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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

GoHighLevel lets you add your own branding to the platform and sell the SaaS to your clients. It’s a great way to increase revenue since you can sell it an unlimited number of times.

To boost the product’s value, you can also sell a branded Zapier and GoHighLevel mobile app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sell GoHighLevel SaaS to clients at your own price
  • Custom-brand the GoHighLevel platform
  • Increase revenue and include the white-label zap and mobile upgrade

What Is GoHighLevel SaaS?

GoHighLevel is a software as a service (SaaS) platform. When you subscribe to GoHighLevel, you purchase access and permission to use the platform and all its features.

To enable you to create unlimited additional revenue and provide increased value to your clients, GoHighLevel lets you add your own branding to the platform so that you can sell it as a SaaS.

So, when a client buys your branded SaaS, they can access everything that GoHighLevel has to offer and use it in the same way as if they purchased it directly from GoHighLevel. The only difference is that the client won’t know it’s GoHighLevel because it has your logo on it.

In a nutshell, you’re reselling GoHighLevel as if it were your own software application.

Who Is GoHighLevel SaaS for?

GoHighLevel SaaS is for marketing agencies and individuals that want an additional income stream and the opportunity to scale without limits. 

We all have a limited capacity for how many clients we can manage at any given time. Depending on the size of your agency, you’ll know that you can take on x number of clients before your resources become too stretched.

Selling GoHighLevel SaaS removes that limitation. 

If you have clients who are comfortable performing their own CRM and running marketing campaigns, this is an ideal solution. You simply sell them GoHighLevel SaaS at your own price, and it’s up to the client to manage and use the system.

What Are the Benefits of Selling GoHighLevel SaaS?

We’ve already touched on a few of the benefits of selling GoHighLevel SaaS, but here’s the full rundown on why you should do it:

  • This provides a limitless opportunity to scale your business without requiring extra resources.
  • You can set your own prices and sell it for a monthly or yearly fee.
  • It provides added value to your clients.
  • Since you can add your own branding, it appears as if it’s your agency’s own software application.
  • It can be a (mostly) passive income stream. 
  • You can offer paid training for the SaaS to increase revenue further.

Does It Cost Extra to Sell GoHighLevel SaaS?

There are two price plans for GoHighLevel. The cheapest plan (starter account for $97/month or $970/year) does not allow you to resell GoHighLevel SaaS. To sell, you must upgrade to the Agency Unlimited account, which costs $297/month or $2,970/year.

GoHighLevel White-Label Zap and Mobile App Upgrade

To increase the product’s value even further, you can purchase a white-label zap and mobile app upgrade for $497/month or $4,970/year. This is in addition to the monthly or yearly cost of your GoHighLevel subscription.

GoHighLevel will then create a customized and branded mobile app that your clients can use alongside their GoHighLevel SaaS. 

Zapier is used to connect third-party apps to the GoHighLevel platform. With the upgrade, you will receive a branded zap that you can provide to your clients.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you sell these additions. You can provide the SaaS, mobile app, and zap for a single bundle price or have a separate price for each of them.

How to Set Up and Sell GoHighLevel SaaS

Setting up GoHighLevel SaaS is very straightforward:

  1. Login to your DNS provider and create a CNAME pointing to “app.msgsndr.com”.
  2. Head to your GoHighLevel account and in Agency View, click on Settings, Agency Settings, and then White Label Domain.” You can then set your domain name.
  3. While in Agency Settings, you need to upload your agency logo and add your agency Terms and Conditions.

To set the price for GoHighLevel SaaS, you must connect a Stripe account. Then, you head to Agency View and click on Plan Configurator. Here you can build your plan (if it will include the zap and mobile app, etc.) and determine what the price will be.

Once you have this set up, simply send the URL to the client, and they can purchase the SaaS online at the given price.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is a software as a service (SaaS). You can either purchase and use the software directly from GoHighLevel. Or, you can add your own branding to the platform and sell GoHighLevel SaaS to your clients.

You can sell GoHighLevel SaaS an unlimited number of times to your clients. However, you must be subscribed to the Agency Unlimited plan to do so.

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