ClickFunnels Website Examples

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If you are considering using ClickFunnels to build web pages and sales funnels, you should check examples before subscribing. 

Going through different examples of website builders will give you a clearer idea of what you can achieve when you become a subscriber. 

ClickFunnels Examples

15 Best ClickFunnels Website Examples 

Our experts have compiled a list of 15 of the best ClickFunnels example sites for you to learn from.

Taking a closer look at ClickFunnels website examples will help you determine whether it’s worth signing up for the service. 

ClickFunnels Website Examples

1. Foundr

  • Niche: Business and Entrepreneur Resources platform
  • Estimated Revenue: $208,000
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 15,192
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  

Foundr is a go-to resource site that provides entrepreneurs with online courses presented by experienced practitioners. The site also features many success stories from clients.

Users can sign up on the site through the easy enrolling process and try a free mini training or register for further sign-up.

Foundr took full advantage of ClickFunnels’ sales, marketing, and page-building features to increase conversion rates.

By creating numerous pages and personalizing each one to be more on-brand, Foundr has achieved a professional and engaging look for the site.

ClickFunnels Website Examples

2. FranchiseGator

  • Niche: Franchise Businesses
  • Estimated Revenue: $4.1 Million 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 56,266
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  

FranchiseGator lets users locate local franchise opportunities. Visitors immediately encounter a landing page quiz where they have to answer two simple questions: 

  • What kind of franchise are you interested in?
  • Which state do you want to open a franchise in? 

After answering these two questions, the visitor sees an e-mail opt-in popup. 

FranchiseGator used the quiz and survey creation to personalize outcomes to visitor’s answers. ClickFunnels then e-mails outcomes to visitors after saving their e-mail addresses in the system.

Ultimately, this enhances the user experience while gathering e-mail addresses for further sales and communication. 

ClickFunnels Website Examples

3. AppSumo

  • Niche: Affiliates
  • Estimated Revenue: $2.5 Million
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 150,415
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:

AppSumo presents a simple landing page with on-brand colors and text. The site doesn’t have any complex pages or blog posts; the only clickable tab leads to a sign-up form that features all agreements.

To become a Sumo-filiate, users can fill in the cleverly created online application form.

ClickFunnels ensures that all information filled in on the form is safe and secure, giving all AppSumo applicants ease of mind. 

The site uses ClickFunnels’ lead generating tools to get leads to fill in the application form.

After a lead fills in the form, AppSumo can contact them via e-mail and follow-up marketing strategies. 

ClickFunnels Website Examples

4. Grant Cardone

  • Niche: Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Estimated Revenue: $762,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 59,539
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Sales funnels
    • Membership funnels
    • Follow-up funnels
    • Custom domains
    • Integrations

This is a website dedicated to education in business and entrepreneurship.

The site promotes over 1,500 video courses presented by the CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Grant Cardone. 

This site uses a bunch of ClickFunnels features to enhance credibility, engagements, and lead generation. GrantCardone uses many e-commerce features to sell e-books, courses, and memberships, allowing visitors to purchase various resources through the site easily.

The site makes use of the e-mail opt-in feature to increase communication and post-sales. Alternatively, members can sign up to receive text messages for webinar alerts. 

ClickFunnels Website Examples

5. Gabby Bernstein

  • Niche: Life Coach
  • Estimated Revenue: $518,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 20,189
  • ClickFunnels Features Used: 
    • Sales pop-ups
    • Social media integrations
    • Page builder
    • E-mail marketing

This site devotes itself to promoting books, podcasts, and courses presented by life coach Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby has used comprehensive customization to fit the Gabby brand.

Colors, font and unique photos create a well-established and professional appeal. Gabby has used ClickFunnels to generate the leads to purchase her New York Times bestselling books. 

By offering two free meditations and a free newsletter subscription, the site lures in potential paying customers.

Gabrielle Bernstein has utilized membership funnels effectively to create different portals for different kinds of memberships. 

Tyler Smith

6. SkySlope

  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 174,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • 30-day challenge
    • Webinar funnels
    • Custom domain
    • Page creation

SkySlope is a site dedicated to taking Real Estate agents to the next level by providing them with information on how to grow their businesses.

