Thinkific Support: 8 Ways To Get Help

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Thinkific’s world-class customer support system efficiently guides you through its online business platform. You’re free to ask questions on advanced software components or suggest a feature to the developers. Contacting Thinkific customer support is also simple with their live chat and email ticketing system.

Thinkific Help Support

Ticketing System

  • Best for: Highlighting the area you need support in and the timeframe during which you need support.

Access Thinkific customer support via their online “Submit a Request” form. The form requires you to fill in your email and Thinkific site URL details. 

You can indicate the area you need support in by clicking an option on the drop-down menu. These areas include:

  • Technical, marketing, and business
  • Billing and accounts upgrades
  • Sales
  • Features, apps, and integrations

You can prioritize your request’s urgency from not urgent to need help ASAP! You also have the option of adding a subject of support and sending a message detailing your request.


Help Center

  • Best for: New online course creators using Thinkific for the first time

Thinkific Help Center is particularly beneficial for newcomers to the Thinkific platform. Watch the demo video demonstrating the online course setup, or refer to the FAQ section in the Help Center to answer your questions.

A search bar allows you to access Thinkific’s wide range of articles, and quick access to topics is possible by clicking directly on the block provided. You’ll be able to learn all about the basics, customizing your site, managing learning content, and supporting your students. 

For all your start-up needs and questions, the Help Center is your go-to for outstanding support. 


Official Thinkific Facebook Group

  • Best for: Online creators looking for inspiration, expertise, and connection with other like-minded entrepreneurs

The Thinkific Facebook Group instantly connects you with other people on the Thinkific Studio for Online Course Creators Community. This group intends to let you engage and share ideas, thoughts, and tips with others sharing similar interests.

Thinkific Facebook group uses weekly themes such as “Let’s Learn Tuesday,” which includes live sessions and resources to expand your online course knowledge and skills. You also have the opportunity to share your successes, services, and new content. 

A supportive community gives you all the support you need from other online creators who share your passion.  


Resource Center

  • Best for: PDF downloads and video series guiding you through the process of teaching online successfully. 

Thinkific featured resources include a wide range of topics to equip you with all the information you need to teach successfully online. The free PDF downloads include some of the following topics:

  • Pricing your online courses so that they sell
  • Managing your membership site professionally
  • Promoting your online courses
  • Structuring your online courses

Video series are also available and will help you understand how the platform works for both the educator and the student. They also offer series demonstrating how to promote and sell your online courses successfully. 


FAQ Section

  • Best for: Answering all the questions you have about using the Thinkific platform for online courses.

Thinkific’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section is packed full of every question and answer you could have about the platform. The questions have detailed and useful answers, ranging from choosing the right platform for your online business to pricing to details about plans and pricing.

The FAQ section will guide you through getting started, teach you about features and functionalities, and address concerns around branding and ownership. You’ll also find answers to questions about support and resources, integrations, and regionality. 



  • Best for: Articles written by other Thinkific users describing how to use the platform for creating and selling online courses.

The Blog page is full of articles giving you all the advice, support, and knowledge you need to know when using Thinkific as your online courses platform. These informative articles are easy to read and are full of tips, strategies, and useful resources for launching your course

Interesting reads also give you ideas on how to grow your online business, how to create your own successful personal brand, and how to generate leads on other platforms. The Blog page is simply another way of accessing more resources when using Thinkific software.


Training Center

  • Best for: Training courses to help you create, market, and sell your online courses successfully. 

The Training Center includes several courses you can purchase or get for free to help you be a successful online course creator. Course topics include some of the following:

  • Creating your curriculum and content
  • Pricing your online course so that it sells successfully
  • How to use student engagement to leverage impact and revenue
  • Fast-tracking your first online course with Thinkific

Pricing varies for each course from free to $300. If you sign up for the Thinkific Pro plan and up, all the courses are free. All Thinkific subscribers have free access to even more training courses. 


Thinkific Experts Help

  • Best for: Getting support from Thinkific experts whether you’re starting up or wanting to get to the next level on your online course creation journey.

Thinkific Course Creation Experts can help you with migration from another platform, setting up your course, developing materials and content, and design. Site Creation Experts are the perfect go-to if you’re looking for website development support or landing page customization.

Market and Sell Experts will show you how to boost your sales, improve traffic to your site, and keep your students engaged. When it comes to all the technical issues, Thinkific Technical Implementation Experts are on hand to solve all your problems.

Overall Rating Of Thinkific Customer Support

Our in-house experts have no hesitation in rating Thinkific customer support as 4.9 out of 5. If they went as far as offering 1-on-1 coaching and phone support, we would gladly award a straight 5-stars! 

Thinkific’s responsive approach to customer needs is highly commendable. Free access to a wide range of excellent training materials and resources adds to the incredible experience of using Thinkific software for online course creation. 

The Thinkific Facebook Group gives the additional support and connection only a supportive online community can provide. In the FAQ section, you can get the answers you need, and if that’s not enough, you can request support from their professional team of experts. 

If you’ve been thinking about using Thinkific software to create and sell your online courses, rest assured you’ll get all the customer support you need when you need it. 

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