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Are you looking for a discount on one of the most powerful all-in-one marketing platforms?

Good news! Our team of experts will tell you what discounts are available right here in this post.

We’ve scoured the internet, so you don’t have to. Read on for the best Kartra deals and discounts.

There is currently only one Kartra discount, but bookmark this page and check back as we will be updating it if any new discounts are released!

Kartra Discounts

Up To 25% Kartra Discount

Kartra only offers one discount on its programs at the moment, and it is in the form of an annual billing subscription.

Despite being the only Kartra discount at the moment, it is nonetheless a significant one. Sign up for it now by clicking here.

By signing up for Kartra annually, versus monthly, Kartra automatically applies a discount to your account. 

This discount adds up to significant savings, especially for users of the higher-tier plans.

  • On the Platinum plan, which usually costs $499 per month, you will save $1440 (that’s nearly 25%) by signing up for the annual plan.
  • The Gold plan costs $299 per month when purchased with a monthly subscription, but by signing up annually, you save $840 (a savings of 23%).
  • Likewise, with the Silver plan, you save 25% or $600. With the Starter plan, you’ll save $240 – a 20% savings.
kartra pricing

How to Get a Kartra Discount

The only discount for Kartra currently available is the discount for signing up for an annual plan. Taking advantage of a Kartra discount is easy, as it doesn’t require any sophisticated know-how or special links. Follow these steps to get the only official Kartra discount.

  1. Take advantage of these huge discounts by clicking here.
  2. Select “annual billing” and head to the checkout.
  3. Choose your plan.
  4. Register for an account and complete your checkout process.


After searching across the web, our experts have determined that the best – and currently, only – way to get a discount on the popular marketing platform Kartra is to sign up for their annual plans.

This discount is significant, and you can save up to 25% or up to $1440. Signing up is easy! Just follow this link and select an annual billing plan that fits you, checkout, and done.

Our experts have found that most people who sign up for Kartra end up using it for at least a year, so it is worth it to bite the bullet and pay the larger, discounted sum upfront.

Be one of the smart Kartra users, and sign up for an annual billing subscription to save on this powerful software.

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