The SkySlope team created a custom domain through ClickFunnels –

Visitors can visit numerous pages that consist of blog posts, information on products, helpful resources, and a background story on Ty. 

The site has achieved tremendous success with its ‘30-day Challenge’ – a marketing tool also used by ClickFunnels. Visitors then get an opt-in prompt for e-mail communication by numerous pop-ups.

A chatbot is also available for further communication and customer care.  

ClickFunnels Website Examples

7. FreeGift

  • Niche: Arts and Crafts
  • Estimated Revenue: $373,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 20,684
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Follow-up funnels
    • Opt-in e-mail marketing
    • Templates

FreeGif is a site that uses ClickFunnels’ most basic features. It’s a single landing page that advertises the business’s handmade cards, unique designs, and DIY arts and crafts projects.

The site captures the visitors’ e-mails by giving out a once-off freebie using a simple e-mail marketing sales funnel.

FreeGift uses follow-up funnels to stay in contact with everyone on the subscriber’s list. Through the e-mail integration and marketing features, FreeGift sends out inspirational newsletters, updates, and post-sale deals and promotions.  


8. Renourish

  • Niche: Beauty 
  • Estimated Revenue: $103,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Sales funnels
    • SSL secure payment transaction
    • One Time Offer page

Renourish is also known as PureRadiance by Dr. Sears, and it’s a hair nutritional product.

The site used unique domain name creation to make sure customers can find it when typing it into a search engine.

Visitors can easily access the order page or opt for a few free goodies and promotions upon checkout. 

The site uses ClickFunnels’ unique sales funnel that increases credibility and money-back guarantee.

This sales funnel ensures that visitors understand the legitimacy of the site and the product. It’s a simple one-scroll landing page with a customized order page with secure checkout.  


9. Mixergy

  • Niche: Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Estimated Revenue: $ 249,000
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 4,264
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Membership funnels
    • Page builder
    • Opt-in funnels 

Mixergy is a site that features a collection of business advice, courses, masterclasses, and guidelines.

Members can cleverly manage their accounts through the Account Management tab.

It also features a comprehensive FAQs section that engages visitors and enhances customer care. 

The site has numerous pages that include different sections and membership portals. Anyone can contact the team through a simple e-mail message text box available on the landing page.

Another great feature that Mixergy uses is the e-mail opt-in feature. Visitors should enter their name and e-mail to get access to actionable interviews. 

Pastor Rick

10. PastorRick

  • Niche: Religion and Daily Motivation
  • Estimated Revenue: $82,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 48,896
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Sales funnels
    • E-mail marketing

Pastor Rick is a site that promotes free motivational and spiritual messages for people who are struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using ClickFunnels’ sales funnels, the site reaches over 48,800 organic users every month. It’s a simple landing page that lists the nine different products.

A ‘Get Instant Access Now!’ tab takes visitors to an e-mail opt-in funnel for further contact via e-mail. 

The site uses one of ClickFunnels’ most basic templates and the drag-and-drop tool to create an inviting and no-clutter interface.

Pastor Rick has also added a 54-minute video to the landing page as an extra visitor engagement tool. 

Gauge Girl Training

11. GaugeGirlTraining

  • Niche: Health and Fitness
  • Estimated Revenue: $200,000 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Sign-up page
    • Sales funnels
    • Video sales
    • Squeeze page

GaugeGirlTraining is another site that uses a basic landing page with video implementation and simple e-mail opt-in.

Known as the Squeeze page sales funnel tool, the site adds a descriptive video from the business owner with a simple ‘Click to Sign Up’ tab. 

The site attracts potential customers interested in health and fitness by using a customized color scheme and a simple page layout.

Visitors are more likely to fill in their contact details because they get offers for a free detailed tutorial and a free macros blueprint.

With an estimated revenue of $200,000, this simple sales funnel has proven to generate consistent income.


12. Funnelytics

  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 11,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Video sales
    • Membership funnels
    • Sales funnels
    • Priority support

Funnelytics is within the same niche as ClickFunnels and has taken full advantage of all the different features. The landing page has a similar layout and features a series of opt-in prompts and pop-ups.

