How I Migrated My Kajabi Courses to GoHighLevel

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Jumping ship from one platform to another without starting from scratch can be a real headache. 

Of course, no software provider wants you to take your business elsewhere, so why would they make it easy for you?

But, for those who do want to leave Kajabi and establish themselves on GoHighLevel, there’s now a neat migration method available. And it’s easy to use!

Key Takeaways:

  • You can migrate all your Kajabi courses into GoHighLevel
  • You must use the Kajabi default Premier and Encore themes
  • Quizzes, assessments, and exams do not migrate

Who Is the Kajabi to GoHighLevel Migration For?

Who Is the Kajabi to GoHighLevel Migration For?

Creating courses is a labor of love. You’ve poured time and effort into building a great course that everyone loves. But the platform you built it on isn’t quite working for you anymore.

In most cases, the only solution is to start over. Create an account on the new platform and build your course again. More effort, more time.

The folks over at GoHighLevel have recognized this problem and have introduced a new feature that will allow you to migrate your Kajabi content over to their platform.

The process pulls over all your course content from Kajabi and creates a carbon copy inside GoHighLevel.

Neat, huh?

What Exactly Can You Migrate?

What Exactly Can You Migrate?

Now, here’s the thing. This is a new feature, and currently you can only migrate your Kajabi courses.

And there’s a further catch, too. It doesn’t migrate everything.

Right now, you can migrate your lesson content and any videos and images included with the course, but it WON’T migrate:

  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Exams
  • Images embedded in text content
  • Communities

You’re also limited on which themes you can use. Currently, your courses have to be created using the Premier Product theme, and the course homepage has to be created in the Encore theme.

Is That All the Migration Does?

This does seem quite limited, so we won’t blame you for feeling a little disappointed that GoHighLevel doesn’t migrate the whole lot over. But, remember, it’s a new feature and they have big plans to expand it.

One of the things I love most about GoHighLevel is their constant improvement of features, so I am completely confident that this won’t be the end of it.

If you take a look at Sean’s video on this subject (GoHighLevel’s founder), he talks about expanding the feature to include more themes and aspects of Kajabi products. They are even working on an email migration tool, too, so that’s going to be really cool when it does arrive.

There’s even talk of a Calendly migration feature, so who knows what else will be included later down the line?

My Step-By-Step Guide for Migrating Kajabi Courses to GoHighLevel

When I tried this feature out, I was surprised at how simple it was. 

I often find that platforms love to make things unnecessarily complicated, so it was a refreshing change to not end up banging my fists on the desk in frustration.

To start, you’re going to need to log in to both your GoHighLevel and Kajabi accounts. 

Also, the course you want to migrate needs to already be published in Kajabi.

My Step-By-Step Guide for Migrating Kajabi Courses to GoHighLevel

Step 1: Start in your GoHighLevel account and go to the sub-account you want to add the course to. Then, select Memberships > Courses > Products.


Step 2: Hover your mouse over the blue “+ Create Product” button, and a dropdown will appear. You’ll see the option to “Import from Kajabi.” Go ahead and click that.

Create Product

Step 3: You will now see a few fields at the bottom of the screen. The important one for now is the address you can copy. Click to copy it, and then head over to your Kajabi account.

Kajabi account

Step 4: Inside Kajabi, select Contacts > Add Contacts > Add Single Contact.

Add Single Contact

Step 5: Give the new contact a name (doesn’t matter what), and then paste that address you copied into the “Email” field. Don’t hit “Save” just yet.

Email field

Step 6: Your next job is to grant your new contact access to the course or courses you want to migrate. Check the “Grant Offers” box and select the relevant course titles. When you’re done, hit “Save.”

section of Kajabi

Step 7: There’s one more thing to do with this new contact, and that’s to give it a new password. While in the contact details screen, click More Actions > Change Password.

More Actions

Step 8: Change the password to something you’ll remember and hit “Save.”

password to something

Step 9: With that done, click on Settings > Site Details.

Site Details

Step 10: Copy the subdomain URL.

Copy the subdomain

Step 11: Go back into GoHighLevel and paste the URL in the space provided. Then add:

  • /login at the end of the URL
  • https:// at the start of the URL

So, it should look something like this:

Remember that password you changed earlier? Add it to the “Enter Password” field.

Now you are ready! Go ahead and click that “Import” button.

Go ahead and click

Your screen should look something like this. Now sit back and wait for the magic to happen! You can close the window if you’d rather watch something more interesting—it won’t stop the migration process.

screen should look something

Step 12: Your course will now appear in Memberships > Courses > Products. 

How cool is that?

Now you can edit, customize, and sell your course to your heart’s content in GoHighLevel.

How cool is that

Remember those things I said you couldn’t import? Well, if you do try to migrate something like a quiz or assessment, it will import over, but it won’t look the same. 

The title of your quiz, etc., will be there, but it will simply be added as an empty lesson.

To get your quiz back, you’ll have to manually create a new one inside GoHighLevel.

How to Deal with Common Issues

As straightforward as it was to migrate my Kajabi course to GoHighLevel, there are still a few hiccups that can occur. Luckily, they are pretty easy to troubleshoot.

Authentication Error

Authentication Error

The authentication error will occur if you get some of the credentials wrong, such as mistyping the subdomain URL.

In that case, all you have to do is go back and double-check everything you added to the Kajabi contact and the GoHighLevel migration page to see where the error is.

This error can be avoided if you copy/paste everything.

Course Import Failed

This happened to me when I first tried to import my course. I knew I had the correct themes selected and all the right credentials, so it was a surprise. However, I just clicked to retry the migration, and it worked the second time. It must have been a glitch in the Matrix.

If this happens to you and retrying the migration doesn’t work, check the following things:

  • Themes: Double-check that your courses have the Premier theme and your web pages have the Encore theme.
  • Credentials: Double-check you have added the correct credentials in the right fields.
  • Valid domain: Did you add https:// and /login to the start and end of the subdomain URL?
  • Cancellation: Did another user of GoHighLevel accidentally cancel the migration?

What I Think about the GoHighLevel Migration Feature

What I Think about the GoHighLevel Migration Feature

GoHighLevel is doing a great thing here. 

Part of GoHighLevel’s appeal is that it’s “all-in-one,” so if you start using it, it doesn’t make sense to still pay for other platforms. However, if you’ve already built things on them and don’t want to rebuild them all in GoHighLevel, that makes it hard to part ways with the platforms in question.

This just ends up being inconvenient—and expensive.

The GoHighLevel migration feature immediately solves this problem, and it sounds like Kajabi is just the start. I’m going to watch closely to see what other migration capabilities crop up in the coming months because, for me, it’s a game-changer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can now migrate your Kajabi courses into GoHighLevel. However, the process will not migrate quizzes, assessments, or exams. Nor will it migrate any communities you have attached to your courses.

Yes! It’s really easy to migrate your Kajabi courses into GoHighLevel, and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Follow SupplyGem’s step-by-step guide and you won’t go wrong.

You can find the Kajabi to GoHighLevel course migration feature in the “Memberships” section of a GoHighLevel sub-account. Select Courses > Products > Create Product > Import from Kajabi.

Yes! You can cancel your Kajabi account once you have migrated your Kajabi courses to GoHighLevel. Your courses will remain on GoHighLevel and won’t be affected by the cancellation.


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