How to White-Label GoHighLevel

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GoHighLevel gives you white-label capabilities, allowing you to add your logo to the GoHighLevel desktop app

The result looks more professional for your business and also lets you sell GoHighLevel as SaaS.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use your agency branding on the GoHighLevel desktop app
  • Sell the desktop app as SaaS to clients
  • Set up a white-labeled platform in four easy steps

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Who Is GoHighLevel White Label Desktop App for?

The GoHighLevel white-label desktop app is for marketers and agencies who want to present a branded platform to their clients. 

Additionally, since the white-label feature gives you the potential for an unlimited source of revenue, it’s also for anyone looking for ways to scale their business and increase income.

Why White Label the GoHighLevel Desktop App?

There are two key reasons why you would want to white-label the GoHighLevel app.

Create Higher Brand Awareness

White labeling gives you the opportunity to add your own branding to a product. When you present a branded platform to clients, it looks like it belongs to you rather than GoHighLevel.

Since clients will be exposed to your logo rather than GoHighLevel’s, this results in a more professional-looking service and creates higher brand awareness for your business.

Sell GoHighLevel as SaaS

One of the big advantages of GoHighLevel is that it lets you sell the GoHighLevel platform as SaaS to clients.

This essentially means you are packaging up the entire platform in your own branding and selling it under your name. 

Purchasers will have no indication that the software actually comes from GoHighLevel.

You can sell GoHighLevel as a standalone product for a set price and even provide managed services at an additional cost.

Having the ability to do this provides another income source that can be scaled indefinitely. 

Plus, you are able to set your own prices for the platform, too.

How Much Does It Cost for the GoHighLevel White-Label Desktop App?

The GoHighLevel white-label desktop app is available to those who subscribe to the Agency Unlimited plan of $297/mo or $2,970/year.

This plan allows you to create unlimited accounts. So whether you’re providing accounts on behalf of clients or selling the platform as SaaS, you are not restricted in any way.

How to Set Up the GoHighLevel White Label Desktop App

Set Up the GoHighLevel White Label Desktop App

There are four steps to creating a GoHighLevel white-label desktop app:

  1. Head to your DNS provider (GoDaddy, Cloudflare, etc.) and create a CNAME pointing to
  2. Next, log into your HighLevel Agency account and go to Settings – Agency Settings, and then White Label Domain. Here you add the domain name you want to use.
  3. Now select Settings – Agency Settings – Company Logo and add your logo or brand name. A PNG file with a transparent background is best.
  4. Finally, update your agency Terms & Conditions in Settings – Agency Settings – Terms & Conditions URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

To white label GoHighLevel, ensure you are on the Agency Pro price plan. Next, add the CNAME to your DNS provider, then add the desired domain name and upload your logo on the GoHighLevel platform.

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