to anyone with a subscription to one of the Mighty Networks paid plans: Community, Business, or Pro.

To access live chat, you should log in to your account, next click on the Need Help button in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard (emphasized here in red), and then click Send Us a Message. 

Agents are available from 6 AM – 6 PM PT, Monday – Friday and replies will be sent to your Mighty Networks inbox and your email address.


If you wish to directly speak to someone on the Mighty Networks team, you can contact the business at their California address using the phone number (415) 935-4253.



If you cannot find a solution to your issue within the Mighty Networks Help Center, hosts and members can ask for further help by submitting the Mighty Networks Submit a Request form. 

To access the form

To access the form, go to the Help Center, open any help article, scroll to the bottom of the article, and click on Submit a Request (emphasized here in red).

We sent a request ourselves and got an immediate auto-response suggesting that we use the Help Center; they also advised us to send more details about our issue to speed up the response time. 

We then received a response to our help request about three hours later and were advised by the agent responding that “At Mighty, we strive to help our hosts and members within 24 hours.”

The email address help@mightynetworks.com is also listed as a support option that’s available to members of your Mighty Network. 

Oddly enough, it doesn’t say that the address can be used by hosts; it only mentions states members can use it. 

We emailed it ourselves to see if it would work and received a reply from the same agent that responded to the Submit a Request form. 

We were advised that all support requests made by the same individual (regardless of which method is used) are collated and dealt with by the same agent within the same time frame.

Help Center

Help Center

The Help Center is one of Mighty Networks’ primary support options and is where both hosts and members can go if they have any questions.

Mighty Networks’ primary support

To access the Help Center, hosts and members should log in to their account, click their profile icon in the upper-right corner, and then select the Help Center icon (emphasized here in red).

You can then type your question or a general search term into the search bar, and all potentially related support articles will be displayed. 

You can also select For Hosts or For Members and then browse the listed help topics and articles.

Community Support

Mighty Community

Mighty Community

The Mighty Community is the other primary support resource available to Mighty Networks hosts. 

It allows hosts to find each other, discuss, collaborate, and support each other. There’s also a library of free resources that both seasoned and new hosts will find useful. 

Even users who are not subscribed to Mighty Networks can check it out.

Mighty Networks can check

To access the Mighty Community, go to the web address www.mightynetworks.com/find and click the Mighty Community icon (emphasized here in red).



The Mighty Networks Facebook page has approximately 95,000 people who follow it for tips, advice, videos, news about the platform, and upcoming events.



The Mighty Networks Twitter is another way for you to get news and updates from the platform and other users. 

Although it doesn’t have many followers (11.2k), you can find the founder and CEO Gina Bianchini regularly engaging with the public there.



You can also find Mighty Networks on Instagram, where 25,100 followers get updates and discuss the community-building platform.



Another great way to get advice and guidance is through the Mighty Networks YouTube channel. 

Almost 10,000 like-minded individuals follow the channel to see how-to guides, reviews, comparisons with other platforms, and other tips and tricks to help build a successful community.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get in touch with Mighty Networks support through the Help Center and Need Help button found in your Mighty Networks dashboard.

No, there is currently no telephone support option. You can get help using the Help Center, Submit a Request form, Mighty Network Community, Live Chat (for paid subscribers only), and all major social networks.

Yes. Subscribers to one of the paid Mighty Networks subscriptions have access to Live Chat support from 6 AM – 6 PM PT, Monday – Friday. It can be accessed by clicking the Need Help button from the dashboard of your Mighty Networks account.

Final Thoughts

Our tests revealed a pretty robust set of support options that most users should be happy with. 

All the major forms of support you would expect to see are there, with the exception of a dedicated customer support phone number. 

The live chat is also restricted to paying subscribers and is available during PT daylight hours only, which could prove to be an issue if you’re looking for fast help outside of those hours.

On the positive side, all your email-related support requests will be collected and answered by one support agent, which should make finding resolutions faster and easier, plus the response times were excellent in our tests.

The Mighty Networks Community and various social network channels are also very handy resources that give you access to thousands of other individuals, communities, and experts 24 hours a day.

Overall, there are a few minor inconveniences that could be less than ideal for some users, but we would say that the support options available are well-run, fast, and dependable.


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