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Essentially a ClickFunnels membership site is a funnel or path that will guide visitors through your website, starting with subscriptions to your mailing list and ending with a purchase. 

With our extensive digital marketing and web construction expertise, we can vouch for ClickFunnels to be an excellent tool for building conversion-optimized membership funnels.

We’ve handpicked the best template examples to inspire you for your membership funnel!

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6 Best ClickFunnels Membership Site Examples (Templates)

Since there are several different template options to choose from, it can be time-consuming to select the best one. To simplify the ClickFunnels process, we’ve handpicked the best membership site template examples for you to choose from. 

We’ll explain each one in precise detail and provide a link for you to see how professional they look and how easy they are to use. Read on to select your favorite one!

ClickFunnels Membership Site Example #1 : Online Course Funnel

  • Price: $147
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: 4 steps + 5 additional email sequences

This funnel has a streamlined design to deliver stellar results. It offers the owner the following robust features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Email Sequences
  • Quick Set-up Guide
  • Premium design

Customers get to experience up-to-date videos and offer wall highlighting products as well as an opportunity to join the website’s email marketing campaign. That way, they will receive notifications of any relevant offers. Current users vote this the number one Funnel Seller in the world; it’s definitely worth checking out!

ClickFunnels Membership Site Example #2: Jason

  • Price: $0
  • Access to the Template: here 
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: 4 steps 

This funnel is geared toward those of you who want a simple yet professional-looking page. Since this is a free membership funnel, it’s ideal for a start-up on a restricted budget. 

You can set it up in 4 simple steps listed below:

  • Video sales letter page + order form
  • Offer wall which includes a thank-you message
  • Membership access

Customers to this funnel get to experience a streamlined, easy to follow page. User-friendly steps make it easy to purchase in a few steps. 

ClickFunnels Membership Site Example #3: Academy

  • Price: $147
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: 3 steps

You get the advantages of an effortless set-up, drag-and-drop tools, and simple edits with this funnel. With a funnel this straightforward, you’ll save hours of tedious work. As a tried and tested funnel, it will most certainly offer you high conversion rates!

Customers will enjoy this easy-to-use funnel because of its simple, no-nonsense approach. It’s professionally styled and engaging.

ClickFunnels Membership Site Example #4: Breeze

  • Price: $0
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: 4 steps

Here’s another free Membership Funnel that offers you a quick set-up in 4 quick steps.

This funnel is effortless to use and geared toward generating leads and closing deals. The funnel does all the hard work while you sit back and reap the rewards!

With a video sales letter on offer, your customer will feel more connected to your page. A detailed membership area is engaging and user-friendly.

An offer wall provides customers with the option to enhance their purchase with additional extras.

ClickFunnels Membership Site Example #5: Gordon

  • Price: $0
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: 4 steps

This sophisticated funnel features four steps. You can easily announce your position in the market by adding this bold funnel to your brand.

Your funnel will offer customers a VSL + Order form, offer wall, membership access page, and membership area.

Customers get to experience an interactive membership area with easy-to-follow call-to-action steps.

Your customer can easily interact and purchase the product on offer without the unnecessary fluff you sometimes see on websites.

ClickFunnels Membership Site Example #6: Matthew King’s Max Profit

  • Price: $297
  • Access to the Template: here
  • Number of Steps in the Funnel: 5 steps + built-in upsell & course preview

This one is a top-rated membership funnel that offers you five steps with a built-in upsell & course preview. You get unlimited, superior-quality guides and exclusive access to the photo engine website.

Customers benefit from the one-time offer, which can be a very effective call-to-action hook right in the beginning if you use it correctly. Customers will love the responsive design and engaging membership area. If you’re serious about marketing your brand, this is the option for you!

How to Build a Membership Site on ClickFunnels?

Being a subscribed user of ClickFunnels allows you to access the Membership site and a host of other functionalities to enhance your marketing.

Membership sites allow you to build sales funnels, run affiliate programs and create email marketing campaigns. 

ClickFunnels Membership funnels allow secure access to the content through password-protected membership accounts for those who want to promote their membership-only content. The Membership funnel alone can securely share the content with a customer base. 

To see just how easy it is to create a membership funnel, follow the simple steps listed below once you’ve activated your ClickFunnels account:

Step 1: Create Membership Funnel

  • Select ‘Build Funnel’ from the ClickFunnels menu or click on ‘Build a Funnel’ from the dashboard
  • Click on Sell Your Product
  • Click on Membership
  • Name your Membership Funnel
  • Click on Build Funnel

Step 2: Select the Page Templates

  • Select the ‘membership access’ step in the funnel
  • Click on themembership’ category
  • Select a ‘membership access’ page template
  • Select the ‘membership area’ step in the funnel
  • Click on the ‘membership’ category
  • Select a ‘membership area’ page template

It’s important to note that you can only have one membership access step and membership area step type per funnel. 

Bottom Line 

If you want an easily recognizable and successful brand, a ClickFunnels Membership site is most certainly the option to consider.

With a wide variety of page templates, you’re sure to find the page best suited to being a professional and progressive reflection of your brand. 

Different pricing options make this platform accessible to established businesses as well as start-ups.

With the free options, you can quickly test the funnel and upgrade to a more advanced option as your business progresses.

The right funnel will guarantee you leads, conversions, and dollars in your business account!

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