Kartra Affiliate Program Review: The Passive Income Guide

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Kartra is a world-class marketing automation platform. We have already written an expert review on the Platform for you.

This article will use our expertise in the affiliate marketing industry to tell you everything you need to know about the Kartra Affiliate program.

This excellent program could earn you a nice passive income.

Kartra pays a generous recurring 40% commission, which means that you will receive money each time a client referral upgrades or renews a contract.

Kartra tracks these cookies for 30 days, so a user has 30 days to sign up for Kartra. 

Kartra Affiliate Program

Before Joining Kartra Affiliate Program:

Kartra Affiliate Program At a Glance

As affiliate marketing professionals, there are certain essential things we look for when considering marketing a product. First of all, we have to look at the product you will market.

In this case, is the Kartra platform a product worth selling? Then we consider the commission structure. Does it justify my effort to market this product?

How long will I have to wait for my money? Are there any marketing materials to help me sell the product?

Quality of The Product


Your affiliate marketing efforts will only succeed if you believe in the product (Kartra).

You should have no problems there because Kartra is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with wide appeal. 

However, Kartra does not offer a free trial (only $1). Its subscription plans can also get a bit expensive for a scaling business.

For these reasons, we could not give a full 5-star review.  



With the Kartra affiliate program, you can earn a 40% recurring commission on direct referrals and a 10% commission on indirect referrals as a Joint Venture (JV) affiliate.

If your referrals upgrade to a more expensive plan, your revenue will also increase. 

You can become a JV affiliate if you have a network of affiliates who join under your name.

JV affiliates earn 10% from each customer purchase made through an affiliate who joined under their name. 

Payout Time


Thinkific provides an instant payment each month after you earn the commission.

However, with Kartra, it might take a while before you receive your first payment.

You will have to wait until your referred users sign up for a paid plan after the trial period, which can last from 14 to 30 days.

The lead tracker lasts for 30 days, meaning that your referral has to purchase within 30 days after visiting your site. 

Promotional Material


Kartra provides tons of promotional material and advice for their affiliates. There are tons of banners, email templates, and social media campaign copies.

The less exciting thing is that some visuals look outdated and feel too much like inauthentic sales text.

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My Experience With Kartra Affiliate Program – The Good & Bad

I am delighted with the Kartra Affiliate program.

The most significant benefit is the generous commission structure. However, I find a few factors somewhat disappointing, especially the effective length of time before commission payments start.


Pros of Kartra Affiliate Program

  • Up to 40% Recurring Commission
  • Minimum 10% JV commission. You will get 10% from each affiliate that signs up from your network.
  • You can earn up to $1,819.20 per affiliate.
  • A good product partly sells itself, and Kartra is a fantastic product.
  • Lots of promotional material included.
  • Program terms are generally comparable with other affiliate marketing programs.
  • Straightforward to join

Cons of Kartra Affiliate Program

  • Like any such program, being an affiliate doesn’t automatically mean success. You will have to put in effort and time to make money with this affiliate program.
  • The promotional banners and other visuals look very outdated and can feel like pushy sales text.
  • The wait time for commission payments to your account can be rather long.
  • The cookie tracking period is relatively short at only 30 days. In contrast, some other affiliate programs offer 60 or even 90 days of tracking time.
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How to Join the Kartra Affiliate Program?

It is straightforward to join the Kartra Affiliate program. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Click on the orange block that indicates Affiliate Sign Up.
  3. As soon as you do that, a banner appears asking you to read the terms and conditions.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions. 
  5. A sign-up form will appear. Fill it out.
  6. Create your free account.
  7. A questionnaire appears asking you how you plan to promote Kartra, i.e., on your website, YouTube channel, paid ads, or any other means. Fill it out. 
  8. Complete the form. 
  9. Wait to be approved. 

We mention some of the most critical T&Cs here:

  • Always show your Affiliate Disclaimers and Disclosures everywhere you promote Kartra.
  • Don’t send junk mail or spam.
  • Don’t do Twitter or any other social media spam.
  • Don’t misrepresent yourself as a “typical customer” when promoting Kartra.
  • Don’t bid on keywords that include names such as Kartra or Kartra.com.
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How Much Can You Earn With Kartra Affiliate Program?

Remember that all payments are recurring if a referred user continues paying for your plan.

  • For all four plans, you earn a 40% recurring commission.
  • Second Tier JV Brokers earn a 10% commission.

Affiliate Commission

Kartra Starter

  • ($99 monthly) commission: $39.60 per month
  • Annual plan commission: $379.2

Silver Plan

  • ($199 monthly) commission: $79.60 per month
  • Annual plan commission: $715.20

Gold Plan

  • ($299 monthly) commission: $119.60 per month
  • Annual plan commission: $1,099.20

Platinum Plan

  • ($499 monthly) commission: $199.60 per month
  • Annual plan commission: $1,819.20

JV Commission

You earn the following commissions from your affiliates:

  • For selling a Starter Plan, your commission is $9.90 per month and $94.80 per year.
  • A Silver Plan earns you $19.90 per month and $178.80 per year.
  • A Gold Plan earns you $29.90 per month and $274.80 per year.
  • A Platinum Plan earns you $49.90 per month and $454.80 per year.

Starter Plan
Silver PlanGold PlanPlatinum Plan
40% Commission (Yearly Plan)

$379.20 yearly$715.20 yearly$1099.20 yearly
$1819.20 yearly
40% Commission (Monthly Plan)$39.60 per month
$79.60 per month
$119.60 per month
$199.60 per month
10% JV Commission (Yearly Plan)$94.80 yearly$178.80 yearly
$274.80 yearly
$454.80 yearly
10% JV Commission (Monthly Plan)$9.90 per month$19.90 per month
$29.90 per month
$49.90 per month

How To Make Money With the Kartra Affiliate Program?

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must know your audience.

Only if you know your audience’s needs will you know which features of Kartra to highlight for them. You need to create valuable content that will resonate with your audience. 

Use the done-for-you promotional material that Kartra offers, like banners and email and social media swipes.

Many Kartra advocates use blog posts to promote Kartra online, highlighting the many outstanding Kartra features.

Others make sales through email campaigns and YouTube videos marketing Kartra or featuring Kartra reviews.  

Facebook, with its billions of users, holds great potential for marketers. You can earn an affiliate commission through Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads.

Here is a complete list of promotion possibilities:

  • Blog Posts Dedicated to the Product
  • Email Marketing
  • Quora/Reddit Outreach
  • Youtube Videos such as Reviews and Walkthroughs
  • Social Media Posts & Stories
  • Facebook Groups & Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Kartra Affiliate Program: JV Brokers

The Kartra affiliate JV Brokers program is simple. You sign up as a Kartra affiliate and start earning a 40% commission on sales.

As soon as one of your customers signs up as a Kartra affiliate and starts to promote Kartra, you also earn a 10% commission on their referral sales.

The more extensive your affiliate network, the more you earn!

Final Thoughts

The Kartra affiliate program is a fantastic way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Kartra is a stellar product that is easy to rave about, which is the first requirement for successful marketing. Businesses need a platform like this – so you only need to push Kartra’s specific advantages, not cultivate demand for a new or complicated product category.

Third, the commission structure is so generous that you can earn a passive income by just promoting a product you already love.


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