Kartra Training: Best Courses & Masterclasses

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Kartra offers a vast array of features to enable users to run a business successfully on the platform. There is a lot to take in and a lot to learn to become proficient with the platform.

Fortunately, Kartra doesn’t leave users in the lurch and has made a great deal of training material available, including detailed Kartra Training Sessions via a blog as well as the Kartranaut Training Program.

Kartra Training

Kartra Training Blog

Kartra has a blog entirely dedicated to training. The blog covers 14 topics in detail, starting with an overview of how Kartra works, followed by a detailed discussion of campaigns.

The sessions cover everything you need to know about the platform and how to navigate it. Each session includes multiple images and training videos.

The Kartra Training Blog includes the following sessions:

  1. Overview of How Kartra Works 
  2. Campaigns
  3. Uploading Your Email List
  4. Creating Products for Sale (2 sessions)
  5. Creating Your Membership Site
  6. Capturing a Lead
  7. Creating a Page
  8. Sending an Email
  9. Automation
  10. Using Kartra’s Video
  11. Using Kartra’s Help Desk
  12. Using Kartra’s Lead Tracker
  13. Using Kartra’s Analytics
  14. Setting Up an Affiliate Program

These training sessions are extremely valuable, giving you a stress-free opportunity to familiarize yourself with Kartra. You can make the best of the opportunity by starting to practice immediately.

Kartra Training: Best Courses & Masterclasses

Kartranaut Training Program

The Katranaut training program provides a walkthrough of all of the Kartra’s features and possibilities by teaching you how to use every single one of them. 

This program is in five sections, further divided into sections and lessons. There are ample training materials – altogether 45 lessons. The program has a FAQ section about all of Kartra’s features to further assist those studying the program.

The program also offers a live Q&A session every Tuesday and Thursday, where you can discuss any issues you might have.

The training program is perfect for self-study as it concisely explains all of the Kartras features in a step-by-step manner. 

Here is an overview of the material covered in the Kartranaut Training Program:

  • Automation Processes
  • Audio & Video Content
  • Page Builder
  • Product Creation & Maintenance
  • Integration Instructions
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Memberships Creation
  • Analytics & Audit
  • Scheduling
  • Helpdesk Supervision
  • Campaign Testing & Sharing
Kartra Training: Best Courses & Masterclasses

Free 11 Essential Tools For Building Online Business Report

You are using Kartra to run a successful business. Kartra offers all the tools to do that, but the platform can’t teach you how to run a business. Instead, Kartra offers free training material that provides a broad view of online business operation & maintenance. It covers such topics as acquiring and retaining customers, increasing conversions, and many more from a general perspective.

Essentially, this free report provides you with 11 crucial tools for building a successful online business. The report complements Kartra training, giving background information about online business and a great deal of useful data that you can consider when creating campaigns with Kartra. 

Follow the following steps to acquire your free report.

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on the “Yes, Send Me The Report!” button.
  3. Fill in your email and first name. Your report should reach your email box momentarily!
Kartra Training: Best Courses & Masterclasses

How to Get The Most Out Of Kartra Training?

To get the most out of your Kartra training, you can sign up for the free Kartra trial. That way, you can start practicing immediately. We recommend that you avail yourself of the trial to begin practicing.

Below we explain how to sign up for the free trial. Please note that Kartra offers a 14-day trial, but look out for the second window that pops up, offering to double the trial period. 

Follow these steps to sign up for your 30-day free trial.

  1. Visit this page
  2. Choose the plan
  3. A pop-up offering a prolonged trial will appear. Click on “YES, Double My Trial
  4. Continue with entering your info and billing.
  5. Now you can try all of the Kartra’s features for 30 days!

Bottom Line

Kartra has a lot to take in, but there is also a lot of training support for those who want to start their marketing automation adventure. 

To get you ready to hit the road running, Kartra offers ample training opportunities. You have 30-day free access to the Kartra plan of your choice to start using Kartra and get a feel for it.

If that goes well and you decide to work with Kartra, you can continue your training with the Kartra Training Sessions and the Kartranaut Training Program. Both of these cover all the features of the platform thoroughly.

On top of that, Kartra offers you access to a free business report that tells you all you need to know to market your product or service online successfully.

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