On the landing page, Funnelytics uses multiple multi-media strategies to engage its visitors. ClickFunnels’ video sales funnels are great for generating leads through multimedia stimulation. 

Using ClickFunnels’ membership funnels feature, Funnelytics creates priority access to registered members and priority online support.

The site also created numerous pages via the page-building tool to create blog posts, FAQs, and other tips within the industry. 

ClickFunnels Website Examples

13. FundWiseCapital

  • Niche: Finance
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown 
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Quiz and survey creation
    • Video sales
    • Reviews and feedback
    • Page builder

FundWiseCapital is a financial funding solution for start-ups and small businesses.

The landing page is clean and simple and features unique stock images and information how-to-apply. By adding testimonials, feedback, and reviews onto the landing page, visitors are engaged and more prone to opt-in. 

The site uses ClickFunnels’ quiz and survey creation to segregate members into sections. Users can take a quick questionnaire online.

Depending on their answers, FundWiseCapital can customize its response e-mails. Another great ClickFunnels feature is the LiveChat pop-up that prompts visitors to fill in their e-mail and requests. 

Kombutcha Kits

14. GetKombucha

  • Niche: Food and Drink
  • Estimated Revenue: $48,000
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2,000
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:
    • Live chat
    • E-commerce marketing
    • Video sales
    • Page builder
    • Upsell pages
    • Cart

GetKombucha is an online shop selling different Kombucha products, including recipes, kits, tinctures, and supplies. The site is expertly designed and features loads of ClickFunnels tools. Using the page builder, GetKombucha created different pages for visitors to browse. 

The promotions and upsells on the sales pages guide visitors to make a purchase. A three-step checkout process ensures that the payment is safe and secure.  When potential buyers opt-out of the sale, they see a prompt to leave their e-mail address for downsells and e-mail marketing.

GetKombucha clearly demonstrates how a business can take full advantage of all ClickFunnels’ features to create a brand and full-functioning online store.  


15. AnnuityGator

  • Niche: Retirement Annuities
  • Estimated Revenue: $40,000
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 4,417
  • ClickFunnels Features Used:  
    • Quiz and survey 
    • Demo opt-in
    • Sales funnel

AnnuityGator is a simple business that recommends reliable and relevant retirement annuities to its customers.

Using ClickFunnels’ page builder, AnnuityGator created an on-brand landing page with different click-able tabs. 

The three most prominent features of the site are the demo opt-in form, quiz and survey creation, and personalization replies based on the visitor’s quiz answers.

Being able to personalize e-mails and further communication based on the lead’s survey answers is a great way to convert visitors. 

Synthesis and Statistics of Given ClickFunnels Examples 

From the different ClickFunnels example templates, we can see that business owners don’t have to spend hours creating a complex website with hundreds of pages and posts.

A simple landing page with an opt-in prompt or an order page is adequate to move the site’s visitors through the funnel so long as the landing page is on-brand and features a unique color scheme and aesthetic. 

The most successful sites are those that make use of the following ClickFunnels’ features: 

  • E-mail marketing
  • Follow-up funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Page builder
  • Webinar funnels

Sites with the highest revenues are those within the business, entrepreneurship, and affiliate niches – especially if the sites are selling online courses, e-books, and masterclasses.

Businesses that use the ClickFunnels quiz and survey feature also have higher conversion rates. This improved rate is because this feature allows for personalized messages and replies based on individual answers. This personalization ultimately enhances the user’s experience. 

Businesses that offer free initial gifts, promotions, and extra discounts upon checkout also seem to generate more organic traffic. 

When comparing all 15 examples, each site looks on-brand and as if a professional web designer has created it.

We are most impressed by the construction of GetKombucha that uses all page building features to create a compact visitor experience.

Even though it is the best-looking site, the other businesses with basic features generate revenue and attract visitors


No matter what your niche or product, any business can benefit from the different sales and marketing features ClickFunnels offers. There’s a sales funnel that will work for you and your niche, from beauty and health to religion and entrepreneurship.

Trying out different features and implementing A/B testing will help you determine which page layout and sales strategies will work best for your audience. 

Overall, you can use ClickFunnels to produce complex sites with multiple pages or basic sites with static landing pages.

All with the potential to scale your business and take it to the next level. 

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